Holiday Matsuri: Last Minute Info!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, since Holiday Matsuri is coming up in a week, I decided why not do a quick Holiday Matsuri last minute post!?

Why Should You Go? Because it is not only a holiday event but a nice holiday event to spend with friends and family if you haven’t thought up anything to do. Plus, you can take anyone who is an anime fan that visits from anywhere in Florida or the US that hasn’t been to a convention or haven’t been in a while this is something you can do as well. And if anyone who hasn’t gotten anyone anything for Christmas? Or Hannakah after the eight days? This is also your place to find something at the many vendors! Hell, even my buddy Japanese Snacks Guy would help you in that department if that special someone is looking for something awesome to snack on, even KitKats and Melty Kiss, since those are more available around this time of year.

Who Is Going to Be There? There is going to be a lot of guests at this thing including Todd Habercorn, Sean Schemmel, Grey Delsoleil. Also, if anyone’s into Lolita, Angelic Pretty, Japan’s popular Lolita vendor, will be there as well and holding a tea party. Plus other people include Nate Wants to Battle, ManChii, and Chocolate.

Are There Tickets Left? There is but you have to hurry to pre=reg, according to the ticket page it ends on Sunday! A three Day regular pass will cost you $50 and a VIP is $100. If you want to get more information about tickets, registration hours for the event as in when they open and when they close during the event, you can go to

And of course, make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for updates in what are we doing, where we are, why you should be here especially because we are doing press. I want to thank Holiday Matsuri for letting us have this chance this year due to having a bit of bad luck this summer with AFO. I am glad along with Gondras and Nerdy Shirts to cover a holiday-themed convention as a first. And yes we will try and get video clips for you guys as the event happens! We will head to more panels this time. Not sure on interviews yet, Twitter will be the place to let you know. I HIGHLY HIGHLY STRESS following us there because you never know!

That is it for this last minute post, make sure to follow us, make sure to check any last minute ticket things and so on if you’re planning to go. And if you are there, spot the really tall Doctor and me as Lucy and my Ice Trainer, Avery (yes finally gave her her name) during the weekend, might do my blue cat persona Sunday. So, hope to see you all there, if not check Twitter, YouTube, and stay tune for posts from Holiday Matsuri including Convention Impossible!

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