What I Got for Christmas 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not keeping up with the Holiday Matsuri coverage but Christmas had us busy. I will try and get the Opening Ceremonies video up by tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday. Stay tuned for that! Since it is after Christmas, why not do a What I got for Christmas post!? Well, normally I do this after Christmas and since I am supposed to keep with the press stuff, why not take a break and do a pattern with this, my Best s and Worsts of 2015 and November and December Favorites! So, let’s see what’s my haul this year! A head’s up, I am not bragging at all, just a haul of items!

From Mommy Blue Cat: MONEY! Well, I got an early gift from my mom since I was going to Holiday Matsuri the weekend before Christmas, she was planning to give me a hundred bucks to use and decided why not give that in time for the convention to use for food and for whatever I have left before I get my newer debit card. A long story short, I went through a crisis where my bank dropped me due to a scam that was going on and didn’t notify me about it. A head’s up, watch out for anyone who is having a scam even with job related things. Anyways, I was sad, it did cheer me up and didn’t let it bother me because I was already happy with doing press and the cash I got did help out in getting me my breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the convention. I did have a tiny bit left to pick up my Amibo reader for my 3DS since I already have three of them and they are Pikachu, Gruninja, and Mewtwo! Mewtwo was something that we found at GameStop out of nowhere and it was the last one. Now I have the reader and will try and use it while playing Alpha Sapphire!

Daddy Blue Cat: With being dady’s little girl, I tend to go a bit crazy and this year, I did get an early gift which sometimes does happen when I tend to make my list early. I made my list super early, at the end of October due to how many things came out in the past few months and itching to make it! The item I got early was the Mega Mewtwo Y card and figure set from Pokemon! I have been getting into collecting Pokemon again well the cards anyway, you all know I love my plushies! The set comes with a special EX card of Mewtwo and then you have the figure of what version you got, I went with Y because I played the game and he looks similar to Mew. He is next to my Amibo of Mewtwo in my display case of figures! I did get a good haul of cards, even the Mega Mewtwo X EX card! I keep my shiny cards in a Pikachu tiny binder and pretty lucky with what I got in the packs lately!

When it comes to other nerd stuff, I did finally get Attack on Titan Part 2 but on Blue Ray. Apparently, it seems like DVDs are starting to phase out and only Blue Rays are being available even for anime. I did try seeing about getting the DVD version but FYE didn’t have it, but hey I will be using Gondras’ PS3 to watch it since knowing my mom wouldn’t want to hear titans eating people if I use her Blue Ray player. Also, had to get this after Christmas and that is a copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron. My dad said they sold out but he tried finding this movie in the anime section, which it is a Marvel movie. I find it weird, he found all the other Marvel movies I put on my list the past few years in the front of the store but not this one. I did get it on Blue Ray, hey at least I am building that collection when Gondras do live with each other. I also have Firefly on Blue Ray as well. Sooo yeah! I have to get Fairy Tail Part 16 on Amazon though since FYE sold out of it, they only had Part 18 and I am kind of OCD to watch things in order and collect in order after looking for all my FMA DVDs years ago out of order was a mess. So yeah, never did that again! At least, I can use EBates to get it!

Now for make up items! I started doing this after getting the ELF special edition pallets but went higher end since last year, which I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 last year. This year I went a bit crazy with the list, well sort of. I was itching to get the Too Faced Stardust pallet and Urban Decay Naked Smoky! I heard so many good things about these pallets, even Vivi got the Stardust pallet when we went to Ulta with our buddy Kurious Keeper. So, on my list they went and glad to get them. That is also why I made my list super early because the videos really got me to doing so. I wore the Stardust pallet on Christmas since we were seeing Star Wars finally after knowing so many people went during Matsuri weekend and thought it would be fitting! My thoughts are that the pallet is easy to use, very easy to blend, I think I used the primer that came with it, I also used the Better Than Sex mascara and I can see why EVERYONE on YouTube loves it! It pretty much curls up my lashes like the Rimmel Glam Rock mascara I used on Christmas Eve with my golden eye look. I am not sure if I will get the actual size, I hope I do find the deluxe version since I do like the idea of smaller versions due to when they dry out you don’t feel so bad tossing out the smaller one. The Stardust pallet is in my train case with my Chocolate Bar pallet, knowing me I will reach for this along with my Dream Catcher pallets I have in there. While the Urban Decay Naked Smoky, I was so happy to get! I never gotten any of the regular Naked pallets, just the Naked Basics, the Smoked Pallet, and Ammo pallet as well, this one really got me to want it especially with how Graveyard Girl talked about it. I like the design on the pallet itself, it takes 3D to another level! To me the pallet has the same bar design as the Dream Catcher pallets but the shadows are in a line like the Basics pallets and get twelve instead of six! I hope I do get the Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky, since they made that, in BoxyCharm in the near future since the revealed pallets are supposed to be like the Naked pallets, at the same time I want to get the first two Naked pallets and see if Urban Decay makes a Naked 3 Basics so I can see if I like that to get the Naked 3! I wished that the Naked SMoky came with a mascara or the primer potion like how the Smoked and Ammo pallets did but it came with a nice double ended brush! Can’t wait to see how this pallet turns out!

Finally, I did have a back up pallet in case the first two sold out, which the Stardust one did do after Christmas shopping started. Well pretty much by Christmas Eve! Wasn’t able to find it on Ulta anywhere, so they did sell out. The back up was something I started getting into and that is Smashbox Cosmetics and the pallet I am talking about is the Full Exposure pallet! I am so happy to have the full version because I have the mini one that I got with my birthday coupon! I loved the shadows, even the ones in the try-it kit and still want to have the Photo Op trios but the Full Exposure shadow pallet really got me into loving Smashbox! It does come with fourteen shadows, which the top having shimmer shades and then the bottom with mattes! It is like the mini version but better! I like how the bigger version is leather bound like a book while the mini version is the same size as my digital camera! I will pop my mini version into my cosplay and professional make up case in case if I want to do a night time look or change up my make up for my cat persona! I do like that there is a brush in the pallet and put that into my train case since I do love double ended brushes the most! If you’re wondering, am I getting the Double Exposure at all? I am not that interested in it, I do like the idea of doing colorful looks but most of the time I do smoky or neutral type looks and do have some colorful shades in my make up stash, not sure if I will get the mini version to try out but it’s not as appealing as the Full Exposure was to me. Besides eye shadows, I did get my fave item of all during holiday time and Easter, LipSmackers! I love these lip balms, will keep on getting them more and more, which now they were picked up by the company that Wet N Wild is affiliated with, which I noticed the caps have more of a rounded edge versus the flat top! I love the flavors they come out with even if they are some classics and some new. Can’t wait what Easter brings this year if they bring the eggs back!

Gondras and Mommy Gondras: Of course Christmas cannot be complete with what I got from Gondras and his mom! His mom got me two items from Bat and Body Works and that is the Vanilla Bean Noel foaming hand soap and lotion! I love this scent! It smells like vanilla frosting and have been a fan of it for years. I still have the lip gloss tubes and man those are even more delicious! Not sure when I will use the hand soap, but knowing me I am going to be using the body lotion like crazy! I still have the body splash she got me a few years back and have been using that, even when I am about to hit sleepy time! She also got me a box of teeny tiny nail polishes that have 24 bottles of them! She knows I love doing my nails, even for cosplay purposes, these are from Expressions Girl or something like that, some company I never heard of but these babies will last me for a long time or if I reuse them enough they would be loved! I can’t wait to see what colors are in this box since the bottles are so small I can’t label them, it’s okay, it’s a nice surprise!

Gondras did get me a Pokemon item and that is the Legendary Pikachu set! We saw this in my local GameStop and he knew I wanted this because it comes with four or five packs I believe, a shiny Pikachu EX card, and a pin! I love collecting pins and I have been getting Pikachu stuff due to it does evolve into my fave Pokemon of all, Raichu! Yes, I got the deck with him in it! I did get a pretty good haul out of this like Primal Grodon and Giratina from Third Gen! I also got a holographic Magnazone which I swapped out for the non-holo one in the Raichu deck.I am pretty lucky with Pokemon packs and since they made it a lot more better with the shiny cards, even doing energy background holos with the Pokemon, it becomes even better! And of course, we did go to Lush as part of our Christmas tradition! Instead of medium bottles, Gondras did get me the Buy One Get One Free on a large bottles of Snow Fairy due to personal reasons, but hey, still have enough bottles of shower gel from years past of Snow Fairy,, some might be Twilight, Ponche, and knowing two left of So White from last year, plus there was something weird that he did see with the medium bottles and that is how one of them did seem to separate in the shower gel. Not sure if it was all, but normally that doesn’t happen with Snow Fairy by what I seen in what I have. They do use bananas for the sweet scent as an added ingredient, I guess this year the formula went weird in the medium bottles and at least now I have larger bottles to last me! If I run out, there is Bath and Body Works and the Lush in millennia since I am running low on my Celestial moisturizer and will turn in my containers for another face mask soon! Speaking of containers, I did pick up two containers of each of the Christmas shower jellies and they are Snowman and Santa’s Belly! I started getting into the jellies again after loving the Night Wing from Halloween and of course that container is with my new collection of them, that I decided why not get the Christmas onex afterwards? I did love both smells since Snowman smells like carrot juice but sweeter and Santa’s Belly has its sweetness as well. I like to break off pieces of these and then pour my shower gel on top to give me an added smell and it does make my skin soft! If you haven’t tried any of the shower jellies, do it! You will enjoy them!

Well, that is about it! A pretty good haul for Christmas and afterwards. Almost forgot, I did go to Hot Topic and got Pokemon earrings of the Kanto starters and Pikachu all thanks to PikaBelleChu mentioning them on Facebook and did get a new thumb drive at Best Buy with a gift certificate I had in my account. Yay! As said above, I will be posting the Opening Ceremonies video and any others we got, we also need to get the pictures up since we want to make a gallery of everything we’ve taken pics of during Holiday Matsuri! So stay tuned, even for November and December Faves and Bests and Worsts!

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