Holiday Matsuri 2015: Interview with Todd Habercorn

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for the first interview from Holiday Matsuri and that is with Todd Habercorn!

I know, I was supposed to put up the Joshua Seth one but due to Gondras being busy and also have to look at tutorials since it would be his first time with video editing, I went ahead with posting the one with Todd first! I was really happy to get to do this one because of what happened with AFO, as in no press passes and wanted to interview him along with Veronica Taylor, Christopher Kaman Lee, and have Gondras interview Reuben Langdon but that plan was shot all to hell! If you haven’t seen those videos from AFO, I did become creative and asked him during his Q&A panel which did he prefer, recording younger voices or older voices? His answer was older voices and did it as Rowan from Tales of Xilia!

Well, with Holiday Matsuri having him as a guest this year was a second chance and a Christmas Wish! I know I should’ve mentioned that in the “What I Got for Christmas 2015” but sounds more sentimental to mention it here because of Matsuri being so close to Christmas, it was a major wish I wanted even and it was granted!

Someone did ask on the YouTube side why were there voices in the background? Did you do it out in the open? Well, the answer is this, which I will be replying to that comment when I get on the blog’s e-mail address, the thing was if you read in my Needs for Improvement that interviews weren’t scheduled by the convention. We had to set up with Todd and Joshua, which we did get a private room with Joshua but not with Todd. We done it after his signing in the autograph room, that is why you hear the staff talking and I think some people were meeting Sean or Joshua that evening. We did get it done and it was great timing as well and want to thank Todd for a great interview! Hoping next year that there will be private rooms for interviews and slots already scheduled for these things if we do press next year.

That is it for this post! Hoping to get the Joshua Seth video up since I had fun doing that interview as well! In the meantime, since it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, technically today whenever you’re reading it, will be my Bests and Worsts of 2015! I will be mentioning what was the best out of this year while the worst of all! Stay tuned for that!

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