Holiday Matsuri 2015: Closing Ceremonies!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Happy New Year to you all! Well, the coverage for Holiday Matsuri continues!

I just posted two parts of Closing Ceremonies which we rarely go to Closing at some of the conventions we attend due to Gondras sometimes needing to go to work early or have to do homework for class. Also, I tend to have appointments but after this convention, my Monday was pretty much sleep in! It was worth it though! Anyways, the Closing Ceremonies was right after the costume contest which was the easiest scheduling ever. We stayed instead of going to an Evangelion panel, which Fox went to that while we were at Closing. You will see in the videos announcing that they are moving Matsuri to the World Center a few blocks down from where the Caribe Royale is located. Oh man, they are going to have fun using it and hoping I don’t ru into anything since my mobility has improved. Reason why the move? If anyone was there Sunday like we were, people were parking haphazardly, there was major crowds in there which we normally see on Saturdays at a convention even during MegaCon. What I did like and wishing that all conventions would do, including AFO which would help, is ask if the convention needs improvements during Closing Ceremonies. This gives them an idea of what to do, I should’ve mentioned the whole interview thing but I already did that in the Convention Impossible post and did send the link to that to the staff at Matsuri so they would know that there should be slots already scheduled and a private room, which you did see in my Todd Habercorn one that we had to do it after his signing in the autograph room where people were hanging with Sean Schemmel and staff was there as well. I did like how someone mentioned WiFi was not accessed and I did notice that too with my IPad, did mention that in that post, hoping with the World Center that everyone gets to access it because during the convention Tweets are expected and since I have a WiFi only IPad, I would love to use it if we need to use the Facebook and Twitter apps! Plus if I need to check convention schedules for any last minute changes at the place as well since that happens.

So, hoping you enjoy those videos, hope we get the Joshua Seth interview once it’s edited and of course we do have tons of pictures that we want to make a gallery out of for anyone who was there and for you guys who missed it. Plus, for anyone who wants to see what cosplays people have made for the holiday theme because we seen a Snake dressed as Santa Claus, Bayoneta in holiday stuff, and so on. Plus, we do have the BoxyCharm and Ipsy for January. And now to cross some fingers about Omni Expo which I may do a convention spotlight this month or next month due to it being in March.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

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