Urban Decay Naked Smoky vs. Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky: Comparing the Two!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally got the video up and it deals with comparing the Urban Decay Naked Smoky pallet and Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky pallet.

Why? Well, we tend to have make up preferences in our shopping and since I got the Naked Smoky for Christmas and the Revealed Smoky in January’s BoxyCharm, why not do a video about them and see what I think, what I prefer. I think idid mention this or not, with the Coastal Sense is that you get more color selection while Naked Smoky you just have twelve as a reminder.

Enjoy! Hoping to get my BoxyCharm and Ipsy soon for this month and can’t wait for Omni Expo 2016! Which by the way, anyone going, we have updated our business cards so if you get one this year you will get the gmail address for Nerdy Shique Universe, our Twitter, and Channel name! If anyone wants to know where we got these printed, Staples and they do awesome same day printing and they have a promotion right now where you get 500 for $10.

That is about it! Til next time!

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