Review: RWBY!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another review and this time it’s on a series that has been on the web for a while and it’s known as RWBY.

I know I a bit behind on the bandwagon but hearing about this series from friends and Gondras since he started watching it, I really liked it! I decided to do a review due to how last night was the last episode of Volume 3! What I thought about it? HOLY SH*T! IT WAS AWESOME!

If anyone hasn’t seen it, it’s made by Rooster Teeth and it follows Ruby Rose who transfers into Beacon after fighting off a group of bandits that tried to break in her uncle’s shop one night. The headmaster at Beacon sees her and tells her that he wants her to attend his school to finish her training to become a Huntress along with many other students including her older half-sister, Yang, to become Hunters and Huntresses to fight creatures within a everlasting peace. But the peace gets broken and something dark looms over Veil and the many other kingdoms and Ruby is now handed over the responsibility to save the many after last night’s episode.

I am hoping that there is a Volume 4 because knowing like many people who have seen it are wondering, will they find Blake and take out the White Fang who brought this on? Will they save Beacon Academy after the tower was destroyed? Will the Grimm, creatures they fight, be under control? Plus, who is the mysterious figure that wants to end the peace and take out the Headmaster’s work in the end? What is this special ability that people with silver eyes like Ruby have according to her uncle, Crow? I hope those get answered because I want to see more of the story to know what happens next! All in all, the series has a good story plot and amazing characters and fight scenes. I can see why this series has become popular as it had, heck we even seen a few cosplayers at Holiday Matsuri and I think we have one of them in our Cosplay Gallery from that, if you haven’t seen it I suggest to check out what we taken pics of. I also did hear one of the judges during the costume contest cosplayed as Yang. Let me move on!

Music: OMG! Where should I start? As you know I love metal, alternative, and some pop and a bit of punk and a few instrumental tracks with anime and gaming music in the mix. The soundtrack that I admire the most is of course Fairy Tail’s soundtrack due to how it took River Dance music and added metal to it to make it more modern. RWBY did just that! You get the piano and some violin but then it kicks it up a notch with the guitars and lyrics! My favorite song from the entire series would have to be Volume One’s Theme song”This Will Be the Day” which is the song you hear Ruby listening to in the first episode. The music knew how to make the battles escalate, even during the Festival parts in Volume Three, and even was very touchy for the sentimental moments, even with Pira and Jean. It is one amazing roller coaster with their sound. I wish I can listen to more of the soundtracks but I have to sign up for Apple Music in order to do that. What really got me to watching RWBY was that one of the songs came up on the Eyeshine radio and of course curious kitty was curious.Still, an amazing set of scores and theme songs!

Characters: RWBY had a vwide variety of characters that you tend to see in action stuff such as Jean Arc, the cowardly and sentimental guy to Yang the brawler who wants to connect to her friends and also punch them if she gets pissed at them. Nora the ditzy, girly girl, and of course Ruby Rose, the main heroine, who is just a kid that is new to a school that she doesn’t understand and jumps into fights without a plan at times but does have her partner, Weiss, to help out. She also is pretty good at tactics since she did follow someone in Volume Two due to suspicions and that later on doesn’t understand why things are starting to unravel as time goes on and that is well suited for a younger protagonist. One character I do like a lot due to one feature and that is Blake Felladonna! It is not just the kitty ears she has to hide but she has the dark story that we’re looking for! Of course I do like Sasuke Uchiha but Blake has a better story and that dealt with how much it deals with the White Fang. I do like how Yang and her work together , even at the end of Volume Three when crap really goes crazy! I am hoping Volume Four shows what happens next for her because she was starting to develop more as Volume Two happened and more of her past gets revealed in the last few episodes of Three. Yes, I would cosplay as her but knowing the weapon would be hard to make if Gondras wants to do the transforming parts.

Another character I did like was Pira because like Ruby she does have the times where she investigates to get her answers. Plus, she has an awesome power with magnetic forces in the series. Not only that, I do like how she and Jean work together in Team Juniper and she did understand him while training him by knowing that he can do it as a strong fighter and has to make him work more. Plus, I do like how she doesn’t want a guy to like her because of her being famous and smart, just getting to know her. I know the feeling Pira, I had that happen back in my junior year of high school.

Another thing I like about the characters is the voice acting! When I watch a cartoon or anime I tend to know the actors that play the parts like Josh Grelle as Kenichi in Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and Trina Nishimura as Mikasa in Attack On Titan, here nope! I went in with an open mind and what I liked is how each actor and actress played their part perfectly! I mean the attitudes, personalities, and emotions were spot on! Rooster Teeth, you did this series justice with all you picked, even Vic Mignogna as Crow was a perfect pick since he had to play a drunkard who thinks he failed at what he needed to do and be mysterious at times. I do admit at first I did have a hard time telling Weiss, Blake, and Yang’s voices apart but as the series went on it was easier to tell. Still, an amazing cast, if only most dubbing studios took lessons from Rooster Teeth with how they dub because this was perfect.

Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5 + PAWPRINT OF APPROVAL! Yes, it gets a five out of five paw prints because it is a series that really wanting me to keep watching even if they are close to twenty minutes an episode! I really want to see another season for this series because knowing a lot of fans want to know what will happen next? I am too! I hope to see some panels on this series, if people do them right because we have seen one panel in the past that was bad and don’t want that to happen since this series is amazing! Why the Approval Pawprint? Because it deserves it major props for the music and characters, plus the cast they got, I can see why people love it and can’t help seeing how much work they put into it. Please a Volume Four!

Well, that is it for this review! I am still waiting on my Ipsy and BoxyCharm to arrive in the mail! I will also do a last minute check for Omni Expo before the convention since it is around the corner! I am waiting on news about interviews because I definitely want one on one’s with the Dino Thunder Rangers, RJ Heady, and Brian Beacock, which I tweeted about and he said he wants to do it! (Trust me, I was speechless when I saw that reply!) Til next time!

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