BoxyCharm and Ipsy: February 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I got my BoxyCharm and Ipsy in the mail! Yay! First time in forever to get both on the same day since I tend to get one before the other or after, which is kind of annoying. I do have a funny story with Ipsy which I will get into now!

Ipsy: This month’s theme is “Pretty in #Ipsy Pink!” which fits the Valentine’s Day theme. I noticed since I’ve been with Ipsy since 2014 that they do a love type theme for December when they should really hold it for February where Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Anyways, this month’s bag is a very nice looking one that takes on a textured form and then pink on the back, the textured side is a love letter and Vivi put it best that it looks pixelated and I agree. I feel like I got a letter from a Delibird in Pokemon.

And also, since I mentioned it, if you seen Vivi’s Ipsy video, which I suggest you should, hers ended up in Jacksonville instead of her place and that is up north near the Georgia borderline and no I am not singing “Cruise.” Anyways, mine on the other hand was in North Carolina for four or five days once the shipping has begun for my bag. Seriously DHL? To me, Ipsy should switch to FedEx Smart Post because it gets to everyone a bit easier despite being a bit late when at the same time tracking is faster. Now onto what I got this month, which I feel some stuff is hooray while one item is meh!

Luxie Beauty 221 Flat Definer Brush: Yay! Another brush! This time it’s from Luxie again and I have received the all over blush brush and a concealer brush, which that one was BoxyCharm, and now a nice eye brush from them. I like the quality of Luxie’s brushes and I want to get a set from them, I know there is one on Ipsy Offers right now but can’t get due to being a tad broke on the payment side, so at least I can wait for another chance to get a set from them with Ipsy in the future. This brush will be used to define the brow bone because it is one of those brushes meant for that and small enough to do so. I hope to get more brushes from these guys through both Boxy and Ipsy, wishing they sent me something so I can review doubt thtat would happen. Still loving Luxie!

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Oil: Next is another item by Smashbox Cosmetics! I started loving this company all thanks to Ipsy of course and I have gotten the Photo Finish Face Primer before and the mascara as well, now a newer item by them and that is the Primer Oil. As you know so far they have the regular primer, primer water, and this one which is interesting. I am interested in using this since it is said it will give moisture within four weeks by what I heard from people that got this and can be used day and night to help the complexion be makeup ready. I know I have sensitive skin and do love my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and now getting into the use of the Nivea Post Shave Balm that everyone is using on Youtube, this will be interesting to see what happens.

Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer: I wanted to trade this so badly! It is a pencil enhancer that looks like an eye liner almost but it has Vitamin E in it. I am not sure if I want to use it since no one has responded, well one person has and didn’t respond to my Facebook messages. I wished Ipsy gave me the Mary-luminizer instead since I wanted to try that one forever and never gotten it in the bag last time. I did retake the quiz and marked “Blushes and Bronzers” since that counts for cheek products and I think I only got one blush out of the entire time. Not sure if I will use this under my eyes like the Mana Kadar pencil I got a year ago. Still, wished I got something better.

Jersey Shore Anti-Aging Hand and Lip Polish: Next is anopther product by Jersey Shore! I tried this brand all thanks to Ipsy in my very first bag when they gave out the Magongo lip balm and they did have them for points perks and traded for the Pumpkin Spice and Apple Crisp ones and used those up like crazy. I hope they have those again sometime this year in the points shop. This on the other hand is their Vanilla Bean Anti-Aging Hand and Lip Polish. I was kind of on the fence at first because I don’t use anti-aging related products despite everyone saying you should by the late twenties except I still look young and my skin is sensitive to a lot of things. Anyways, hand creams are a must with me since I do read braille and my hands do get dry at the fingertips, cuticles due to using Vaseline while painting my nails every week, and on my palms due to soap and sanitizers. Plus I wear a lot of lip products on my lips and not sure if I will use it there. I did smell it and it does smell like vanilla bean! If you haven’t tried out Jersey Shore, I highly recommend these guys because they are all natural ingredients, plus their lip balms are awesome!

Jor’el Parker EAU So Divine Roller Ball: The final item is by Jor’el Parker and it’s their Eau So Divine Roller Ball! I was really happy to get another one of these by this brand because I am a fan of Harvey Prince, since the company is under the same umbrella, and loved the Hello! Scent, one other one I got from Boxy which I don’t know off the top of my head, and the one from this one in my bag by Jor’el as well. I was afraid it was the same scent but it’s not! Very different! The notes are sandalwood, lily of the valley, Egyptian Mur, and Madgascar Vanilla. I loved the scent of Bath and Body Works’ Madgascar Vanilla Body Butter, which I need to use more often, and man that brings me back with this perfume. I did see that they gave out the ever-so-[p[I;ar Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Roller Ball and wanted to trade the Baby Eyes Enhancer for that as well and don’t think anyone has gotten it, well did see one video of one person getting that and the Mary-luminizer. I smelled Nirvana Black and got a sample at Sephora and fell in love with it, but hey at least this one also smells amazing! Ipsy, need to keep giving out more of this brand including doing Ipsy Offers because I don’t mind buying whatever you offer from this brand in the next few months or so!

That is it for this Ipsy bag, I would say, the selection was okay and glad to try out the newer Smashbox item, the perfume, the Hand and Lip Polish, and of course the brush! I hope with retaking the quiz it will help get a bit better. Plus my reviews. Now onto Boxy!

BoxyCharm: This months’s box is better than last February’s box! How so? Well, this month’s themeis “Rush to Relax” and it fits since around Valentine’s Day a place known as Massage Envy adverises gift cards as Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day ones, and so on and a lot of people do like relaxing, especially in February. This box does have two makeup items and the rest are spa related.

Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String Buffer and Polish: When I heard that this month’s box was having this I wanted to arrive right away because it’s by Spongelle and it’s known as the You Got My Heart on a String All-In-One Buffer and Polish! I heard about these and they are sponges with body wash in them and you wet it and squeeze and the shower gel lathers up. Sure beats using a bottle of shower gel especially when this keeps you with fourteen washes! Plus, not only you have the smooth side to laterher with but you do have the texture side to expoliate your skin. I can’t wait to finish the bottle of Snow Fairy I have in the shower now and use this. It also has a Peony scent which I can’t wait to smell! What was interesting, some people complained about getting this sponge when it is supposed to be makeup. I remembered how I complained about the blotting papers not fitting with December and there were also complaints about those and yet with my complaint people got on my case about it due to being a new product to try, this sponge thing is a great thing to try out and it fits with the theme due to how people relax in the shower. I also don’t see anyone complain about the next item…

Shray Miss Amazing Sensitive Sheet Mask: As I wrote this post I was trying this out and it’s a sheet mask by Shray Cosmetics! I never heard of these guys until they made a BoxyCharm exclusive sheet mask to help moisturize the skin and it is sensitive skin friendly! I have been having dry skin for a bit due to how weird the weather’s been in Florida, it has been rain, sun, cold, warm, and repeat! What are my thoughts? Even though it felt a bit slimey since it is my first time using a sheet mask, I feel my skin sucking in the hydrating gel right about now. Good thing is that you don’t have to wash your face afterwards. I am not sure if I will get this with my charms but I still enjoy my Lush face masks since those are easy to handle and I just massage in the mask and let it dry. I am glad on the card when they talked about the product that they mention everyone has different skin and that has been the thing that I told so many people on the Ipsy board! Finally a brand that understands skin and says the same ideas.

Ofra Banana Powder: Another item from Ofra and this time is a product I’m willing to test out and that is their banana powder. I hear so many things about banana powders all over YouTube. Anastasia has one in her contour kits, Ben Nye sells one on its own, and so many other people make one. I heard Kathleen Lights talking about how amazing this item is and willing to see how it goes because I never tried it and I do wear my Cover Girl Invisible Lift concealer under the eyes and should be using a powder to set it and willing to see how well it works. I wished they sent the full size version rather than a refill size but at the same time it gives you a nice peek at what they got and say, “Love it? Get the actual size!” Which I might do and the fulls size is not that much, it is around $15 from what I seen.

Bella Pierre Blush and Highlighter Duo Stick: This got me excited
Beauty for Real Blush and Highlighter Stick: Nowadays with 2016 starting, a lot of beauty companies have been doing blush and highlighter duos and this month Beauty For Real gave it to us Charmers! This is a blush and highlighting duo stick which provides anti-aging…hold on, I know I am not into using anti-aging products early but I love blush and highlighters and like most people would say, I will try it anyways because I have hardly tried any Beauty For Real blushes. It supposes to blend pretty well and you can use the highlighter side on other parts of the body. I do like the smell as well and it is very sweet. I have to try this out and see how I feel about it just as a makeup product.

Freeze 24 7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum: I gave this to my mom since I don’t use eye serums. I will see how she likes it since she did like the Pur~Lisse Blue Lotus Eye Serum from Ipsy and the full size version from Boxy.

Real Tree For Her Perfume: Final product and yes there were six items this time, the Real Tree For Her Perfume! I am so glad that I got perfumes in these subscriptions because I can carry them and I don’t carry a big bottle with me when I do the conventions around town if we have to stay at a hotel or drive back and forth while staying at Gondras’ place, this does save on travel. This one is a floral and pomgranite scent which kind of brings me back to when Bonne Belle made Bottled Emotions back in the late ‘90s, which I miss by the way! I will be putting this in my bag to travel with.

That is it for this post! I feel like Boxy is finally stepping up because this month’s box and last monht’s were way better than last JHanuary’s and February’s boxes. I even forgot what I got last February until I watched videos and remembered that it was not that great in my opinion even with the Mistura C2P Concealer Stick which broke when it got to me and the person I traded with was surprised and had to explain it came like that and this month this year had more relaxing products for spa days, which a lot of us that work a 9 to 5 job need that day to day. Ipsy, I think they need to step it up a bit with some of their profile matching. I understand it’s a sample service and they cater to what you like on the guidelines of what you answer with but this bag was good except for one item. I am happy to try out something new by Smashbox and hope they get more by them because they are a good company and if I were to become famous, I would love to collab with them. Anyways, glad to get another Luxie brush because I love getting brushes and a major addict when it comes to them. The hand polish from Jersey Shore was a nice return and will use it on my hands due to how dry they get. Plus, trying something new from Jor’el Parker is awesome! Not only that, getting another perfume in Boxy also was worth it! All in all, very good month for Boxy and Ipsy needs to match my profile a bit more and since I retaken the quiz, hoping it starts getting better.

Note: About the moisture mask, I found some flakes on my face, not sure if it was after using the mask or trying out the primer oil, I had to use my toner from Clean & Clear to get them off and get the stickiness from the mask. I am definitely sticking to my Lush mask since those are drier and I like the feeling a lot more with those.

What’s next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Since we are going to be doing press again this year at Omni, I thought it’s time to do a post about how internet related media is not as important to some conventions. After what happened with AFO last year, I feel as though that blogs, reviewers, and so on aren’t getting that much recognition as much they should. I am also doing a last minute convention spotlight on Omni before March begins, oh yeah, can’t forget my Faves of January and February which it’s that time again to do my bi-monthly faves! Stay tuned!

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