Rant: Why the Internet Media is Important for Convention Scenes

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I kind of have a rant and well it deals with internet media, especially with conventions who want people as guests and press!

The internet has been growing for many years! I still remembered how it started off as dial-up and now we have cable, sattleite, and wi-fi internet and it gets used everyday! Whether it’s for checking email, the stocks for the day, or even downloading music. There is one spot in the internet that a lot of people to use and that is for creating content and uploading it for the public to enjoy, which includes videos, fan fiction, and even blogs like you see right now. Like many books and movies, there are many genres of this material and that includes anime, beauty, cosplay, gaming, etc. There is even podcasts on these many topics and a lot of people enjoy watching or hearing about this stuff.

I bet you’re wondering, where do conventions come into play? Well, there are times when a lot of cons every year ask for people to do press or ask for internet people to be guests while others not so much. Last year, as you know that not only we got turned down for press by AFO but I did suggest them to have Bennet the Sage as a guest. Why? Because he fits in and does make good points when it comes to anime and we seen him at MythiCon and he was very entertaining. Someone put a comment saying that internet reviewers aren’t as important to show up. Here’s the thing though, a lot of internet reviewers do have a lot of popularity nowadays as voice actors. They bring entertainment and people enjoy what they have to say about a particular thing and when they get invited to conventions they get to meet their fans and bring their material live for them to enjoy even more. For instance, MythiCon had Little Kuriboh and Linkara for their first year and I think I laughed to the point of needing oxygen by the end of the weekend, especially Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged panel. Then the following year, not only they were brought back but added Bennet the Sage from Anime Abandoned and the funny was turned up even higher! I highly recommend the Bennet Q&A panel from that Friday during MythiCon 2014. We not only got to see the Abridged panel from Little Kuriboh and Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall Live but Bennet’s Anime Abandoned Uncut panel. Plus, what else they brought was a panel about how to start your own channel or blog and that made it more interesting because of people may want to start their own stuff like how we’ve been doing for years, we did ask about camera work which their tips did give us ideas along with Mike McFarland’s ideas. Still, having these kinds of people do help in giving tips to their fans, doing panels, and many other things. Heck, we even overheard Nate Wants to Battle do a panel giving advice on how to do chiptunes at last year’s Omni. Whatever it is, they do bring good things to the convention scene and they should get more recognition and of course more people to se them, which most conventions do enjoy the amount of people they bring in.

What about press? Well, as someone who has been doing it from 2013 to now, press is one major importance with the internet media because a lot of people have been making YouTube channels, blogs, and even podcasts about conventions, cosplay, and what makes us unique, adding beauty due to makeup purposes for cosplay. Like many conventions, press does get asked for because there are times when a new one comes up in the convention scene or new guests get added, press comes in handy because we do a lot more for the convention we cover. As in, we cover events, review the convention, and my fave part, interview the guests to take a look into their work and background and possibly get some advice if they want to get into the different industries. There are even times when we do get into some VIP events depending on the convention to talk about, such as Troy Baker’s acoustic set during MetroCon 2014! Plus, with all this stuff, it is pretty much beyond what a normal newspaper does because they tend to be limited to write one article on one event, such as the Orlando Sentinel writing about the cosplay contest at AFO last year. Press does go a long way when it comes to spreading the word about the convention too, if you seen all the Convention Spotlights in the past, you know how much I try to get the word out, even with Omni in its first year of being a new convention in Orlando. Without press, where would the publicity end up? So, press is one major importance and it does help business more since of course it is a major business to run a convention.

In the end, internet media is very important to the convention scene the internet stars that get invited do bring a lot of entertainment like the voice actors. They even help with giving advice in starting a YouTube Channel and blog if someone wants to do itm heck, I even remembered doing a fan fiction tips panel for example. And onto the idea of press, a convention is a business and publicity helps that business grow in having the word spread. With the videos and posts, this gives people ideas of wanting attend the next one if it happens again, not only that we do use social media to say “Hey! Check this thing out!” since there are a lot of people on social media these days! We also tend to cover a lot more than a lot of major newspapers don’t due to how limited an event can be written about due to how daily headlines have to be up front. Another thing is we also interview some of the tuests that come to these things so that our readers or viewers can learn about what they did in their career. There are many things that internet media brings to the table and like many businesses, it is also a business in itself with how we work with the convention scene to keep coming as either guests or as press.

That’s about it for this rant, comment below if you want to add your two cents to this because I like to see what you think. Not only that, if you know anything else that I should talk about here that is important just comment it.

What is next? Well, I have my January and February Faves coming up next! Stay tuned!

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