Faves: January and February 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s that time again and it’s my first bi-monthly faves of 2016! January and February was pretty much new products and old product discoveries on top of it. I also have a few non-favorites, which I will start with that!


L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation in Sun Beige: Not sure if it’s Stay Matte or Pro Matte but it’s the foundation that comes in the tube and oh man…BIG MISTAKE! As you guys know and know the hard time to find the right skin shade for yourself with drugstore foundations and with me having Light Medium skin tone it’s hard in other lines. I wanted to try something new since I notice a tiny bit of breaking out on my skin and heard that this foundation was good for sensitive skin types and the girl trying to match me had a hard time matching me and finalized Sun Beige as a match and well…tried it and it turned me yellow! Yes, my skin turned yellow and it sucked! I had to pretty much SPD Emergency to get my Almay Clear Complexion foundation in warm because it matches my skin perfectly and told L’Oreal never again! I love the eye shadows and eyeliners, also illuminator since I have the gold one from that line but a no on the foundation! I know Cat Vondi has an amazing foundation but have to see what happens for job related stuff.

Shray Moisture Mask: This came in my BoxyCharm and well here is the thing… I used it and it felt good first and did moisturize my skin but it felt like I had slime on my skin. It’s like Nickelodeon made the mask with the slime they dump on people. Even though that would be an interesting spa day. Anyways, it left my skin feeling slimey and not sure if it was due to using the Smashbox Primer Oiul but noticed a few dry flakes come off. Sorry to say but this was not a favorite even though having a moisture mask for all skin types was a nice change for Boxy this month and good to try out one for once. I am thinking of sticking withmy beloved Lush masks because they are drier and I love the feel of them more.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Hand and Lip Polish: This was an item in my Ipsy bag and that is the Hand and Lip polish by Jersey Shore Cosmetics. I love their brand don’t get me wrong but this was an item I didn’t like at all. It was very watery and the bad thing is that when squeezing it out I had a lot of product come out and left a small bit. As in, okay if you had an experience like this, I think the tube didn’t have a lot of product as in didn’t have a full sample size. I heard things like this with lip glosses that Ipsy gave out in the past from Star Lux and I saw why because I felt those samples ran out quickly. This one was the same case! I squeezed it and got all of it in one go due to the pressure and it is disappointing that when you get a sample it should last you a lot longer than it looks. For instance, my Urban Decay Perversion mascara lasted me a very long time, my Lord and Berry eyeliner in black last me from August of 2014 all the way throughlast January and that was a tiny pencil mind you. This tube, on the other hand, looked a bit bigger than a sample toothpaste tube and should have a lot of product to last me a while like the body butter samples and it didn’t because of how much it came out and was out by the day after I got my Glam Bag. Maybe I should mention this on their board despite how many complaints they get about the products someone gets and now people are complaining about sizes which this is a sample company, this is pretty much due to product amount.

Wet N Wild Glow Pallet in Cat Walk Pink: Now onto the favorites and starting with a fave from Wet N Wild, which is their newest illuminating pallet in Cat Walk Pink! I heard What Would Lizzie Do and Casey Holmes talk about these pallets and it is pretty much highlighter pallets that just came out and ran to Walgreens and found it! It pretty much has beige and pinks in this one and do love how it is nice on the skin. It is a very subtle highlighter which is perfect enough because I do like the idea of have a nice sheen on my cheek bones with my blush but not to the point of strobing like a disco ball. You can mix them together to make an interesting color effect on top of it. I know there are two other ones that are a light gold and a darker gold and may pick those up!

Wet N Wild Brush Cleaning Wipes: Another reason why I ran to Walgreens for and that is the brush cleaning wipes from Wet N Wild since I do love cleaning my brushes but don’t have the time to wait for them to dry time to time. I was glad to hear about these and found them at the location right down the street from where I live and love how they clean! It gets the makeup off fast, even with foundation brushes because those tend to get gunky the most depending on what you use. Plus it is in a nice travel size package to carry with in case if you’re on vacation or at a convention and need to clean your brushes quickly and effortlessly. Plus, once you finish cleaning they do dry quickly! Best for convention times because we do have to get there on time for events or interviews, which I should take these when I stay at Gondras’ during Omni coming up in a week! Holy crap, February is already gone!

Wet N Wild Foundation Brush: I know what you’re thinking, Wet N Wild makes brushes now? I thought the same thing and heard mixed reviews especially with the eye brushes on Nouveau Cheap a while back due to how they made limited edition sets to come out. I decided why not try one out and picked up the foundation brush and I love it! It is like a paint brush but feels really good when putting it on the face. It is also not that expensive and would say get this instead of the Revlon ones which I heard those aren’t as good and a bit pricey when you get good quality for $3 like with ELF with this brush. You do have to clean it a lot but it’s worth the price.

Royal and Langnickle Flat Definer and Crease Brushes from BoxyCharm Trio: I have to mention these because I love these two brushes! If you subscribed to BOxyCharm and got January’s box then you got the brush trio set that was limited edition from Royal and Langnickle! I was really excited about these because I love brushes and these work amazing! Not sure if you know that Royal and Langnickle is also a paint brush brand which their quality transferred into their makeup brushes and can see how they are like. I use the flat definer brush and the crease brush from these three! The last brush is more of a blending brush in my opinion since I am already using my Delium tools one from Ipsy, these two brushes from the trio help put shadow on very effectively. One good example is the five pan pallet from Wet N Wild with all the blues in it, I used the flat definer for my lid color and that helped the shadow to blend very well with the base. Heck, I even used it with the crease brush when I used my Full Exposure pallet from Smashbox this morning. I highly recommend this brand and if you subscribe to Ipsy or Boxy, you would probably get brushes from this brand Ipsy does have their Offers page with sets sometimes including this brand. I would say subscribe to either subscription if you’re curious to this brush brand or check out their website and pick up brushes from them either from their makeup or paint brush lines, you will see what I’m talking about. Very good brushes from this trio!

Jelly Pong Pong Illuminator: Even though I was talking about brushes after a highlighter but decided to add this one on the list and it’s by Jelly Pong Pong and it is their liquid illuminator. I know Boxy has been giving out a lot of highlighters but it is good to try new ones out and Jelly Pong Pong was a nice surprise since I did like their shadow and liner pencil and now their Fairy Curl Mascara from last month’s Ipsy. It blends very nicely and it smells amazing! Plus, you don’t get too much if you squeeze too hard, which is a major upset if you get anything like that. I hope to try more illuminators from this brand if Ipsy or BoxyCharm gets them as products to give out.

Smashbox Primer Oil: You know I have to talk about this one at some point and that is the Smashbox Primer Oil from my Ipsy bag as well! This is an oil that can be used day and night to help prep the skin for makeup application and I like how it moisturizes my skin like it said. I know the next product as a fave got me on the bandwagon but this one helps supplement that and keeps my skin from being dry. Will I buy a full size? Maybe! It’s still a good product and glad to try it out before getting a full size, which people have complained on not getting full size items on Ipsy but to me it gives a better idea if I were to get the full size item and not waste the money if I don’t like it.

Nivea Post Shave Balm: Yes, I finally broke down and picked up the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm! As you all know, Nicki Tutorials always raved about this stuff being the best face primer of all time due to its glycerine content. I was a bit iffie at first because of how much my skin is picky due to sensitivity and well this is meant for sensitive skin when it comes to men and then my buddy Vivi tried it out and she said she loved it as well. So, the Curious Kitty in me had to do it and I see why it’s a big thing to have! My foundation and concealers go on better with this product which with the Rimmel primer it doesn’t glide when I put my foundation on which I put the foundation on and it stops at the chin midway when I go from forehead to the sides and then chin. This stuff does it easily and it doesn’t stop midway either when I do the forehead, sides, chin thing and when I add to the cheeks it glides smoothly and blends even more with less effort. I don’t know how Nivea made this product but they know how to do it and my makeup does stay well for the entire day like everyone says it does. Plus, you get a pretty good size for around $ to $ which is the price you pay for the Rimmel foundation primers and same with ELF’s. Way to go guys! Also, I do Nivea makes a makeup primer but I heard it’s not as good as this!

Mac’s Pet Me Please: Now mentioning a Mac lipstick I had for a long time and that is the Pet Me Please lipstick from their Alluring Aquatics line from 2014 if I remembered. This was a very hard to find color since it sold out everywhere and then I found it on EBay and picked it up despite it being ten bucks more than a regular Mac lipstick. I loved how it was shimmery fushia color and do like the wear on it. The good news is that I am done with it due to having it for a while and didn’t want to go to waste and will be doing the “Back to Mac” program thing and I did finish Honey Honey from the Lip Glass line. Not sure if I will pick up another Honey Honey, I am going to debate it.

Mac’s Warm Soul BlushK I finally got my paws on another Mac blush and that is Warm Soul! I heard good things about this one alongside Rosy Outlook on top of it and had a hard time choosing between the two. Rosy colors do look good on me and Rosy Outlook was a peachy rosy shade while Warm Soul was a warm peach blush with some shimmer. I decided on Warm Soul and go back for Rosy Outlook whenever I walk into Mac again even though I have other items on my mind to get from them. I do like how it feels and how I don’t have to go and wear a highlighter since it does have a nice shimmer to it. It even blends amazing on the cheeks. I still have Dainty and Gleeful in my big makeup case and do reach for them sometimes as well. You know these will be in my Back to Mac bag.

Milani Romantic Rose Blush: Another rediscovery in my collection is of course the Romantic Rose blush from Milani’s rose blush line. I loved this blush because of how it is the perfect rose color! It does have shimmer and it is slight shimmer and what is great about this one besides how well it blends is that it is good paired with the Rose Gold highlight from the Furgy line that Wet N Wild has for many years. I used those two on Valentine’s Day and a belated Valentine’s date with Gondras since he had to work that day. It worked out well!

Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky Pallet: Final makeup product is the Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky pallet. I know a lot of people had problems with this ppallet but I didn’t. I think it’s due to what primers that people use and the fall out but with me it’s not much of a problem. I also like the Naked Smoky pallet from Urban Decay and did a video on both of them but what I like most about the Revealed Smoky is that I get to have many choices of colors to play around with and blend in. The day before I did the video I used the pallet and knew how comfortable it is on my eyes. I do have the other three Revealed pallets and to me this one is the fave out of the four. If you haven’t seen that video, you should go back and do so or just go to our YouTube channel which is the same spelling here.

Fave Movie: Dead Pool! I had to mention this and that is the Dead Pool movie being my favorite this bi-monthly faves. All I have to say about it is that Fox did a very good job on this film! They kept the R-rating and even had descriptive audio for me which was handy! Because of course there is non-verbal communication in this movie even with his mask! Also, Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job playing Dead Pool and I liked him along with Nolen North being the voice. Too bad the movie didn’t have the inner voices like the game and comics had which would’ve been funnier. If you played the game, you would know what I’m talking about! He did break the fourth wall as it supposed to be. Whenever the next one comes out, I hope it will be even funnier!

Fave Book: Lilac Girls! If you guys know that I am part of Net Gally which lets me read books before they’re out and review them on their website which is very awesome to do. One book I read was called Lilac Girls and it tells stories from three different women’s point of views while living in World War II. This was based on the events that took place at a women’s camp in a city called Ravensbrook and the events that took place afterwards when the war ended, which some of the prisoners were operated on and got infections and came to America to get treatments. It was sad reading the book but at the same time it tells a story that I never heard of while learning about the second world war during high school and college. If you’re into historical fiction, I recommend reading this book when it comes out because it is touching and sad at the same time.

Well that is it for this post! I can’t believe February is about to end and that means Omni Expo is right around the corner! I am so excited and still waiting on confirmation about one of the interviews which is Brian Beacock, which I should’ve mentioned as a favorite Twitter moment on here but he did reply to our tweet about hoping to interview him and he wants to do it! That is a good sign that one of the convention guests wants to be interviewed by you and I was speechless and happy about it when I got the reply.

Well, fingers crossed and I was thinking for another post I would do something on re-purposing makeup bags. Another thing about Ipsy is having makeup bags from them or anyone that has a makeup counter and they do take up space but they can store things more than makeup and will be writing about that. Stay tuned!

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