ant: Response to Grav3yard Girl’s Instagram Nightmares Video

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I decided to do something more as a response to a video I saw earlier this morning.

As you know I like to watch Bunny aka Grav3yard Gril on YouTube and this morning she did a rant video about how she had a bit of a situation on Instagram with with a caption she had made and it cuased people to get into arguments over it. She talked about how people are trolls and want to bring people down and not only that there are cyberbullies that exist out there and I know how she feels because I went through something similar in the past and did comment how I seen it with my fan fiction on FanFiction.Net. I decided to write a response about that on here because no matter where you go there will be people out there that make mean and cruel comments and time to time don’t know the rule of whatever you write on the net, whether it’s through a comment, a video, etc. it will be out there forever especially with the words you use. I even remembered saying the same thing to a commentor on my DMC Reunion Panel clip from Ranger Stop when they y rand about how I didn’t record the video horizontally with my IPad. If you go to the video you can see the comment that they made and I felt offended by it myself and I felt that my response to it was seen as rude by them when their original comment was rude. Did it bring me down? It kind of did but it didn’t mean that I would stop making videos even with my convention stuff to bring to you guys. I bet you’re wondering what about the fan fiction part of it?

Well, as you know I wrote a bunch of fan fictions after I lost my eyesight in 2008 and have come a long way. At first I was writing my fan fictions in the old paragraph style and people told me how to write it better and started doing it that way and it grew and started writing fics based on Tsubasa Chronicle, DNAngel, and even did my own take on Angelic Layer. As time went on, I did notice how people were commenting that they don’t like the writing and it even shown a lot on Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction Novel of the Dresden Files where I had so many comments saying they don’t like how I was writing it and how I didn’t make it like the original source material or even read anything of the original sources which is not true. I have read the Dresden Files more than once and even read two of the books while writing Fairy Tails and that was Blood Rites and Turn Coat. I haven’t read “Bombshells” a second time because I didn’t like the person reading the Dangerous Women story collection as much as the other recordings. Anyways, halfway through writing I decided to end it short since I couldn’t take it and when a fan stood up and commented by saying “I want to see the ending, don’t take what they say personally.” I took that to heart and jump started it and kept writing and even ignored one comment that cussed me out which I can’t block the guy since he was a guest commentor. I did put in my author’s commentary after that by saying “What you say on the internet will be there forever.” Which is true and I have taken that to heart and not only that as my response to those comments the sequel came to be and shows the reverse effects of Fairy Tail ending up in Chicago instead which the good thing I didn’t get any harsh comments. I am hoping that won’t happen as the story goes on.

My thoughts on this in the end is that a lot of people are expecting people that create content for the net whether being a blog like you see, a video, or even fan fiction expect that they have their expectations met. The thing is that I tend to take from an old Disney Channel move is “Never expect the unexpected” It means that you can’t always give people what they expect out of what you make and when it does happen then there will be disappointment time to time either in yourself or your audience. My advice is just go in with an open mind whether it’s subscribing to a makeup box or making video, just open minds exist.

What about bullies? Well, nowadays it seems like being a troll either in the real world or in the internet is a way of being “normal.” There is a major difference between criticism and making a jerk-sounding comment and that can be expressed with feelings in the real world but on the internet you can’t convey those emotions through text. As in, no one can’t see if you’re happy or angry or sad when writing it unless if they are sad about it as in “I’m sad that my cat ran away.” Then add emojis to convey that sadness. In other places people can take the message as the wrong way, I still remember how I used to be in a group on Facebook on my shared profile with Gondras and someone comes in and says “Naruto is an anime? I didn’t know.” It was supposed to convey sarcasm in a joking way but some of us couldn’t see that and it turned into a huge argument between the person and her boyfriend. Not only that it got two of the moderators involved which went into one huge mess and don’t want to go into too much detail. As said, feelings are hard to see and not only that there are people that are just plain mean and think they can be mean all over the place to be liked but not a lot of people like people that way. Bunny did make a point that not everyone will get along with each other and I respect that idea since I don’t get along with some people back in my college days and have seen it in my Daytona days as well. We are all human in one way shape or form and if we want to talk to someone we can and if we don’t then we don’t have to even if it’s hard to bottle it in. But bullying someone on the net whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook is something that is not tolerated in everyone’s books and it’s hard to get rid of, looking at it now it is kind of like high school on the internet which what if we were in a school on the net to make friends and we have a troll and they bring that person down. It is hard to get rid of those trolls whether through blocking because there will be new ones popping up. It’s hard to avoid and yes comments can be mean and they think it’s acceptable when it’s not, which those comments can really hurt and cause something serious.

I In conclusion, I see what Bunny is saying and now thinking why did we come to this idea that in order to be accepted in the internet world is to be mean when commenting on someone’s picture by slamming them down. In our world today, bullying has been a major part of our society and it gets transferred over to the internet and a lot of people have taken their lives because they couldn’t handle it, which is sad. To make the point, when we write in our blogs, post on Instagram, or even record for YouTube, we can’t always please people and fit their expectations when it comes to being creative, which means we should go into everything with open minds and just shrug what crap gets posted in the comments. Plus, trolls are everywhere and can’t stop them unless they realize what they did can be hurting.

Well, that’s my response on the video. You can find her video titled “Rant-Instagram Nightmares.” Which I love her Tea Vlog rants a lot since they are entertaining and informative since she has been bullied herself and have blossomed into an awesome YouTube personality and I admire that about her.

Well, there you go! Stay tuned for anything else I will bring!

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