Last Minute Omni Expo Information!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I totally forgot that I was supposed to put up last minute information about Omni Expo!

Sorry guys about that! I was not only packing to stay over at Gondras’ place but I wasn’t feeling well the past few days. I thought I was getting allergies but it was a cold despite my eyes crusting shut while I was asleep. I know gross but I did bring it up to the doctor while I was getting my physical form for Daytona filled out and he gave me antibiotic eyedrops and been using those which my eyes are clearing up. Another thing, yes I am going back to Daytona for a pre-employment program at the blind center. Don’t worry, I won’t be heading out until April so you will get all of the Omni stuff we’ll bring you before then.

Now to the important stuff! The hotel room discount is done and over, if you’re late on that, sorry! If you need a hotel room, the Double Tree near Universal is surrounded by others and you do have travel websites to help. If you’re staying there, your parking will be $10 each day, while anyone is not staying it will be $15 for self-parking,w hich goes the same with anyone who is staying, and $20 for alet.

Tickets: I know everyone is wondering about tickets and that is the pre-sale ended on Friday but you can get them at the event and as follows:

VIP: $100
Weekend: $55
And One Day: $35.

Note about day passes, for anyone who has been to Mega, the day pass you have is for that day only. Example is if you bought a Friday pass it is for Friday. While VIP on the other hand, the price is there if there are any tickets left for VIP. If you’re wondering about the Crystal Cn Veil Dinner, there will be no tickets at the door, so if you lucked out on that then there is always next year. Just letting you guys know about that part.

Interviews: If you are wondering what we have lined up for this year’s interviews after the past two years of great guests we have talked to and the good news is that we got what we asked for. This year we will be having interviews with Brian Beacock and RJ Heady as one on ones and the last one is a major first for us. Not only we have Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo but we’re doing the both of them together, as in interviewing them together! So, you will get the first Power Rangers interview here and on our YouTube Channel and it’s from Dino Thunder. Stay tuned for those!

If you were wondering where to get all the schedule info and autograph times, you can check the Omni Expo website at and make sure you follow them on Twitter @ Omni Expo!

That is it for this quick last minute information about Omni Expo 2016! Make sure that you are subscribed to our channel, Nerdy Shique Universe, subscribed here, and following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all the information and see what is going on with us with press. Hoping we have another gallery of cosplays since the Holiday Matsuri one went very well!

That is it, anyone at Omni Expo say hi to us if you get a business card!

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