Omni Expo 2016: Opening Ceremonies Clip!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Continuing my coverage from Omni Expo, I am bringing you a clip from Opening Ceremonies!

We did get three parts of it but decided to give you part one since that introduces the guests from this year. You can go and watch the other two parts on the YouTube channel which you can click on “Watch on YouTube” on the video. Speaking of videos, have to update you guys on that, we do have the interviews but the videos need to be edited due to some of them are upside down. I know I am hearing laughter but we somehow had them recorded like that and also need to put two parts together since one of the interviews got recorded on Gondras’ phone and then mine due to the IPad almost full due to the Opening Ceremony videos. We are planning to get a video camera but in the meantime, you will get these from the phones and IPad.

I would say stay tuned for our interview videos because the first one is with Brian Beacock! I am also hoping to receive my Ipsy and BoxyCharm in the mail in a few days, I know Ipsy might be here today while Boxy a few days from now due to just getting my tracking. And make sure you follow us on Twitter and YouTube for any new videos!

If you guys are wondering about any more press? We’re looking into MegaCon right now since their guest list is HUGE! We’re not kidding! Just stay tuned for any updates! Enjoy!

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