Ipsy and BoxyCharm: March 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time to take a break from the Omni Expo coverage since we have to edit the interview videos and we’re getting help with that and will have those up soon. Sorry about that!

So, what do I have instead? I got my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for March! I got Ipsy in the mail Friday and BoxyCharm today, wishing they come at the same time like some months so I can write this post up front but what can I do? Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: Ipsy’s theme this month is “Hello Spring” and it matches due to how March is when Spring flies in on the 20th. I was told the 21st but the calendars say 20th. Anyways, there were three designs this month for the bag and I got the teal and orange striped bag while everyone else got the coral or orange ones along with this one. I am so glad I got this one because I tend to love blue colors even in nail polish. Good news is that my bag did improve due to retaking the quiz, I unmarked foundation, concealer, and powder on the “Items You Use Most’ question because that is how I didn’t get the blushes like I hoped and got powders and concealers instead. It worked out better.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morroco 3 Day Nourishing Blow Dry Cream: I gave this to my mom despite it being a Marc Anthony product. Reason why? Well, I don’t use hair dryers on a regular basis. I remembered how my mom blown dry my bangs but that got really annoying and did burn a little, plus it did damage my hair as time went on so this is a great thing for my mom to try out since she uses a hair dryer and she hasn’t tried this brand before but I have. She did ask me what I use to keep my hair going nuts and two of the items are from this brand. I did get the Reparing Macadamia Oil trio which comes with the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in oil treatment from the offers page and they smell amazing! Can’t wait to try them!

Vera Mona Lotus Eye Shadow in Clover: I heard about this brand through some YouTubers that have gotten something called the Color Switch is where you can clean off shadow while applying it and want to use the same brush for other shadows. They did include that in a pallet they sold on the website on one Ipsy Offer but wanted to see how this shadow stands since I never tried anything from this brand before. This shadow is a peach with gold shimmer in it even though the product page on the Glam Bag area said it was a rosy gold but someone described it on YouTube as a peach and since I never tried out peachy shades it was good to check it out. I did wear it and had the NYX gold eye pencil to go with it since it just goes right with each other. The shadow did glide on very well on primer and did stay put throughout the day. I may have to try out some golden shadow looks with this to see how it pairs with other golden shades. I hope to get more from this brand in future bags or through the offers page.

Pixie By Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold: This was what got me excited since I was glad I retook the quiz and it is a blush and highlighter duo from Pixie. Nowadays a lot of companies are coming out with ombre blushes and blush and highlighting duos and even trios from what I heard with some companies. This one by Pixie had me happy except what happened with the package and that is the plexiglass covering breaking off in transit which I am getting a replacement. I did use this by swirling around my blush brush and put it on my cheek bones, not apples, and it blended pretty well. It is a nice rosy color with a golden highlight which is a nice thing on the go if you need to travel and don’t want to carry both a highlighter and a blush. This does it for you!

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: I think Ipsy should’ve given out the newer liquid lipstick in this bag since they are into newer products and that is the Lip Lingerie. But what made me happy about this is that I got a color I wanted to get from Ulta but they only had testers of when I tried getting it and that is Kitten Heels. The other two colors were Soft Spoken and Pink Lust which are two other colors but in the pinky range. I do have the blush in Soft Spoken and wouldn’t mind getting that but Kitten Heels is what I wanted most and crossed my fingers on that. These Liquid Suede lipsticks are okay but very comfortable as time does go on while wearing them, I guess the Amethyst one was the more okay one but Kitten Heels was the better. I may have to get this if Ulta didn’t run out. I will have to check out the Lip Lingerie ones in the future when the craze for them dies down.

Me Me Me Powder Brush: Yay! Another brush and it’s a powder brush by a brand called Me Me Me! When I got my bag I put it with the rest of my brushes in my day-to-day case and I love how soft this brush is! I’m glad to get a powder brush since I have been using my Mistura brush for a while again and get to see other brands with brushes. There were a few shadow brushes but getting a powder brush was a nice change.

BoxyCharm: This month’s BoxyCharm was a different change this month because of not only they changed the card which you have to go online for what you got, well look at the items that came in it and see the items’ descriptions that way, and of course they sent items at random in each box. I did notice how the Mistura brush was back along with the Previse Hydromilk Moisturizer and asked about it which I got the response that the newer charmers would get those instead of the older charmers. What did I get?

Ofra Charming Glow: I love Ofra cosmetics and glad to get this from them! This is supposed to be a BoxyCharm exclusive color and it can be used on the face and body which I would use on the face more than body. It is a decent sized product since it is 4.4 fl oz. I can’t wait to see how this will work out since I did run out of the NYX Gleam illuminizer a while ago and do have the Jelly Pong Pong one from December.

Luxie Beauty Contouring Brush: Makes me happy that I got another Luxie brush through Boxy and have loved these guys since I got my blush brush in Ipsy and their brushes are still soft as ever! This time it’s a contouring brush, which I am thinking of using this for highlighting since I don’t use contouring products at all since I can’t see myself in the mirror doing it. Highlighting will be the best use for this brush!

Chella Tantilizing Taupe Brow Pencil: I find it interesting that I got all the items that they say that will come randomly depending on who gets what and the three brands they mentioned in a sneak peek were Chella, Luxie, and Ofra and guess what, lucky me! Not so lucky with the brow pencil since I don’t use these due to how I prefer the clear brow gel. I used up the Chella brow gel a while back and that was really good and may trade this pencil.

Catherine Malendrino Style De Paris Perfume: Yay! Another perfume! Also another spray like last month’s perfume and this one is also fruity with a hint of earthiness to it. The notes are Ruby Red Grapefruit, Nashi Pear, which I heard about those pears through CanadaJin3 on YouTube when she made a potato salad with them, Gardenia and Orange Blossoms. No wonder I smelled a familiar flower since I still have Orange Blossom perfume from Lush. This is a very nice perfume and stays a lot more than the Real Treee one last month. I put it on top of CK One and Snowcake which I was wearing already and it made it smell sweeter. Can we have more perfumes Boxy?

MakeUp Geek Eye Shadows: The final items in the box are what made me happy this month and that are the MakeUp Geek eye shadows they gave out! They had three kinds which everyone got a matte one and either a foiled one or a shimmer one and the matte shade pressed one I got is Cocoa Bear which is a very popular shade with everyone who buys from this brand and the other is a shimmery peach one called Mai Tie or however you spell it, which peach is a huge staple in a lot of people’s collections. I never tried MakeUp Geek and wanted the Manny pallet so badly so will be waiting on getting that. I am glad to try these little pans because it gives me an idea of what MakeUp Geek is all about! I heard good things in pigmentation and how beautiful these colors are made. I hear about this brand along with Colour Pop, which that brand is also amazing. Good start to the shadow try out this month.

Thoughts: Both sides were equally good actually because I got to try a new color I wanted in the NYX Liquid Suede lipstick, wishing they gave out the Lip Lingerie even though next month is a possibility. I got two new brushes from one brand I already love and the other from a new brand I never tried. I finally get to try MakeUp Geek shadows for my first time along with Vera Mona. My mom gets to see what I love about Marc Anthony since I enjoy their products and she knows that Ulta and Walgreens do carry it, which she may be asking for a full-size since it is sooooo affordable! I am also glad to try out more Ofra products since I love their liquid lipsticks and shadows and now banana powder from last month since I use that to set my under eye concealer. Plus a new blush and perfume. The brow pencil will be traded since I prefer clear gels. All in all a good month for month and hoping they keep it up! Can’t wait to see what is up for April!

Well, that is it for this month! I will try and get the interviews up from Omni Expo for you guys! Stay tuned for those because I had a blast doing them. Til next time!

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