New Cosplay Documentary: #Cosplay Not Equal to Consent

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not posting for a while since the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since we still haven’t posted the interview videos. Don’t worry, those will be up soon since they need to be edited. Stay tuned for those and any updates on our Twitter page!

Anyways, I want to turn the convention area to something a little different. We all know that there are documentaries have been made on many subjects such as biographies, stuff on the end of the world such as the most recent one that was on Discovery on extinction, but there is one I want to talk about and it deals with cosplay.

One night I was on Facebook and noticed a post made on the Florida Cosplayers page by a person named Katarina Muyers and she was talking about a last call for stories for her a documentary she is making on harassment being done at conventions and it’s mostly on cosplayers. I contacted her and wanted to tell my story from AFO 2010 where a creeper creeped on me during the Yaoi PJ Party which I included a book I have been working on. (Still in the middle of editing by the way.) Then talked more about it which I found pretty interesting.

The documentary is about teaching people about harassment that is taking place in our convention and cosplay community and how its impact on people. People are getting taught better about it today but it seems to get swept under the rug still. It started off as a school project to show her classmates about cosplay nad conventions and Katarina found it interesting in how much time and money is spent in making the finished project with what people are making them.

As time went on, she did research more about it and wanted to focus on the harassment part of it since that there are people aren’t getting the message and there hasn’t been something like this done. I do agree with that point since there are people still doing it in many ways and don’t see it that way, such as the creeper that got on me did nuzzle me like a cat and then licked me and I did try telling him I was dating Gondras at the time, which this happened the year before he proposed to me, he said it didn’t matter. Hell, he followed a girl who was dating someone that I talked to at the same event we were at when it happened had him follow her halfway to her hotel room and she said the same “I’m dating someone” and got the same response. And even in the past there were photographers that did upskirt shots from stories I seen on the net.

I asked where this documentary can be seen when it’s done and she’s hoping to get it shown at conventions and at film festivals; once it’s all done it would be on YouTube and on a Facebook page dedicated to the project. With more works on the horizon, she wants to gear towards the entertainment industry and try to make a convention documentary.

I like the idea that someone like Katarina is doing something like this because it does spread the word that things like this do take place in our lovely convention scene. I would love to see what she pieces together with what she has with my story in tow. And a nice word to the wise, if you guys see anything off and might have someone creeping, security is always your friends both the convention center and volunteers.

You can catch her Facebook page at:

Her documentary is called #Cosplay Not Equal to Consent. She will hand me the YouTube link at a later time but you can check the Facebook out for now and keep up to date there and tell you friends who are convention attendees like we are and cosplayers as well since we do cosplay and keep on doing it for the fun of it it doesn’t mean we have to be harassed while doing it.

What is next on Nerdy Shique Universe? I will keep you up to date on the interviews since we did give Fox Warrior the flashdrive with the videos from Omni Expo, we will get those up and have them here for you guys to view. I suggest going to our Twitter for the updates as well because it helps following us and know what is going on and you can find us @ Nerdy Shique! Stay tuned!

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