Why No False Lashes?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time for a bit of another beauty danger or controversy and well it deals with one thing I don’t wear and that’s fake lashes.

I know you’re wondering why I don’t wear them it’s because my lashes are already long and curly naturally which lashes are supposed to be used for.

What’s the problem with lashes? I know it seems harmless to wear them but lashes aren’t harmless actually and the truth behind these problems include:

Damage to Natural lashes: I bet you’re wondering, “What?” It’s true! Wearing these lashes you see in YouTube videos and in your local drugstore cause damage to your actual lashes. This causes damage to the natural follicles and can cause them to fall out and either permanently stop them from growing or doing it temporarily. Plus, experts say if you pull out the lashes it will cause the lashes to be pulled out with the fake ones due to the glue being used. So best thing is not to wear them all the time. I seen a few makeup gurus wear lashes everyday which can be a problem especially with older women where the lashes can be more vulnerable than younger users. I did see that it would be best to use them on special occasions like prom, or a dinner, or anything else but not everyday use.

Allergic reactions do happen: Like with dust and anything else, the glue and improper application of lashes can cause major irritation to the eye. Also, the glue can cause these reactions if someone sleeps with lashes on or it was removed improperly. The glue can cause redness and may also cause blindness, which is a major thing. Plus, permanent damage to the lashes would cause gaps would mean an expensive lash transplant is in order but not a lot of people can afford. So, if not wearing these all the time, you can have your lashes recover and grow back.

Plus, some glues contain either latex or formaldehyde, even its water based version formalin, which people are allergic to latex itself while formaldehyde is found in embalming fluids and disinfectants and is also a carcinogen which is mostly found in cigarettes. There are vegan made lash adhesives as an added note.

Hygiene risks with lashes: There is one thing that lashes aren’t considered of and that is they trap dirt and bacteria which can cause the eye area to be irritated. It’s time for basic anatomy where our actual lashes help us by protect our eyes from sweat, dust, and other foreign things that can get into the eye. A lot of people would go for higherend lashes like House of Lashes or some of the ones that appear in subscription boxes over the lower end ones, even though some YouTubers do get Kiss and Ardell lashes if they can’t get the higherend ones but it’s best to go for the higher quality or be like some people and don’t wear them.

What if I want to still wear them? Like the last bit of points, still go for more of the hypoallergenic and high quality lashes since they would carry less irritants but it would be best to stick with specialoccasions for these things since it would save your lashes in the longer run. Or do what a lot of people suggest on the net including me and that is sticking with mascara because there are a lot to choose from and easier to switch out after a certain amount of months. Plus there are many voluminizing mascaras out there and even some of them are doing “All In One” effects so that lashes can be curled and voluminizing with that nourishing feel on the lashes. There is one more thing about mascara is that whatever you do, DON’T MAKE THEM OUT OF OREOS! That’s the worst thing you can do than false lashes and extensions even.

Well, that is it for this quick little education on false lashes. I know they are popular and quick, also a major trend with celebrities but using mascara on its own doesn’t hurt. Heck, I even read that someone had a major struggle getting them on to try out for a week while doing my research and I can see another why I don’t like doing the falsies. Even there are times that they can pop off if you sneeze. Sorry to say girls, you’re better off with the mascara because it saves yourself from the pain and irritation.

What is next? Will be doing another Higherend versus dupes post but with quality. Til next time!

April 2016 Haul

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I have a small haul for you since I haven’t done one in so long! This past month I have been at Hot Topic for a day and then did a girls’ day out with Stellar Nan and Vivi this past Thursday. I did get a few things at Target and WalMart but already mentioned those in my favorites! Let’s start with Hot Topic!

Hot Topic: I went to Hot Topic on a day off that Gondras had and we decided to see The Boss that day since I needed a comedy after being surrounded by my wallscroll, plushie, and Tardus poster covered walls for an entire week! The thing was that I was looking for blue lipstick. ::record screech:: I know, it sounds weird to hear that or read that here from me but I am thanking Jeffree Star and Vivi for it. Months ago I almost bought Kat Von D’s (finally got the right spelling) Poe at the Sephora in Altamonte but stepped away a bit since I rarely go bold when it comes to my makeup since I am used to neutral and smoky until Jeffree Star did a pastel goth look! He used a navy lipstick from his own line and I wanted to try out the pastel goth look and remembered Hot Topic had a blue lipstick in their Black Heart line and went to the Fashion Square location and they didn’t have one. I wasn’t the only one looking for it either because the guy working there that day said someone else was looking for it too. I decided why not go for black and they had it. That day we found out about their Buy One Get One % Off! I wanted to stick with the lipstick until Gondras had to point out a shirt! I have it in my hamper and it’s a new Doctor Who shirt of David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi doing selfies and Peter is face palming thinking “I’m surrounded by idiots!” While David and Matt are doing their thing! They had others like the Van Gogh painting and a graffiti portrait of Peter in his 12th costume but the selfie one is the one I chosen due to how Gondras KNOWS I love the 10th and I do still have the Matt Smith quote on a poter in my room from his season about stories. I had to get the poster because of my writer side and that was during Ranger Stop. So, it didn’t end there either! I found out I was close to my having Hot Cash which I am not sure if it’s being redeemed or expired, not sure but I did get two other lipsticks and one of them is on Clearance by the looks of it and the two colors I got were a deep purple and a fushia pink. I felt good getting more Black Heart stuff since the last time I got anything was a smoky eyeliner pencil last year. I did call Florida Mall’s location but they didn’t have a blue lipstick either, I might call Altamonte’s since it is good to try and I do love their lip products but the packaging needs work in my opinion. Godifid Dotor Who earrings but I had to drag him away since I already spent the money and a lot of it! He knows I love earrings but don’t want to be tempted!

Girls’ Day Out: The reason why I called the Florida Mall location of Hot Topic is because we were going there this past Thursday! They didn’t have it so C’est la Vie! I did get my goal reached to get that blue lipstick and I found it at Mac! Reason why I had to go there is because it’s been a year since I shopped at Mac according to their website. I know I started doing it at the end of 2014 but the Daytona Beach location in their Dillard’s didn’t tell me about their little membership. I know it’s horrible but what can you do? Still, the good thing is that after a year I get a free eye shadow with a purchase and I had my eye on Satin Taupe! I wanted that shadow for a while due to how my eyes look good with taupe and I heard so many good things about this color due to the purple hints mixed in. I have Last Chance from NYX’s baked shadow line and love that one! Anyways, the one item I got for my purchase is Mac’s Royal! It is pretty much the same shade of blue that Jeffreee used in his video and so happy to pick it up there!

We did drop by Lush because Stellar never tried it before and wanted to see what we were talking about. We did bump into Tobi and Gondras while we were there and they were trying to find Ice Blue but it’s being discontinued which is sad. Why Lush? Why discontinue the faves of everybody and the popular products? I got a sample of the Ocean Salt scrub to try out. They have a lighter version which is without the most salt and then you have the heavy portion and I went with the lighter salt portion and it works better that way. I have sensitive skin as you know and don’t want to go heavy on the salt and was glad to hear they had the less salt portion and tried it out and so far so good my skin is not hating it. I am going to see how well it goes and if it does well then I will get an actual size of this version.

Next is Sephora and to announce…this is my very first purchase from Sephora! I normally go to Ulta since they tend to carry some of the higherend brands I love like Urban Decay and Too Faced but they do have drugstore on top of it so if you can’t go to any other places, Ulta is your one stop shop for it. I did try getting the Smashbox Photo Op Trio but had my card declined. I will get it some day. The thing I did get this time around is a Kat Von D lipstick! At first I was thinking of getting Echo from the liquid lipsticks days before since Gondras met someone who came into the deli while he was working and saw it on her lips and took a picture of it after asking her about it. Vivi did give me some black lipstick recommendations which were Slayer from the Studded Kiss line and Witches from the same one that Echo is in. The one I got and got my kitty ears going towards is Ion from the Studded Kiss line. It’s a gunmetal shade and it looks good on me! It was hard to choose because not only I did get the suggestion of Echo but Slayer did get sold out and Witches…Ion got me the most! Plus this lipstick smells amazing since it has the scent of Crème Broullie which is Kat’s fave dessert! I think Mac’s lipsticks also has the same scent. Vivi also shown me the green one that she got and thought it would look good as well, that is a possibility since I do have a CleanColor lipstick bundle in mind that has greens in it. I also got an eye shadow from Sephora’s line due to a $5 bin that was on display that Vivi found! That is not bad and it gives me a try at their stuff this way and I got a charcoal gray color! There was a taupe but somehow someone was like a ninja and bought it up! I think everyone was a ninja, heck the guy at Mac who helped me snuck behind us with my items to hand them over.

We did explore other places like one place that Hot Topic owns is Box Lunch and it is like Hot Topic but for more of the nerds and 90’s kids since they carry the classic Nicktoon shirts. Interesting fact about Nicktoons, especially Rugrats, it started on my sixth birthday! I know it is pretty cool and still made me happy that I got to have them start back then. Anyways, I did get a small button of a rainbow kitty and I do love kitties! I want to go back and get the Sonic Screwdriver pizza cutter, that would be fun cutting pizza with that and it has a battery compartment so it can do the sound effects. I needed more hand santizers so a stop at Bath and Body Works was a must! I always get the travel sizes for my makeup bags due to know not knowing when you need it, especially with convention time! I did smell the guy stuff since now they have stuff for men and man they smell amazing! Apparently Suave does commercials no saying that pople prefer Suave’s scents over Bath and Body’s scents, they do smell good but I would choose Bath and Body due to how much of a choice in scents and I prefer to have variety in my lotion scents so I wouldn’t be bored from just three of them. And of course I have to mention Vanilla Bean Noel every Christmas beats any vanilla scent and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is always my fave fall scent now! Sorry Suave, your oil infused line is my fave though. And finally, we goto check out Think Geek which is their only actual store open here in Orlando! We found where a friend of ours has a backpack that says “Bag of Holding” and we know where he got it from. This place is amazing! They have tons of stuff geeky from Doctor Who all the way to Pokemon! The thing that I like the most from them is of course the Spock oven mits and they are positioned in the “Live long and prosper” hand sign. What Gondras wants the most is the Sonic Screwdriver universal remote but need to be a best seller first to get that. If you’re in Orlando during the summer, should come to Think Geek!

Well, that is it for this haul! I feel accomplished now that I bought something at Sephora since I hear so many people loving it, including Vivi and able to step out of the comfort zone. I am even carrying my Black Heart black lipstick in my makeup bag if I’m feeling gothy around my buddies. Plus, nice alternative for concerts as well! Thank you Jeffree and thank you Vivi! Also, mission accomplished on the blue lipstick find and got my anniversary gift from Mac. I wonder if that free shadow thing happens every year because their shadows are amazing and very pigmented! I definitely want to shop more at Box Lunch since they have more nerdy things than Hot Topic and of course classic rock shirts.

That is about it for this post! Next will be the fake lashes post! Til next time!

Faves: March and April 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Itt’s time for March and April Favorites! I know I tend to do it at the last week of the second month but I have a not-so-fave that I need to get off my chest!

Not-So-Fave: Idesse New York Organic Gel Nail Polish: Oh yes, the thing that got me excited that I was hoping for sucks! What do I mean by that? Well, when I first tried it out it chipped within a day and it looked like my nails went through a wood chipper and got all my nail polish off. I re-did them Monday and woke up this morning with two of my fingernails on my left hand missing polish and my ring finger on the same hand lost all of it. Okay, I understand that this polish is supposed to be chemical free and organic but shouldn’t have the same staying power as a lot of gel nail polishes that are found at salons and in our local Ultas, Sephoras, and drugstores? Apparently this one doesn’t! I know some of you who got this polish in Ipsy might say use the stylist tip of not using a base coat which I seen a video yesterday of the person not using one and she went through the same thing as I did and didn’t use a base coat when I do along with a quick dry coat and a no-chip one but it seems like the polish ignores the top coat and hates me. I find it even sadder that the gel polishes I have from Wet N Wild and Sinful, I think some of my OPI ones are gel, and those STAY for DAYS beyond this one! Heck, when I wore Alfresco from Sinful’s gel polish line which is a Copenhagen blue color, it stayed for over a week on my nails! This was when I used the Sinful Top Shine Coat. I’m sorry Idesse and Ipsy, one need a better formula in doing that chemical free polish and Ipsy pick better polish brands. I hear Trust Fund is a good brand and why not have LVX and NCLA in your bags as well like Boxy because those polishes do stay on my nails! Oh yeah, this thing is getting a one out of five when Gondras helps me with the reviews because this is not a Paw Print of Approval status product, I give it a Negative Paw Print!

Faves Time!

Fave Convention Moment: Hearing That Omni Expo Gave Us a Good Word! So, going into faves and decided to start off with a fave from Omni Expo. This year it was in March due to, again, Mega being in May this year and crossing our fingers on getting press for it and yes there will be a convention spotlight at the beginning of May, so stay tuned for that and follow us on Twitter for that if you haven’t! So, you guys know my story with Omni with the whole finding us and reaching out to us to do press during their first year after a tiny typo I made and we have done press for them since then and glad that we done it for third year and as a full team. One thing is that this year we had a good word passed on about us to Brian Beacock because before our interview we had a bit of a schedule issue and got it fixed and he told us before the interview that they said “We’re awesome people and do a good job.” That is a major first for a convention to do that especially one we have done work in the past for. I am really thanking them for that because it makes us even more accepted as a blog. I am putting this as a fave because having two turn downs last year did make me ad but it is not effecting me as much since there are going to be those conventions that are going to turn you down but more to accept you since there are so many going on year round, especially here in Orlando! Thank you Omni Expo, hoping to do a fourth year with you guys and more interviews to come with!

Fave Panels: Paul St. Peter’s Pirate Curses and Voice Acting Panels! Another fave is during Omni Expo, Paul St. Peter had a lot of panels that dealt with voice acting and gave very good pointers. Heck, he even did one on pirates and tested people on their voice range for that! If you’re at any convention with this guy, go to to his panels! Take it from us because if you want to be a voice actor these will help you understand different ranges for both heroes and villains! Not only that, if you’re in a pirate movie, his Pirate Curses panel will also have pointers in saying the many different curses pirates have made when they were around in the 1700s or 1800s, forgot the time range, it would help know what to sound like. Still, these panels are a great thing to go to, even if Chris Sabat is at a convention, go to his voice recording panels because he gives good advice on how to record when you’re working in the booth.

A Major First: A Double Interview with Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo from Power Rangers! Well, had to mention this in my faves and hoping to do more like this and that is an interview with more than one cast member and we got to do it with the two Dino Thunder Rangers Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo. I wished they did that with us with the main cast from Attack On Titan last year, because that would’ve been more convenient but hey we understood. If you haven’t seen that video, it was hard coming up with questions before the convention to tell you the truth and we did ask some of them during their panel earlier that day. Still, it would be fun to do it again at future conventions and it shows that we can do other formats of interviews and I think we passed with flying colors with that!

Best Done Cosplay: Water Pokemon Trainer! Too bad I didn’t get to interview any of the guests with this costume and sorry for no pics but I finally wore that water trainer cosplay I meant to wear during AFO last year but glad to bring it to Omni! I will tell you what I wore though and it goes like this: Teal Blue Tank Top, dark blue patterned skirt, a pair of sandals, my glasses (yes I wore glasses and have started doing that again), Gondras’ old red wig he used for Spirit Albarn, a white barret, and a pair of Pokeball earrings that my buddy Nancy made and a booka shell necklace. And will plan to do a cosplay of her twin brother from my Pokemon fics in the future. Anyways, that is the idea of the cosplay and has been in my head like my character Avery, the ice trainer you have seen me wear the costume of in every video since last Omni! I hope to do an interview wearing this costume in the next few conventions.

Beauty Faves!

MakeUp Geek Eye Shadows: Yes, I have to combine these because since I got my BoxyCharm in March, still sad about it in April but hey what can I do? I got two of the ever-so-popular-on-YouTube brand, MakeUp Geek and I can see why people love these things like crazy! They are so pigmented especially Cocoa Bear, which most people got even Vivi got it. I used it with Mink from Hikari which I traded my other Jay Cat Beauty Lip Paint with Vivi for it and a light brown shadow I traded points for and man they go well together! While the other is Mai Thai which is an apricot shadow with gold flecks which I mixed with some gold and bronze shadows which also worked well. I may have to get more of these because they are amazing! If you never tried MakeUp Geek, I would say do it! You won’t regret it! Maybe the Sparklers because people didn’t like the no sifter idea.

CleanColor Madly Matte Lipsticks: I have to mention this brand and their lipsticks because they are awesome! So, I was watching It’s Judy’s Life and she mentioned how she was having a very hard time getting her paws on the Kyle Genner Lip Kits and she checked Amazon to see about getting them due to them selling out and people have been selling them for outrageous prices there, which is true with most makeup being outrageously priced by people, and she found liquid lipsticks by a brand called CleanColor that was being sold there and she got a set for around $7 which is not bad and went to see for myself. I got a set of six lipsticks for $7.50 with shipping that totaled around $13 and you can’t get better than that. The shipping was fast too and got it Sunday out of all days and oh man, they are amazing! They have a Fruity Pebbles smell but they go on smoothly and feel comfortable! I know everyone wants to go with the matte look and they tend to find drying lipsticks and these do need a few passes from what I hear and I believe it, they are so comfortable that you hardly feel anything! I am thinking of getting more if I can’t find a blue lipstick, I know why because of Jeffrey Starr’s and so many other people’s pastel goth look which I tried, and found more sets for affordable pries! I may see about the liquid counterparts if they are even better. CleanColor does have a website and they are very affordable there too which their stuff is in the drugstore price range.

Wet N Wild Ombre Blush in Mai Thai Buy You a Drink: Whoa, that was a mouthful! So, Wet N Wild came out with new blushes and they are in the ombre style! I heard so many things about ombre blushes since it seems to be the big thing this year and NYX came out with some and almost bought one but there are times when products can be disappointing and might go for those due to how people like them but the Wet N Wild ones seem to get the popular vote! I was glad to find them in Target which I iwish they were in WalMart and drugstores because they are pretty popular! Pretty much these blushes go from light to dark and your color options are The Princess Daquiries which is a pink range, In a Purple Haze is a purple range, and the one I got is a peach range called Mai Thai Buy You a Drink! Whoa, tongue twister! I have been open to trying peachy blushes and did get Peach Berlini from Ipsy last month from one of the many brands and sometimes wore the peach colors in my Coastal Sense blush pallet, plus did get Mac’s Warm Soul which is a neutral peach shade. When I heard about Mai Thai, not saying the entire thing again, I wanted it so badly! Princess did sound nice but Mai Thai won and I love the soft application! If you haven’t tried out anything in Wet N Wild’s blush range you must! Their blushes are amazing and these are too!

Wet N Wild What Dreams Are Made Of Highlighter: Another item from Wet N Wild is their limited edition highlighter from the spring collection known as What Dreams Are Made Of! I heard about these highlighters all thanks to Tati and couldn’t wait to find a way of getting these and found them at Walgreens! I only got one because this one appealed to me the most due to the having purple, blue, silver, and I think some gold in the highlight. It is also very subtle in the lighting! They are known as 3D Highlighters or something and I have tried highlighters from Wet N Wild and the Furgy collection and they are pretty spot on. Some people didn’t like the Cat Walk Pink pallet but I do like my highlights being a bit subtle and I tend to put them under blush so they won’t be so loud. I wish these were permanent because of how unique they are, I hope they do make permanent ones in the future.

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in the Best of the Best: I almost put this in Not-So-Faves but at the same time I loved it as much as most of my lip stuff and that is the new The Only One Lipstick from Rimmel. I love Rimmel and when I heard about these through the commercials I knew I had to have it! I also saw swatch reviews and it got me to try at least one and I got it in The Best of the Best! It’s a blue toned red like Mac’s Ruby Wu and it’s supposed to be very moisturizing and stays all day but the problem with this is that it slips and slides all over! My mom thought this was my red Jay Cat lip paint I tried using in a container and I tried telling her it’s way different and decided to use a lip brush and it works out better because the control is way better with the lip brush opposed to just using the tube. I would say be careful with the slippery lipstick if you don’t want to do the brush and try to blot your lips as much as you can if it does slide, but the brush is better so go withthat! Will I get more if you’re wondering? I am on the fence, I might get It’s a Keeper but might not. As said, on the fence despite how well the brush works.

Favorite Book: The Rejected Wirter’s Club! Yes, another book to check out and that is The Rejected Writers Book Club by Susan Kelman! I did mention how I’m a member of Net Gally and have been expanding in my reading in other genres as a writer and hoping to read and review the next Midnight Breed book that way. Anyways, this book is the first of a s have some romance but a lot of adventure too! You can get it on Amazon in June and enjoy what this book has to offer from Paul Cruger. I hope to read more from this guy since it is a very clever read and plus you get some history, well historical fiction, behind some of the cocktails that get mentioned. And to anyone in their early twenties, drink responsibly after reading.

new series that Susan Kelman is doing and it is about a librarian who gets involved with a group of rejected writers and their leader ends up with an acceptance letter by mistake for a manscript she sent in hoping to get a rejection letter and ends up having a road trip to with them to visit her daughter in order to get the manuscript back. It’s very cute and funny, I also do relate to some of these people in the book because I do write and I have encountered people get on my case about my fan fiction, which I need to continue on one. I recommend this if you are into comedy!

Another Book: Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge! You know I am a major Dresden Files fan and this book ended up in a list to pick from for Net Gally and it’s called Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge and it’s by Paul Crueger! This book won’t be available until June but got to take a look! Is said before, when I read this book I vflt like I was reading a Dresden book but this is what if you take the magic and put in alcohol? Pretty much the story is about Bailey, a post grad, works at a long time friend’s family bar and gets attacked by a creature and knows that Chicago gets attacked by these creatures at night and must fight with magical cocktails or she’s dead meat! If you want a summer read, I suggest this book because it does have a lot of comedy, some romance, and a bit of historical fiction about the different cocktails used in this book. If you’re my age or in the twenties, do drink responsibly!

Fave App: I Heart Radio! I know this app has been around for a while but had to get it again due to how Apple is doing Apple Music where you get it for free for three months as a trial and then pay for it afterwards and that’s $10 a month. That made me sad since I was able to listen to Eyeshine that way! Hey, I can deal because I Heart Radio did add World Music to the mix and that makes me happy since I tend to enjoy listening to anime music and Japanese artists and that is a major way for me to do it! I was happy to listen to Asian Kung Fu Generation, L’Arc~en~Ciel, and even the RWBY soundtrack! If you’re not liking the idea to pay for radio, I Heart Radio is the best place to do it and also listening to the app does help get artists to the I Heart Music Awards and the event too in Las Vegas. It would be cool to see Asian Kung Fu Generation take the stage in Las Vegas.

Fave Food: Milk Tea Cookies! I have to mention these because I was glad to try them out due to the limited edition packaging and tthat they were in a Pokemon Cookie Tin. These cookies tasted so good I think I had more than one at a time since they aren’t too sweet to the point of “OMG, I think these are too powerful!” And I been there with some stuff! I may look for milk tea cookies in my local Asian market because the taste is good and knowing Donga may have other brands of these!

Another Fave Food: Cadbury Dairy Milk Squares! Lately, it seems that I am getting more into British food and candy, I bla,e and thank Doctor Who for that because I enjoy Jelly Babies and Jammy Dodgers and those do get carried in Publix here. I also like the Lion Bar which is like what if you combine Kit Kats, the Nestle’s Crunch Bar and mix caramel in it and oh man! Best combo ever! But my most fave is the Cadbury stuff since they are good British chocolates! What? You didn’t know they came from Great Britain? They did! They have amazing stuff you can’t find much here but due to how grocery stores have been carrying International foods especially from the UK, I am glad they had these Cadbury biscuits which are biscuit cookies covered in the dairy milk chocolate and for Easter there was a Cadbury egg version with the cream from the egg in it and those were delicious! What made me happiest of all is that I went to WalMart recently and we found bags of Cadbury chocolate squares with that same Dairy Milk chocolate and I found ones with Old English Toffee! It is like eating a Heath bar but the chocolate is made by Cadbury! What is cool is that they aren’t a single square but a double one so you get double the flavor or share with someone who hasn’t tried these things! I suggest trying them because they have different flavors! I want to check out the mint ones since I do love mint and do tend to get the Ghiradelli Squares in the dark chocolate mint instead of milk chocolate and mint. Good to try to see how those taste. And if anyone has seen the Ghiradelli Dark and Blueberry Chocolate Squares, an opinion from a blind person with heightened taste buds, they’re better off with white chocolate due to the tart in the berries and the bitterness of the chocolate. I did write to Ghiradelli and they will pass it along to their chocolate making department.

Well, that is it for this post! I do have new beauty controversy posts, one of them is about fake lashes due to a friend telling me that the glue is bad for the eyes! I am researching on this topic! I also want to do one on Highend vs. Dupes but with quality and formula all thanks to the Idesse nail polish because I have been watching videos of people having a lot of misses in the luxury department and drugstore since that tends to happen a lot! I will also research that!

I will also get yopu guys the Convention Spotlight on MegaCon in early May! So follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique since that is where we update everyone on the convention front, what posts are up, and so on!

Ipsy: April 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I have my Ipsy! I know usually I would also have BoxyCharm but unfortunately due to financial reasons, I don’t have it. I know it sicks because there was one major item I wanted try out and that is a hand cream. I did contact them to see about collaborating with them since I heard about PR boxes and did send a link to last month’s post which I am hoping to hear back from them soon about it and hoping before April ends. I shouldn’t be disappointed since I got my Ipsy out of the entire month and was glad that I did. It did make me very happy since again I did retake the quiz after how disappointing Febrary’s bag was. For anyone who has been having problems, do retake the quiz and review your items on top of it, that is how I got my bag getting better stuff because it does reflect on the algorithm of how they choose the products for each bag. Let’s see what I got!

Theme: Ipsy Dreamers

This month’s theme is Ipsy Dreamers I believe and this month’s bag is a tie dye design. It fits because I did remember picking up a tie dye shirt around spring time from a seafood festival and there are tons of bright colors in tie dye. I did trade in points and got the M Cosmetics pallet that comes with three eye shadows and a lip gloss in a pot. If you guys aren’t familiar with it, it’s the makeup brand that michelle Fond, the creator of Ipsy, developed and excited to try since I never got anything in the bag from it.

Tart Cosmetics Lip Surgence Cream Tint in Wonder: Yay! I got one in my Ipsy bag! I realized I got one in BoxyCharm but it wasn’t the size as this one which the one I got in Ipsy is a sample size. I’m okay with it! I loved the one from BoxyCharm and glad to get another from Ipsy since I hear these are a bit pricey. I did want this in my bag since in the past they gave different colors and this one is a pink from what I heard. Good to try this out since it does give you a peek at what Tart has to offer as a brand and deluxe sizes are a good way of trying. This product is known to have the famous Marikuja oil that is in the bronzer and you can just swipe once for a wash or build it up with multiple swipes! Also it does double as a blush. Can’t wait to wear this!

Idesse New York Nail Polish in Irena: Yay! Another nail polish after months and months, even more months, of not having one in the bag! I guess my review on Formula X kind of shown I didn’t want any after that; which I said it chipped like crazy and knowing from what I hear from people that use Formula X that it stays on but not me since I am a crazy typist and use my hands for a lot of things like reading braille, yeah my polish does chip and I wasn’t doing anything with my hands which was weird when I first had that polish. Anyways, I am glad to try another brand since I never heard of Idessa New York and that is a good reason to be with Ipsy and of course BoxyCharm for brands you never heard of or never tried out, especially the pricier higherend brands. This polish is a gel effect nail polish and has a vegan formula it is free of the usual nasty chemicals that are found in most polishes. Good thing, right? Irena is a steely grey lavender color which is a nice shade to have and it does give you that same salon gel effect that you tend to pay for at the salon. I will try this out since the polish on my nails need a refresher. So glad I waited for my bag then!

City Color Cosmetics Highlighting Trio: This product made me super excited for this month’s bag! I have tried products from City Color, heck I still have my lip set and big eye shadow set from them to this day. I even got one of the lipstick sets through Ipsy and glad to get this in my bag which was a surprise. I didn’t expect to get this at first because if you expect too much you might be disappointed in the end and I didn’t set my expectations too high. I was lucky to get this and that is the highlighting trio by City Color. I have been trying out so many different highlights in cream and powder and I think I prefer powder over cream slightly more because they are easy to control. This trio comes with three of most neutral highlights which they are a gold, a white, and I believe from one video a pink. It is also a very slim package which travel will be easy with this too. If you wanted this in your bag, you can use the discount codes that are on each product page to get your paws on this. I will be definitely using this!

Crown Duo Fiber Blush Brush:Another product by Crown in my bag! I love brushes, I love Crown’s brushes since I do have a set by them and still have my double ended eye brush by them and a pair of tweezers. When I found my brush I love the design because thre are indents for your fingers! That is very handy for a makeup artist actually, even for a beginner since you don’t see that much unless you get paint brushes with grips on them. I wouldn’t mind getting a set of these since the grooves would help with finger placements.

Moroccan Moroccan Oil Treatment: Okay, final product is by a company called Moroccan and it’s the Moroccan Oil Treatment. Seriously, your brand is named after the oil treatment. Anyways, this is an argon oil treatment for the hair which is very nourishing for it. I have used Argon oil products by Suave Professional and Marc Anthony and good to have another one by another brand. I heard this is kind of pricey for the oil itself, there is always the code on the bottle or Ipsy’s offers page, but you can always go for Marc Anthony’s products which work the same. I did try it out and it feels like my dry oil spray with the argon oil in it.

Thoughts: Wishing I had my BoxyCharm this month but the products in Ipsy were very well rounded and well chosen for my bag this month. I love the brush design by Crown which is very genious, especially for any beginners or makeup artists that want that nice grip in putting on product on clients or themselves. I am happy to get the Tart Lip Surgence since they are pretty pricey and it does give an idea with the deluxe size of what you are getting from the full size. The highlight trio from City Color does help me explore more even though I am a huge fan of their brand already due to what I bought from them in the past and what I got in Ipsy. If you haven’t tried City Color you must and you will enjoy them. I would say get something small or at least a set to give you an idea. Then the nail polish from Idesse, sorry for the misspelling, I am excited about since it’s been a major while since I got a nail polish in the months. I am so trying this out toniught to see how it goes and will update you guys in the March and April Faves which that is next! And the Moroccan Oil, the brand needs a new name in my opinion but I get to try another brand’s argon oil products to give me ideas of how they make it with this oil. I am feeling that it does give my curls a bit of the oompf and don’t feel like they have to frizz up. I would say, since I hear that this brand is on the pricier side, go for the Marc Anthony brand of products because not only the argon oil dry spray works the same way as this treatment, you do have choices of other hair treatment oils like the coconut oil and macadamia oil. Not sure of Moroccan offers those but don’t mind getting other products if they have those oils and makes my hair healthier along with the Lush stuff I use on a regular basis.

Well, that is it for this bag! I am hoping I hear back from Boxy about doing PR reviews for them since I am still sad about not getting the box this month so far but when Vivi did tell me the other two products, one of them is by Blinc which is a bit meh and didn’t like that tubing mascara much, I am thinking I shouldn’t be so disappointed but wanted to try the other three items well four actually. Still, I will see what happens in the meantime and if I do get word and a thumbs up and have the April box I will post a separate post or even a video since I told them to pass the message about that since we are lacking in videos on our channel since conventions do come around certain times.

What is next? March and April Faves for this year. I do have a major convention fave for that and will mention it there! Stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2016: Interview with Dino Thunder Rangers!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now it’s time for the last interview from Omni Expo! First we asked Brian Beacock about his work in anime, onstage, and now on his new webseries, then we asked RJ Heady about visual effects and his work, now it’s time for a double interview!

Omni Expo had a lot of firsts for us in the past! Being the first convention that reached out to us to do press during their very first year at the World Center Marriot, then we had our very first popular video from last year’s convention which was the Attack On Titan Cast Panel which had over a thousand views the last time I checked, and now our first double interview from this year’s convention and it was with Jeff Perazzo and Kyle Duhaney from Power Rangers Dino Thunder! For a while now we wanted to interview cast members from the ever growing series from our childhood and didn’t get much success on that front until Omni Expo announced that they were having these two at the convention this year! We were glad to interview them after we wanted to do Power Rangers related interviews. What did we ask? Well, Gondras does mention in the video that some of the questions we ask here is also what we asked during a panel earlier in the day. I did ask them if they saw Linkara’s review on their season during that panel and they never heard of him and asked if it was good review. I did say it was and I did see the season all thanks to Mr. Linkara! And of course, it was the season that my nephew really got into the series as another note.

Well, that is it for this year’s coverage! IO hope you enjoyed it and that Omni has another convention in the next year because they know we will be there giving them press coverage and we have fun doing it! Especially when it comes to sitting the guests down for a nice one on one or double interview! We are trying to aim for MegaCon since that is a beast on its own for a convention especially with it being four days this year. I will have an update on that whenever I get the form in, if you are following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique, that is where I will be posting said update!

What is next? My Ipsy bag because it looks like I won’t be getting BoxyCharm this month unless I get a bit lucky. Let’s see what happens! Stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2016: Interview with RJ Heady

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Continuing with the interviews from Omni Expo 2016, our next interview was with RJ Heady!

Like with Brian Beacock,w hich I didn’t get to mention in the last post, we had a major blast especially with RJ because since I like to use beauty products in my cosplays in create countless of looks and multipurpose some items as well, interviewing one of the finalists from Face Off expands on the whole cosplay makeup looks. RJ was the fan favorite from Season 2 and I was into watching this show when it first aired on ScyFy a few years back but since Agents of Shield took over, I missed episodes. I know sad kitty! But hey, I got to ask RJ about his work on the show and many other questions! I should find a way of getting in contact with him about alcohol paints since you know me cosplaying as Lucy, Maybelline does discontinue some of their Color Tattoos. And speaking of alcohol paints, if you hear me talk about one of my fave YouTubers using these things, I am talking about Kat Sketch which you guys gotta check out her makeup transformations especially her Tim Burton ones since RJ did mention the Tim Burton challenge from Season 2.

Well that is it and enjoy the video! Follow us on Twitter by the way! And stay tuned for our final interview with the Dino Thunder Rangers!

Omni Expo 2016: Interview With Brian Beacock

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We finally got the interviews up from Omni Expo this year! Thanks for being patient everyone!

Anyways, first interview is with Brian Beacock! He voiced Takato in Digimon Tamers and also has been in Bleach and Naruto, even on the stage and now in a Zomedy series that you can check out called Acting Dead.

We got to ask questions about his new series and his past works and you get to see it here! Make sure you check out Acting Dead at http://www.actingdead.com and follow him on Twitter: @ Brian Beacock.

What interview is next? RJ Heady!