Omni Expo 2016: Interview with Dino Thunder Rangers!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now it’s time for the last interview from Omni Expo! First we asked Brian Beacock about his work in anime, onstage, and now on his new webseries, then we asked RJ Heady about visual effects and his work, now it’s time for a double interview!

Omni Expo had a lot of firsts for us in the past! Being the first convention that reached out to us to do press during their very first year at the World Center Marriot, then we had our very first popular video from last year’s convention which was the Attack On Titan Cast Panel which had over a thousand views the last time I checked, and now our first double interview from this year’s convention and it was with Jeff Perazzo and Kyle Duhaney from Power Rangers Dino Thunder! For a while now we wanted to interview cast members from the ever growing series from our childhood and didn’t get much success on that front until Omni Expo announced that they were having these two at the convention this year! We were glad to interview them after we wanted to do Power Rangers related interviews. What did we ask? Well, Gondras does mention in the video that some of the questions we ask here is also what we asked during a panel earlier in the day. I did ask them if they saw Linkara’s review on their season during that panel and they never heard of him and asked if it was good review. I did say it was and I did see the season all thanks to Mr. Linkara! And of course, it was the season that my nephew really got into the series as another note.

Well, that is it for this year’s coverage! IO hope you enjoyed it and that Omni has another convention in the next year because they know we will be there giving them press coverage and we have fun doing it! Especially when it comes to sitting the guests down for a nice one on one or double interview! We are trying to aim for MegaCon since that is a beast on its own for a convention especially with it being four days this year. I will have an update on that whenever I get the form in, if you are following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique, that is where I will be posting said update!

What is next? My Ipsy bag because it looks like I won’t be getting BoxyCharm this month unless I get a bit lucky. Let’s see what happens! Stay tuned!

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