Omni Expo 2016: Interview with RJ Heady

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Continuing with the interviews from Omni Expo 2016, our next interview was with RJ Heady!

Like with Brian Beacock,w hich I didn’t get to mention in the last post, we had a major blast especially with RJ because since I like to use beauty products in my cosplays in create countless of looks and multipurpose some items as well, interviewing one of the finalists from Face Off expands on the whole cosplay makeup looks. RJ was the fan favorite from Season 2 and I was into watching this show when it first aired on ScyFy a few years back but since Agents of Shield took over, I missed episodes. I know sad kitty! But hey, I got to ask RJ about his work on the show and many other questions! I should find a way of getting in contact with him about alcohol paints since you know me cosplaying as Lucy, Maybelline does discontinue some of their Color Tattoos. And speaking of alcohol paints, if you hear me talk about one of my fave YouTubers using these things, I am talking about Kat Sketch which you guys gotta check out her makeup transformations especially her Tim Burton ones since RJ did mention the Tim Burton challenge from Season 2.

Well that is it and enjoy the video! Follow us on Twitter by the way! And stay tuned for our final interview with the Dino Thunder Rangers!

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