Ipsy: April 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I have my Ipsy! I know usually I would also have BoxyCharm but unfortunately due to financial reasons, I don’t have it. I know it sicks because there was one major item I wanted try out and that is a hand cream. I did contact them to see about collaborating with them since I heard about PR boxes and did send a link to last month’s post which I am hoping to hear back from them soon about it and hoping before April ends. I shouldn’t be disappointed since I got my Ipsy out of the entire month and was glad that I did. It did make me very happy since again I did retake the quiz after how disappointing Febrary’s bag was. For anyone who has been having problems, do retake the quiz and review your items on top of it, that is how I got my bag getting better stuff because it does reflect on the algorithm of how they choose the products for each bag. Let’s see what I got!

Theme: Ipsy Dreamers

This month’s theme is Ipsy Dreamers I believe and this month’s bag is a tie dye design. It fits because I did remember picking up a tie dye shirt around spring time from a seafood festival and there are tons of bright colors in tie dye. I did trade in points and got the M Cosmetics pallet that comes with three eye shadows and a lip gloss in a pot. If you guys aren’t familiar with it, it’s the makeup brand that michelle Fond, the creator of Ipsy, developed and excited to try since I never got anything in the bag from it.

Tart Cosmetics Lip Surgence Cream Tint in Wonder: Yay! I got one in my Ipsy bag! I realized I got one in BoxyCharm but it wasn’t the size as this one which the one I got in Ipsy is a sample size. I’m okay with it! I loved the one from BoxyCharm and glad to get another from Ipsy since I hear these are a bit pricey. I did want this in my bag since in the past they gave different colors and this one is a pink from what I heard. Good to try this out since it does give you a peek at what Tart has to offer as a brand and deluxe sizes are a good way of trying. This product is known to have the famous Marikuja oil that is in the bronzer and you can just swipe once for a wash or build it up with multiple swipes! Also it does double as a blush. Can’t wait to wear this!

Idesse New York Nail Polish in Irena: Yay! Another nail polish after months and months, even more months, of not having one in the bag! I guess my review on Formula X kind of shown I didn’t want any after that; which I said it chipped like crazy and knowing from what I hear from people that use Formula X that it stays on but not me since I am a crazy typist and use my hands for a lot of things like reading braille, yeah my polish does chip and I wasn’t doing anything with my hands which was weird when I first had that polish. Anyways, I am glad to try another brand since I never heard of Idessa New York and that is a good reason to be with Ipsy and of course BoxyCharm for brands you never heard of or never tried out, especially the pricier higherend brands. This polish is a gel effect nail polish and has a vegan formula it is free of the usual nasty chemicals that are found in most polishes. Good thing, right? Irena is a steely grey lavender color which is a nice shade to have and it does give you that same salon gel effect that you tend to pay for at the salon. I will try this out since the polish on my nails need a refresher. So glad I waited for my bag then!

City Color Cosmetics Highlighting Trio: This product made me super excited for this month’s bag! I have tried products from City Color, heck I still have my lip set and big eye shadow set from them to this day. I even got one of the lipstick sets through Ipsy and glad to get this in my bag which was a surprise. I didn’t expect to get this at first because if you expect too much you might be disappointed in the end and I didn’t set my expectations too high. I was lucky to get this and that is the highlighting trio by City Color. I have been trying out so many different highlights in cream and powder and I think I prefer powder over cream slightly more because they are easy to control. This trio comes with three of most neutral highlights which they are a gold, a white, and I believe from one video a pink. It is also a very slim package which travel will be easy with this too. If you wanted this in your bag, you can use the discount codes that are on each product page to get your paws on this. I will be definitely using this!

Crown Duo Fiber Blush Brush:Another product by Crown in my bag! I love brushes, I love Crown’s brushes since I do have a set by them and still have my double ended eye brush by them and a pair of tweezers. When I found my brush I love the design because thre are indents for your fingers! That is very handy for a makeup artist actually, even for a beginner since you don’t see that much unless you get paint brushes with grips on them. I wouldn’t mind getting a set of these since the grooves would help with finger placements.

Moroccan Moroccan Oil Treatment: Okay, final product is by a company called Moroccan and it’s the Moroccan Oil Treatment. Seriously, your brand is named after the oil treatment. Anyways, this is an argon oil treatment for the hair which is very nourishing for it. I have used Argon oil products by Suave Professional and Marc Anthony and good to have another one by another brand. I heard this is kind of pricey for the oil itself, there is always the code on the bottle or Ipsy’s offers page, but you can always go for Marc Anthony’s products which work the same. I did try it out and it feels like my dry oil spray with the argon oil in it.

Thoughts: Wishing I had my BoxyCharm this month but the products in Ipsy were very well rounded and well chosen for my bag this month. I love the brush design by Crown which is very genious, especially for any beginners or makeup artists that want that nice grip in putting on product on clients or themselves. I am happy to get the Tart Lip Surgence since they are pretty pricey and it does give an idea with the deluxe size of what you are getting from the full size. The highlight trio from City Color does help me explore more even though I am a huge fan of their brand already due to what I bought from them in the past and what I got in Ipsy. If you haven’t tried City Color you must and you will enjoy them. I would say get something small or at least a set to give you an idea. Then the nail polish from Idesse, sorry for the misspelling, I am excited about since it’s been a major while since I got a nail polish in the months. I am so trying this out toniught to see how it goes and will update you guys in the March and April Faves which that is next! And the Moroccan Oil, the brand needs a new name in my opinion but I get to try another brand’s argon oil products to give me ideas of how they make it with this oil. I am feeling that it does give my curls a bit of the oompf and don’t feel like they have to frizz up. I would say, since I hear that this brand is on the pricier side, go for the Marc Anthony brand of products because not only the argon oil dry spray works the same way as this treatment, you do have choices of other hair treatment oils like the coconut oil and macadamia oil. Not sure of Moroccan offers those but don’t mind getting other products if they have those oils and makes my hair healthier along with the Lush stuff I use on a regular basis.

Well, that is it for this bag! I am hoping I hear back from Boxy about doing PR reviews for them since I am still sad about not getting the box this month so far but when Vivi did tell me the other two products, one of them is by Blinc which is a bit meh and didn’t like that tubing mascara much, I am thinking I shouldn’t be so disappointed but wanted to try the other three items well four actually. Still, I will see what happens in the meantime and if I do get word and a thumbs up and have the April box I will post a separate post or even a video since I told them to pass the message about that since we are lacking in videos on our channel since conventions do come around certain times.

What is next? March and April Faves for this year. I do have a major convention fave for that and will mention it there! Stay tuned!

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