Why No False Lashes?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time for a bit of another beauty danger or controversy and well it deals with one thing I don’t wear and that’s fake lashes.

I know you’re wondering why I don’t wear them it’s because my lashes are already long and curly naturally which lashes are supposed to be used for.

What’s the problem with lashes? I know it seems harmless to wear them but lashes aren’t harmless actually and the truth behind these problems include:

Damage to Natural lashes: I bet you’re wondering, “What?” It’s true! Wearing these lashes you see in YouTube videos and in your local drugstore cause damage to your actual lashes. This causes damage to the natural follicles and can cause them to fall out and either permanently stop them from growing or doing it temporarily. Plus, experts say if you pull out the lashes it will cause the lashes to be pulled out with the fake ones due to the glue being used. So best thing is not to wear them all the time. I seen a few makeup gurus wear lashes everyday which can be a problem especially with older women where the lashes can be more vulnerable than younger users. I did see that it would be best to use them on special occasions like prom, or a dinner, or anything else but not everyday use.

Allergic reactions do happen: Like with dust and anything else, the glue and improper application of lashes can cause major irritation to the eye. Also, the glue can cause these reactions if someone sleeps with lashes on or it was removed improperly. The glue can cause redness and may also cause blindness, which is a major thing. Plus, permanent damage to the lashes would cause gaps would mean an expensive lash transplant is in order but not a lot of people can afford. So, if not wearing these all the time, you can have your lashes recover and grow back.

Plus, some glues contain either latex or formaldehyde, even its water based version formalin, which people are allergic to latex itself while formaldehyde is found in embalming fluids and disinfectants and is also a carcinogen which is mostly found in cigarettes. There are vegan made lash adhesives as an added note.

Hygiene risks with lashes: There is one thing that lashes aren’t considered of and that is they trap dirt and bacteria which can cause the eye area to be irritated. It’s time for basic anatomy where our actual lashes help us by protect our eyes from sweat, dust, and other foreign things that can get into the eye. A lot of people would go for higherend lashes like House of Lashes or some of the ones that appear in subscription boxes over the lower end ones, even though some YouTubers do get Kiss and Ardell lashes if they can’t get the higherend ones but it’s best to go for the higher quality or be like some people and don’t wear them.

What if I want to still wear them? Like the last bit of points, still go for more of the hypoallergenic and high quality lashes since they would carry less irritants but it would be best to stick with specialoccasions for these things since it would save your lashes in the longer run. Or do what a lot of people suggest on the net including me and that is sticking with mascara because there are a lot to choose from and easier to switch out after a certain amount of months. Plus there are many voluminizing mascaras out there and even some of them are doing “All In One” effects so that lashes can be curled and voluminizing with that nourishing feel on the lashes. There is one more thing about mascara is that whatever you do, DON’T MAKE THEM OUT OF OREOS! That’s the worst thing you can do than false lashes and extensions even.

Well, that is it for this quick little education on false lashes. I know they are popular and quick, also a major trend with celebrities but using mascara on its own doesn’t hurt. Heck, I even read that someone had a major struggle getting them on to try out for a week while doing my research and I can see another why I don’t like doing the falsies. Even there are times that they can pop off if you sneeze. Sorry to say girls, you’re better off with the mascara because it saves yourself from the pain and irritation.

What is next? Will be doing another Higherend versus dupes post but with quality. Til next time!

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