Movies: Captain America: Civil War

Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers! Also, this based on observation and opinion of the writer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a movie review! Yay!

Gondras and I went to see Captain America: Civil War yesterday and oh man…IT WAS AWESOME!

What’s It About? Based on the comics with the same name, Civil War takes place after the events of Age of Ultron and Ant Man from last year where Steve and his crew find out that he and the rest of the Avengers have to register or they will be accused as criminals because of them being seen as “dangerous” with what had happened in Zekovia and Steve Rogers is against it while Tony Stark is for it. As the choice to register, Steve also finds out that his best buddy, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, has been accused for an attack on the United Nations during a conference that took the life father of one of the many represnntatives. This causes many conflicts even between Tony and Steve which the Avengers split to take sides in order to prove who really did the attack in the end.

My Thoughts: This movie brings in a lot of favorites and new people to make the teams unique. One of them happened to be Black Panther who lost his father at the UN meeting and man he is awesome! By what Gondras could see, since I had audio description for this movie which theaters are offering nowadays,, is that the suit is made with the same material as Cap’s shield and does have the retractable claws like Wolverine, and of course really good fighting skills with all that on. With all the sound effects from the fighting, it is awesome to hear the fight scenes and how it was being described. I do like how Techala, the Black Panther, did know he had to take up the mantal of the Black Panther and know he had to get his answers for who really caused the UN attack.

Another bring in was of course Spider Man! Don’t worry, it’s not the one from Amazing Spider Man since Marvel is now able to use him again and there will be new movies to come after Dr. Strange with what we heard. Anyways, yes this movie brought in our webslinging hero and great thing is that they had him nerdy like they’re supposed to. Well, more like comic book nerd and did make a few Star Wars jokes but still when they had him in this film they pretty much had him bit at the rookie stage where he got his powers. I kind of like that better than seeing the more advanced and in his later years of age, more of the awkward freshman or sophomore in high school. Gondras did say the costume was more of the Sam Remey SpiderMan over what we’ve seen lately. Hoping with Marvel now backing Sony in doing the movies for Spidey will be better.

I do have to say that this movie didn’t have a tie in with Agents since the show is pretty much going a little way off from what it used to be. I did like how Winter Soldier and Agents were linked together with Hydra taking over but unfortunately due to issues between the shows and movies, there won’t be any tie ins, which is kind of sad due to how much material there is to link. Another thought is the ending of the movie, which I don’t want to spoil it for anyone unless you guys didn’t see any of the reviews already out there especially from Movie Bob and Bennet the Sage, plus if you read the comics, all I have to say it took a nice turn from the comics which is a nice thing and of course, can’t wait what will happen next with the Avengers in the next few years since we are having some of the other Marvel characters taking their movie spots which I can’t wait for Dr. Strange this November and there was a trailer for it.

Speaking of trailers, there was one for Suicide Squad. I am not sure if we will be seeing that due to what had happened with Superman v. Batman and how much of a disaster it was, even someone wrote an article on DC for Cracked about how this movie was re-shot due to how the DC movies were trying to become more dark than lighthearted but look what happened, it didn’t work. Gondras is kind of scared since it is the same team who did Batman v. Superman and of course they want to do many other movies of characters, including ones that aren’t really established and ones that already have good shows like the Flash. Then of course we have the next Independence Day movie and well…not sure yet since the trailer is good and it does take place 20 years after what had happened in the first and Earth has improved by using the tech that was left behind after the attack on the aliens. JAWS is having a remake don’t know why since knowing people who have seen the original may not see that and of course another Ninja Turtles enough said. And of course a Star Wars Rogue Squadron movie from what we saw, well more like a prequel to how the Death Star became to be.

Overall Thoughts: Definitely a really awesome movie! They did do the stuff right in this one, of course we did get the usual jokes especially SpiderMan having a lot due to his nerdy side and good to see Ant Man back and taking the fight on, especially when you get to see more of his power set in this movie! We do get Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Man and War Machine doing their awesome tag team like with Cap and Winter Soldier with their respective sides. I will definitely get this when it hits stores because you know me, I have to complete the Captain America trilogy with this and may be on my Christmas list if I can’t get it before then. Yes, we will be seeing Dr. Strange and see how Benedict Cumberbatch takes on a Marvel role!

Rating: 5 Pawprints out of 5!

That is it for this review! Can’t wait to see what Marvel will bring to the table this November and of course, next will be Ipsy and BoxyCharm! Yes! I reactivated BoxyCharm after waiting for an entire month of not having it! Trust me, I woke at close to 7 AM this past Tuesday to get it back and running after hearing MakeUp Geek is back in their box! Stay tuned!

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