TV: Agents of SHIELD Season 3

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today will be a double posting, so stay tuned for post number two a little later! First, I will be doing a review on Agents of SHIELD Season 3! This was the season where the show got weak and then weaker and stronger towards the end. Let’s see what I think! Also…

DSICLAIMER: This review is based on observation and opinion of the writer of this blog. Plus, spoilers ahead!

Story: This story starts off kind of where the second season left off which pretty much the Inhumans are now known especially to the world and now SHIELD has to find them and help them from a new threat to them which is killing them. Plus, they have to find Agent Simmons who vanished all thanks to the monolith that was taken into their possession from Jaying that sent her to a planet beyond our universe where a newer threat is causing harm to it and follows suit.

Thoughts: I think this season introduced so many things all at once as in finding more inhumans that were in contact with the terigan cyrstals to finding Jemma Simmons and of course…bringing back Grant Ward. I feel that they should’ve split some of the story into the many seasons since season two felt that it was missing something even though I didn’t review that one due to how I was missing episodes while in Daytona and had to catch up at once, they should’ve put some of the season three stuff in season two or at least hold some of it til season four, which was kind of teased at the end of the season finale, which I won’t spoil that so you guys can catch it on your own through Hulu or NetFlix. Or put some of Season Three for Season Four, which I feel like that should’ve been the end of season three right after Bobbi and Hunter left, that could’ve been a great season end right there! Nope, Marvel had to extend it.

I can see how this season was pretty weak, the last two seasons had pretty good ideas and good villains but…they were killed too early which annoyed Gondras and pretty much this season kept him talking. My observation was that they introduced too many characters at once and would’ve been better if they didn’t bring Grant Ward back since it looked like he was killed by the hand of Colson but nope! He had to be the Hive’s host body! Which by the way, the Hive is in this which in the comics it is a being that takes over a corpse and its thoughts and memories to control other humans and Inhumans, even kill people Inhuman or not! It gets nasty when you see the people get killed when the Hive shown up for its first time this season, so glad I couldn’t see it but Gondras described it. If I were to rewrite who the Hive took over, I would’ve kept Ward dead all thanks to Colson and on the planet where Simmons was on, there was another guy there that was an experiment all thanks to Hydra and ended up being the host and when they got back to said planet after saving her, Fitz finds the guy and what if he didn’t know that he was the host and they bring him back and then the Hive starts showing in the guy as a surprise invasion on SHIELD. Should I do this for Fan

Anyways, what also made us sad is how Bobbi and Hunter left and not getting their spin-off that was supposed to happen. They were great, especially during season two when they first appeared on the show and got stronger through the finale of Season Two and then their relationship also grew during that time, heck even Hunter wanted her not to be in the field after what had happened to her leg. That would be great to see the spin-off to see what happened during the time of the Accords for Civil War which yes there was a tie in for that, and to what happened in between the Hive fight and the six months afterwards, which the ending did show what happened after that time. Marvel, I know there are issues on the staff, make it a NetFlix series at least because these two characters need these characters to keep existing!

What was the weakest part of the story, was of course “Fallen Agent.” This is where Daisy gets controlled by Hive and the others have to try to get her back. This got Gondras go off in major tangents because he doesn’t like mind control stories. I can see why this story wasn’t as great since it felt like her resistance against it was that great due to her past with Ward, if you seen the past two seasons, you can see that they were kind of starting something but there was one episode when he got with May in season one. Ward is a boring character if you can tell, he’s better off being written off but still, they had to keep him. At first Daisy, to me, was a strong character when the series first started until she found out about her powers and how she went through the struggles of controlling them and wore the guantlets to keep them controlled during the start of the season. She was awesome until this arc at the end, during the story she gets visions of people on the team dying and she thinks its her destiny to be the one dying. Since the story took on this idea, it felt like became weak and weaker until she said she wanted to come back to Hive’s side. She has become a bit pathetic from what I seen in the finale episode, hoping season four makes her stronger than what she has turned into with Hive’s organisms inside her. I did like how she got surprised by Lash showing up!

Another character that has shown the stronger side, or characters, are Colson and May! First May, she seemed to have a major and stronger backbone throughout this season! She pretty much turned into Mulan but with more balls since she had to keep Daisy in line, Lincoln in line, and even Colson after he had his arm replaced so many times! Hell, when she found out what had happened to Andrew turning into Lash, she pretty much kept going despite seeing what he had become. I would say she is the most badass character on that show, well along with Mac but she kept everyone going! While Colson, oh man! Where do I start? Let me say that since he lost his arm, he has become more badass as well. He even crushed Ward’s chest with it and even in the newest one, he had a touch screen on it! Yes, he gets more points in my book due to how he didn’t let things keep failing, he had plan after plan after plan to find ways of fixing things! Heck, even used everyone on missions to work with each other despite how much they messed up. He even pulled a Stars Wars trick to keep him alive. I am hoping, Gondras as well, that they finally recognize that he’s alive!

Closest Call: Definitely almost killing Fitz and Simmons! As we know at the end of last season, they were supposed to have a date until the monolith got Simmons. This season also made them stronger but almost had life and death moments, especially Fitz at the end, we were worried that he would be the one dead. When he was alive, we were like, “That was close!” And yes, they finally had their romantic moment! Trust me, we were having an Abridged Tristan Taylor moment until it happened! Hoping nothing else happens to them both despite being able to be in the field on missions.

Hopes for Season 4: Since there is going to be a fourth season, I am hoping the story gains strength again since this was the weakest season! As in, lessen the characters to just our main team, even the addition of few more Inhumans but spread out the meetups because it felt a little congested towards the end. And of course, more Talbot, seeing more of Fitz’s and Simmons’ relationship develop more and of course…try to make Daisy stronger like she was before. Hoping the fourth season becomes better than this! Plus, Colson showing up in the movies again to say “Hey, I am alive and back!”

Rating: 2.5 Pawprints out of 5! I would put a three but the season as a whole was still weak and hoping next season doesn’t follow the pattern.

That is it! Stay tuned for the next post!

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