Doesn’t Sound the Same: Simple Plan

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Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what’s back? It’s time for another “Doesn’t Sound the Same!” I bet you’re wondering if I’m doing it on Panic At the Disco like in the last post said, nope! Why? Because a band came back into the music scene and man they REALLY don’t sound the same! I will come back to Panic at the Disco which until then, I will be covering the band that came back!

Band: Simple Plan
Place of Music Origin: Canada

Welcome back to “Doesn’t Sound the Same” where we see bands go through their music timeline based on albums! Today we will be looking at the band Simple Plan. Ohhh Simple Plan I miss thee and as said before, they did come back but with a new song and it’s called “Singin’ In the Rain.” I didn’t know they came back until Gondras told me last night and man it made us laugh like crazy, especially him since he heard it on the radio station first on the way home.

The Original Sound: If you haven’t heard of these guys, they came from Canada back in the early 2000s and the first album we saw from these guys was called No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. Yes, that’s the album title and I did crack up the first time I heard of it and their music back then was more of alternative with an emo twist. Their first single for us in the US was of course “Addicted” and listening to it did bring me back to ye old high school days even when they performed the Class of 2004 Disney Grad Nite in 2004, which was awesome by the way! Of course the song was about being addicted to the one you love. They did have other singles from that album including “Perfect,” “I’m Just a Kid,” and one of my most fave tracks, “I Do Anything.” They did keep the emo rock going with their next album Still Not Getting Any which featured “Welcome to My Life” which is pretty much almost everyone’s song at that age after high school, which this album did release that fall after I graduated.

Where the Sound Changed: When the sound changed from their emo sound, heck even their most emo sounding song didn’t have a title, changed to more of a pop sound by the sel-fitled album that was released around 2006 which I didn’t know they released it then until finding it on the FYE website. I did pick it up and it felt as though they did still have the sound I used to remember but you hear a distinction in how they changed, if you listen to the riffs in “Your Love is a Lie” it kind of takes on a pop sounding chord and how Pierre sings it feels like an R&B song. Even the first single off this album known as “When I’m Gone” took the more poppish sound and felt like, “This is not them!” No wonder they didn’t perform much off of the self-titled album when they were performing at Red Hot and Boom in 2009 here (for anyone who hasn’t been to Orlando in July, it is a free outdoor concert that a local radio station holds the day before Independence Day with a fireworks show and a lot of bands during the day) and just performed off the first two albums. I did see they released a fourth album but never got it and it was around in 2010.

What is the sound now? Oh jeez! When Gondras told me about this song last night, I went immediately to YouTube to listen to it. “Singin’ in the Rain” turned them ainto and it sounds like “Fly” by Sugar Ray. I am not bashing on Sugar Ray, I am a big fan of that band but Simple Plan is not them. This song cracked Gondras up to no end and I did crack up a bit because it is not the same sound I used to know coming from them. I will put this video along with one of their older videos so you can compare what I’m talking about. I did find an earlier song they did with Sean Paul on YouTube known as “Summer Paradise” which I have a feeling that came on the album I didn’t get before this newer one that is out or about to be released known as Taking One for the Team.

Do They Sound the Same? NO! No they don’t! They changed and it wasn’t for the better either because when I hear Simple Plan I always recognized them for “Addicted,” “Welcome to My Life,” and of course, “Perfect!” Not “Your Love is a Lie” and this newer one either. It’s like seeing how Jimmy Eat World would turn into a pop band when we know them for “Middle” and “Sweetness,” which I remembered they kept their sound very well even when they shown up to perform on One Tree Hill. Sorry to say guys, I prefer the old Simple Plan over this new one and wasn’t kidding that they did perform more off their first two albums during Red Hot and Boom either, I was there for that performance and the only song they did that night off of the self-titled was “Your Love Is a Lie.” Anyways, Enjoy the funny of their reggae sound!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I will try to get around to doing the Panic At the Disco “Doesn’t Sound the Same” post sometime soon. Also, will be going to Daytona for a month for a pre-employment program but will be posting as much as I can like I did the last time. I will see if my parents will bring my Ipsy and BoxyCharm to me as well whenever they get delivered next month.

I did decide to research in the whole why clean off your makeup because I did like how Patrick Starr talked about it in his makeup cleansing video and thought it would be an interesting topic for some of the cosmetic controversies I’ve been doing here. Stay tuned!

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