Cosmetic Controversy: Sleeping With MakeUp

Hello SHiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another Cosmetic Controversy that deals with something that may be harmless to some but really harmful underneath the surface. I will get into it after this!

It’s Omni Expo weekend and I get up the first morning at 6 :00 and go to shower, do my skin care routine of using the Stridex pads to reduce any acne bumps as time goes on and my Clean & Clear Cleansing Toner. I prepare my hair to be put in my wig cap with my snap baretts and bring out my travel train case that contains my everyday makeup and the makeup I brought with me to use with my cosplays and this day I was wearing my water trainer outfit and brought out my Pacifica Solar Pallet to do my shadow, even highlighted my tear ducts with Mermaid by NYX and of course put on my fave Miss Manga mascara to make myself look like I was in Pokemon. Then added the face makeup including the blush and highlight from this pallet. Gondras wakes up and he gets ready by wearing regular clothing. We go for our first day and get video and pictures, even go through the dealer room, panels, etc. Then come back and I clean off my makeup, use my Stridex pads and toner and head off to sleepy land. Day two is my ice trainer outfit which I used the Rob Scheppy pallet with my Hikari silver liner, Miss Manga mascara, switched the blush to the Up and Up Rose blush and Mosaic Highlighter from NYX and wearing RImmel’s Kiss Fatale. Go for our day of interviews, getting my Pokemon cookies from Mr. Japanese Snacks, and more panels including a late night one or two. Come back and clean my makeup! Then final day, just doing the cat ears and tail with my Harley Quin goggles, which I switched my makeup to the Ascent to Glimmer shadow from Mac, blue liner, Cat Eyes mascara from Maybelline, and Living Doll blush from Hard Candy. Go through the final day of last minute shopping, meeting new people, even ended the night at Denny’s and was dropped off at home. I still cleaned off my makeup at the end.

I bet you’re wondering, “What’s this all about?” The common theme is that I cleaned off my makeup despite the three days of going to a convention to see panels, interview guests, and even having dinner throughout those days before I headed off to bed. I guess you’re realizing the topic I’m doing is about sleeping with makeup on.

I know the question is, “Isn’t harmless to sleep with it on?” Yes it is because we don’t know the harm we’re doing to it. I admit I have napped in the past with eye shadow on but nowadays with knowing how sensitive my skin is I do be careful and take it off even for an hour nap to a good night’s sleep or less sleep during a convention weekend.

What is the harm? There are many articles that I have read to get the info and I did see one article that E had done called “You’re Doing It Wrong: Sleeping With Your MakeUp.” Which you can find it here:

I felt as though E was cheering on that you should do it and there is also a video of some girl who studied cosmetology talking about how she sleeps with her powder and other things on her face which I will get to what sleeping with all that can do in a moment, even her fans support her. I do find it funny that studying cosmetology wouldn’t teach you something like this but teach you how to become a pro-makeup artist by being your own boss and teach the harms of sleeping with makeup.

I guess you’re wondering when am I going into detail? Which is now! So pretty much is that the stuff that can happen to your skin with sleeping with your face on is that it causes your lashes to become brittle, also can give you eye infections like conjectivitis which is commonly referred to as pink eye, and your skin dries out and can make your skin premature, give you large pores, and bad acne due to not breathing. I know “GASP!” right? It doesn’t seem like it’s true but I do have an experience that Vivi let me tell that she had and it was when she was here in Orlando at Universal with her husband Tobi, she got really sick and had to be taken back to their hotel and she fell asleep with her makeup on and the next morning she had a bad eye infection from it and couldn’t wear anything on her eyes for a few days during the rest of her spring break.

Another good example is that someone had tried the sleeping with makeup on for the Daily Mail and she didn’t just did it for a few days, she took it to the extreme by doing for an entire month! As in, giving up her cleansing, which is important to do especially after a long day of wearing makeup, and reapplied layers over layers of foundation to keep going and even put more mascara on every day. During that experiment, her effects were a lot worse because it not only aged her an entire decade, especially the entire left side of her face since she sleeps on her left side due to how people change sleeping positions or stay in one, since the skin didn’t breathe enough on the left side due to the pillow making the barrier to keep air from going in. Not only that, she developed white cysts that caused her lashes to have dandruff by the looks of it from the mascara she wore every night and how it kept moving, which mascara does move depending on which one you wear and how the formula reacts to lashes etc. Which if you wore mascara and/or lashes while sleeping they can become very brittle and damaged. And of course, her lips were more parched than ever due to the lipstick she wore and it dries lips very often if slept with it on.

So, in the end, pretty much you’re blocking your skin in this process because like our organs, our epidermis which is the skin layer we take care of is alive and it needs to rejuvenate after taking off our foundation, powder, and so many other products. Plus, if you remember my “No Lashes” post, our eyes are very sensitive and do become red and the liner and mascara seeps in while sleeping. Even Seventeen Magazine mentioned this in an issue many years ago about the worst beauty habits you can do as a nice warning.

What Should You Do? Like always if you come home and do the stuff you do such as cooking, laundry and other things after school or work, make sure you clean off your makeup at night. What I sometimes do, even if it’s in the middle of the day after a job interview, I tend to take off my makeup right away once I switched out of my clothes into my seats and shirt. It will give your skin better breathing room from what I have experienced from that. Also follow up with your skin care regimen with cleansers, toners, and like what I use, Stridex pads since makeup does give some acne depending on what you’re using even if it needs to get used to a certain new product. If it’s hard to break from the habit, keep makeup wipes near whatever bed you’re sleeping in, ehtether it’s your own or in a hotel during a convention or business trip, this would help you get back into habit of cleaning your face off before sleeping. I don’t think the cleaning staff at the hotels appreciate their guests staining the pillow cases with your Marc Jacobs mascara and Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer.

Also, another good thing is, make sure to have antibiotic eye drops handy because as said above your eyes would be irritated if you go to sleep with makeup on. Also, the same with lashes being on. It’s not fun having eye infections especially with allergies and went through this during Omni Expo where my eyes were red when I had my allergy attack this year. These eye drops can save you a lot from irritation from dust and mascara.

That is it for this post! Like a lot of makeup gurus say on YouTube makeup is always washed off at the end of the day even if you’re exhausted to all. Just make sure that you don’t even nap with it on because it will save your skin ten years!

What is next? Well, Fox Warrior was nice enough to offer a review of MegaCon for us and of course pics that he has taken. So stay tuned!

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