Ipsy and BoxyCharm: June 2016

Hello from Daytona Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not posting but I have been busy here in Daytona Beach like I had when I was here the last time. I am doing a pre-employment program since it’s hard finding a job with my blind cane. I know you all love all my press coverage but I am trying to become a teacher. Anyways, guess what I got!? I got my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for this month! I had Daddy Blue Cat drop them off today along with another brush set I picked up on Amazon, I know I am an addict. This post would’ve been up Sunday night but my parents didn’t bring them with them when they visited for Father’s Day. Now I have them! Want to see what I got?

Ipsy: This month’s theme is Rebel Rebel which is a theme that is based on the rocker and rebel inside us! I love that idea since some of the shadows are different. The bag is a graffiti themed artwork and nice to have a bag different in the art but it has the zipper not at top which sucks. I traded in points for a brush cleaning solid which is something I never tried and when I saw it was for 250 points I decided why not? Plus, it’s full size when you rarely get anything full size as a prize for points. Will be washing my brushes with this!

Juice Beauty Phido Lip Tint in Zuma: First up is a lip product and it’s from Juice Beauty! I remembered getting a set of four lip glosses by this brand on the Offers page and apparently this is a newer product of their’s which is a lip crayon in a cherry red color. This brand makes their products with really good ingredients and I know from smelling their lip glosses I got and I feel like drinking them. This is made with eggplant, daisy, maringa, and rose. I did try it on and feels like nothing’s there since it supposed to be lightweight and the claims are true about it! I will be using this! If anyone wants to know, apparently you can get this brand through Ulta.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow: Finally another Urban Decay product after sooooooooo long! I got the lip gloss sampler and pencil duo last April if I remembered and I found the lip gloss mmmmkay but the pencil was better. This is a shadow as a celebration for their twentieth birthday so that means they have been around since 1996, damn! This is a duo chrome shadow but not sure what color I got which you can get either in Lounge which is a grey that changes into a red or green while Fireball is red or peach. I don’t care which one I got since I love the idea of peachy shadows and starting to branch into them all thanks to having Mai Thai by MakeUp Geek and the Vera Mona shadow from earlier this year. If you guys didn’t get Urban Decay then you would’ve gotten the Meet Matte-rimony shadow. I didn’t mind getting the Balm but was happier for Urban Decay since I love their stuff since I have three of the Naked series palelts which are both Basics and Smokey pallets, Ammo, and Smoked pallets. Good thing is that you can put the small pan into a Z pallet, which I wished it was full size but hey, better to have a sample to try out.

Boo-Boo Cover Up Baby Size: This is an item that I was surprised to get this in my bag since I never got t…wait a sec, I did get an under eye concealer and that was from Tart except gave it to my mom. I found out that this is covering acne spots and even under eye circles which I have a few tiny pimples on my forehead since I have worn makeup and my skin flared up on my cheeks and died down except my forehead. Well, that is where pimples tend to appear the most and good to have this to help and hoping the reduction in acne works. Hoping I don’t break out more.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray: Yay! Another Marc Anthony product! I tried this brand and love it to death! I use the Argon oil dry spray and the Coconut Oil treatment along with the Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner which is about to run out. Hey, I still have the Macadamia treatment to use since I got the trio from Ipsy, which I recommend to get any of the hair product sets they sell on the Ipsy website! It is worth the price, if not, Walgreens and Ulta sells the products! Anyways, I got the Dream Beach Waves spray this time and was excited since I never tried a beach wave spray since my hair is sooooo curly! I did spray it on after my exercise class (they offer it here at the dorm I’m in) and my hair feels wavy! This stuff is amazing and good to have! I did give my mom the blow dry treatment cream but didn’t ask her if she has used it. Ohhh I am sooo using this especially when the heat is extreme some days and of course we have the beach breeze.

Julie G Tropical Matte Nail Polish: Thank you Ipsy for giving me another nail polish and a chance to do it again. Yes, I have had bad luck with Formula X and especially bad or shall I say worse luck with Idesse NY, which that was the worst one ever! Trust me, Gondras helped me review that polish and typed word for word how bad the Idesse nail polish was. Anyways, I never tried Julie G polishes because…. We don’t have Rite Aids anywhere in Florida. Yes! ANYWHERE! There was one I heard that was in Tampa or somewhere else but it closed for good. I was sad to not get any of these polishes when they were in the bag and passed them up on any of the Offers page since I have soooooo many polishes until I got it on my bag! It is apparently a newer shade which is a sultry turquoise blue shade that dries matte. I’m digging it since it is my first polish from this brand and haven’t gotten any teal-like colors in a while since I have been on a nail polish no-buy since I got the fall colors from Wet N Wild.I have to wear this!

BoxyCharm: Next is BoxyCharm! This month’s theme is Girls Want to Have Sun and it fits with June since we are in summer and we do tan a lot or glow. This month has five items unlike some months having six. I wish they just send us six every month because it’s fun seeing what else Boxy brings! I am really excited about this box!

Ofra Oil Control Powder: Yay! Another Ofra item! It seems like Boxy and Ofra are pretty much hand in hand in giving items out every month because almost every box I’ve been getting things by them and loving it! I enjoyed the liquid lipstick from December since I didn’t get April’s box and the banana powder, the liquid highlighter, and of course an eyeliner from them. This is basically an oil control powder which is interesting. I know I don’t have any oil problems but it is good to try as a setting powder and I do get slightly oily around my nostrils. I know a bit gross but hey to see how it goes.

LVX Nail Polish in Serene: Next is a nail polish by LVX. I have tried this brand before and love them! I think the last polish I got by them was in October or was it May but still, a nice little change in the makeup department! A lot of Charmers have gotten this color and it is a blue with a hint of grey while others say it’s more of a lavender. I believe the blue part. There was supposed to be another blue shade in Navy Light but so far in people’s videos I seen that they got Serene. Hey Vivi, did you get this shade too?

PharmacyCoconut Gel Sheet Masks: I am not happy about this but at the same time I did give it away and that is a set of sheet masks from Pharmacy. You know how I tried that one sheet mask from February and how slimey it felt and how it made my skin itchy, so I decided why not see if someone in the dorm would take it? Good news is that they do spa days sometimes here and they will put my masks to good use. I know they are supposed to be calming but with my sensitive skin, I am saying no due to my skin being itchy last time.

Cougar BHighlighter in Diamond: Next is a highlighter! I feel that Boxy has been hitting it on highlighters since they have the Ofra ones along with the pencil highlighters and even the Jelly Pong Pong one. This one is a powdery one with a sifter. I can’t wait to try this out since I love to try new highlighters!

Girlactic Eye Liner Pen: Last item is the Girlactic eye liner and black! I hear that Young Wild and Polished talks about this brand on her channel with a lot of makeup products she has gotten by them and never thought I would start trying them out in BoxyCharm. Good to try newer brands this way, especially with ones I only heard of on YouTube. Good thing it’s a felt tip and precise. I can’t wait to use this since I sometimes prefer using pen liners and of course do use them for the fine lines Itachi has.

That is it for this month’s subscriptions! I am so happy to get Urban Decay again in my Ipsy since it has been so long since I got them. I finally get to try out Julie G’s products and a new one at that! I am so happy to try out Girlactic for the first time too since I love trying new brands. As said to every person who complains on Ipsy that it is good to try something new. If you guys want to subscribe to either, remember that you should subscribe with an open mind!

Well that is it for this month’s Ipsy and Boxy! I can’t wait what July has in store and next post will be my May and June faves for this year! Stay tuned!

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