Favorites: May and June 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Iam still in Daytona at the moment if you’re wondering but will be back next Friday since there will be a show at the House of Blues with Soul Switch, Mecahism, and Mr. Bella. So, won’t be missing that! Well, it is that time again and it’s favorites time!Let’s see what I have and will start with Not-So-Faves!


Shooting at Pulse and Plaza Theater: Yes, I have to start with this because as you know that two weekends ago Orlando was rocked by two shootings one night after the other. The first one was of a singer at the Plaza Theater who started her career and was also a YouTuber and was on the Voice. If you guys haven’t heard about this, the story is that a deranged fan shot her in the head and her brother tackled and the guy killed himself as he was tackled by the brother. The girl did die in the hospital later on. It does hurt to hear about this but the other shooting in Pulse was way worse! How so? Well, it is the worst shooting in decades and worst hate crime of all because Pulse is a club for LGBT to party. So, over 50 people were killed in this shooting including the guy who caused this. It is sad to hear about this going on and same with it happening within two nights and of course could have been prevented. How so? Well, for one thing Plaza Theater should’ve searched the guy since anyone can bring anything into a place like that and I even remembered not being searched when I went to a show there many years back. While the Pulse shooter could have been tackled to the ground instead of being let back in which according to the story the cop was going to search for him since he was acting a bit off. To end the somber subject, if anyone notices things are a bit off with people you care about or even a neighbor please tell someone about it because things can be prevented and lives would be still here today. I did send my heart out on Twitter but will do this again on here and that is my heart goes to all the families who lost loved ones at Pulse and Christina Grimmy’s (Sorry if I mess it up) family as well since she died so young and hoping things like this never happen again. I heard about hate crimes but this really shook up a major community especially the LGBTQ community since we are all human and we want to have a great time Saturday nights whether who or what you are.

BooBoo Cover Up: Another not-so-fave has to go to the BoobBoo Cover Up because it is way too light! I did try it out and one of the dorm parents noticed that it didn’t blend into my foundation and knew that it wasn’t going to work out. I have to say is that Ipsy, if you ask for skin tones then match the right color. I know I put Light on my skin tone but it was the only option close to “Light Medium” I can get and I do use the lighter shade in the CoverGirl Invisible Lift for under my eyes but this shouldn’t be too light or should ention “Light Medium.”


Maybelline Master Prime Eye Primer: All thanks to the ELF eye primer being meeeehhhhhh I thought it would be good to try out something else. I have been trying to find the Wet N Wild one that Tati has been talking about and no one carries it in Casselberry unless no one is saying where they are getting it. Trust me, took a bit to figure out the Ombre blushes from WNW was carried in Target. Yeah, I know I can be silly but did get them in the end. I did try Maybelline’s version and love it! It has more to it and doesn’t run out in a week after getting it as the ELF one, which not sure if anyone notices that some products do run out too easily when you just get them and notice that the most in the ELF primer. Is everyone shortchanging their packaging with product? I noticed that with some samples in Ipsy and not sure if it is just me but I do notice the less product. Anyways, the primer to me feels easy to spread and apply. I tend to spread it on my lids with my fingers after dabbing it on with the brush applicator and my shadow tends to stay pretty well. Not bad Maybelline!

Glow 12 Brush Set: Next is a brush set that I ordered off of Amazon! I know you’re thinking that I tend to get brushes in my boxes and at Target with ELF but Amazon is an amazing amazing AMAZING places for brushes! You can get really good sets for cheap if you don’t want to spend so much on Artiste and Sigma. Trust me, I felt my jeans collection burn knowing about the Artiste brush sets were around $400 which I have to become a major best seller! Anyways, the set I got not too long ago was the one by Glow which I think is called Glow Cosemtics or just Glow and it is a twelve brush set that has your basics like liner, brow, blush, and so on and good thing is that they are in order! I do like the order of the eye brushes because they have the usual definer, crease, lid, and brow bone but the order goes from the bottom as crease, brow bone, definer, and lid. There are nose contour brushes but I do use them for concealing my face and under eye. If you want to check this set out, here is the link to that listing:


Heads up, this set does get sent by Royal Post which takes almost a month. But it does cost pretty low which is $4.99 for the set right now.

Brush Protectors from Bundle Monster: Next is dealing with brush washing again! As you know I love my brushes and do keep them clean and when I saw this one thing Ipsy was offering I decided to find a cheaper alternative that wouldn’t take up too much space and they are brush protecters! I didn’t know they existed until I saw that Ipsy offered a brush protecting stand that has you dry your brushes upside down and was going to cost $15. I decided to see if it worked well and noticed a lot of people didn’t buy it but bought brush protectors that are like mesh sleeves that you put on your brushes after washing them and they keep them in shape while drying. I got a deal for 90 protectors for a cheap price from Bundle Monster on Amazon! These work really awesome because they keep my brushes in tact very well! I do stay in shape while drying. I may have to get more of these but they look like they stay in shape with how well they are made! You guys should try these out and they do have a lot of deals on Amazon as well by other sellers, if you see the ones by Bundle Monster then get them if not, do look at the others!

Star Lux Pen liner: Next is a pen eyeliner which I got in BoxyCharm. One good thing about getting makeup subscriptions is getting eyeliners especially when they are by brands you have tried before. I have been into Star Lux since I got an eyeliner pencil with glitter in it. This pen is in black and very nice. Normally people love to do wings but I don’t do it, I just line and that’s good for me! It stays put all day and smooth to glide on! I did get another liner pen but by Girlactic which I can’t wait to use!

MakeUp Geek Blush in XoXO: Next is something by MakeUp Geek! When I found out that this brand was back in BoxyCharm, I reactivated my account and glad to get it since I did enjoy the eye shadows that I got back in March. They gave a lot of shades to Charmers and I got XOXO which seemed to be the one that most people got. This is described to be a watermelon pink and that makes sense for a color description. One thing is that these are pigmented and need to go in lightly since you can look clownish if you go heavy. I may have to get more shades since I saw Marlena’s video on these and they happen to be reformulated and she kept some of the original shades in. I may have to take a look at more of these!

Well, that is it for this post! I don’t have much this month since I had to wait to get some more business casual clothes and refill one of my interview makeup pallets which is the Naked Basics t. (I made some dents, major ones when I went to interviews!) Plus, had to dress business casual as well which was a good simulation if you have a job. Sorry about that! May have more next bi-monthly faves!

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