Beauty Review: Tart Swamp Queen Pallet (Collab with Bunny AKA Grav3yard Girl)

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for a review and this time it’s a makeup one! It’s been a while since I done a makeup review even on the YouTube Channel which that may change in the future. What is this review on? It’s on the new Tart X Bunny aka Grav3yard Girl collab pallet!

Who is Bunny? Well, if you have been reading a lot of my posts, I have mentioned her in a lot of my posts and she is a YouTube personality and her user name is Grav3yard Girl and she does introduce herself as Bunny since it is her name. I got into her when I started watching Drugstore Hauls on YouTube and saw her one of her haul videos and started watching most of her videos and I do like some of the things she liked like ghost hauntings and rocker type stuff, I do like some tye dye items since I did use to wear tye dye back in high school. Anyways, she is very funny and quirky, which drew me to her and she did a lot of other things like try As Seen on TV items, haul videos, heck she does school supply giveaways every year when school starts up which you know families today are struggling to get their kids school supplies and that is amazing of her to do. Great thing about her she does give a positive ideal of being yourself and not anyone else.

The Pallet: The pallet is a project in the making with Tart since a lot of her fans, aka the Swamp Family, was having two fans posting on Instagram on a pallet should be made with Bunny and calls hit Tart like crazy about doing this and guess what happened later…we have it now! This pallet is a face and eye pallet which features nine shadows and a bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one! Sounds like something that should be taken on travel doesn’t it? Some people were hoping that the shades would fit her more gothic side or have a bfight, gator green but the shadows are more neutral and every day because there are people that want to do every day looks and every night looks and want to have something versatile in that area and I do like that about this pallet.

This pallet has that antique wood and gold look for her love for antiques and it does fit her since she shops at Uncommon Objects and it’s different from what I have such as the Naked Smoky pallet’s cloudy design to the camera looking box that the Smashbox Full Exposure and Mini Full Exposure pallets have. Let’s see what it is in this pallet:

Column One:

Sweet Tea: This is the bronzer shade which is a warm chocolate shade with some shimmer to it. I don’t wear bronzer but I do use it as an eye shadow and I did do a look, which I will describe it later, and used this on the outer corner of my eye or I can use it in my crease with some of the deeper brown shades in this pallet. It is very nice!
Does This Thing Really Work?: To answer that, yes it does because it is a very pigmented blush! It is a purple pink shade and very pigmented! I would say use a light hand as poissible with this because you may get a bit too much if you go nuts! That is why I want to say as well, everything is pigmented with the Amazonian clay formula that Tart is well-known for!
Gator Wings: You know you can’t be Bunny’s pallet without having a gator themed item in this and that is the highlighter called Gator Wings. This is a golden highlighter but it is more of an antique-type gold and man you can go crazy with this on your cheeks, your crease, even on your brows if you want to! Jeffree Star was excited to try this out when he did his video with this pallet. When you swipe your brush, you will get a major highlight!


Top Row:

#sfs: This shade is a rose gold shade which is really good for a nice highlight in the brow.
Natural Peaches: It’s a peachy nude shade, which I will talk about what I used in my look and will link to my Instagram below. I used this shade all over my lid as a base and I did say this is very pigmented shadows for my first time trying out eye shadows by Tart. I know it sounds weird for someone who has used other higherend brands but the only thing I did try by Tart are the lip crayons all thanks to Ipsy and BoxyCharm. I rarely use peach shades until now which is a new thing for me and this pallet did make me step out of the comfort zone with this shade!
Dogman: This shade was named after her boyfriend, which I did forget to mention the last two shades that the first shade was named after the Swamp Family idea and the last shade was named after her group of buddies, the Natural Peaches. This one is of course named after Dogman and it is a Burnt Sienna color/orange and I did use this in my crease to pop it out a bit and did say I never use peach color but this one was a new thing to use since it is in the orange range of color with a hint of brown.

Center Row:

Big Baby: It’s a cream shade and it was named for the baby dolls she collects and you tend to cactch them in her video. I can’t see the dolls due to being blind. I wonder if she knows that she has a blind swamp family member? Hmmmm!
Sassy Buns: This is a coppery peach color which is named after the hair buns she wears! As in, the buns she put her hair up in. I used this along my brow bone since it was a nice highlight to it.
Sippy Sippy: This is a shimmery brown shade that I used to define my lid area and it went well with the peachy and sienna shades since I wanted to do a peachy neutral look. Bunny did say in her video that people weren’t getting her asthetic as much and were expecting more smoky and bolder shadows over neutrals but she was thinking of the different ages when she picked the colors. I love my neutrals and loved what I came out with this shade, Sassy Buns, Dogman, and Natural Peaches.
Bottom Row:

Haunting: This is a lavender color which would be nice to combine with #sfs which maybe I should do a look with these two shades. Reason being is that she loves a lot of paranormal stuff and telling ghost stories. I did remember how she mentioned she loved the series Paranormal Witness which I did like that show until I noticed some bad dreams I’ve been having and had to stop watching.
Uncommon: This is a purple slate color which is very awesome to include! This was named after that store she loves to shop, Uncommon Objects and she did say she loves having antiques.
Mancat: Deep plum shade! This was named after her old cat Mancat and he was a black cat but she wanted the shade to be more plummy since a lot of pallets have black in it already. I agree with that since I did recently get the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collab pallet when it was discounted and that had a black shadow in that along with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky, the Smoked pallet, I believe the Coastal Sense Revealed pallets have black shadows too, this was a nice change from that and it makes it very unique and happy to have! I may have to use this shadow at some point!

Thoughts on the Pallet: This pallet was worth it! I can see why it sold out at Ulta and Tart and if you are wondering… I got mine from Sephora which is a surprise to see that it was still in stock there! I was worried thatmy check wasn’t going to come in time plus the pallet would sell out but I was in luck and got my paws on it. As said above, I never got to try Tart’s eye shadows before only the Lip Surgence lip crayons and see why so many people love the eye shadows! They are very pigmented and very easy to blend, even blending the bronzer into my shadow look was very well done. I did mention this is the Amazonian Clay formula for everything in this pallet. She did say to lay an eye primer which I used my Smashbox Photo Finish primer and it popped! There was a warning when it came to Sippy Sippy to be a bit chunky and having fall out but I didn’t experience that at all while applying my shadow, I think I was using the brush that was included to do the defining portion of my eyes and didn’t give me much a problem. I did see someone say that Mancat can also pose a fall out problem too which I have to see how that goes whenever I do that one. I did use my brown liner by Wet N Wild to line my eyes and I forgot what mascara I used but I did also use the blush and highlighter in this pallet and completed my look with Ruby Woo by Mac since she loves that lipstick and I did add it to my Mac purchase list and picked it up a few months back.

She did have two lip products in this collection which are Texas Toast, a greyish purple shade, and Seamp Family, a classic blue red. I didn’t gget any of these two and they were sold out, I think Swamp Family was sold out since that was popular. I did get a Sephora lip tint to pile on the free shipping for Sephora and did give me my first hundred point perk I will ever get!

Rating: Five Paw Prints Out of 5 Including a Shimmery Paw Print of Excellence! Why is that? Because I looked up to Bunny as someone that says “Be Yourself!” and that is true that we have to love ourselves and believe in ourselves and great thing is that she got to have a collab with Tart. So many YouTubers are having collabs such as Jacqulin Hill with Becca, Manny MUA with MakeUp Geek, and now Nicki Tutorials is having one with Too Faced and I am proud of Bunny like everyone else! I would say get this pallet if you haven’t before it is gone since it is limited edition and you will enjoy it.

Well that is it for this post! Oh, here is that pic of the look I made with the Swamp Queen Pallet:

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