Final BoxyCharm and Ipsy for the Moment

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Nyuuuu… I am a sad kitty today because not only I got my Ipsy and BoxyCharm for July but…but…but I had to unsubscribe from them both. Reason being… I have been using Daddy Blue Cat’s account for them both and was blamed for overdrafting with both. I am not sure how long it will take until I can get both again but I will be missing both of these, especially Ipsy! Not sure if you guys know but I did mention to my YouTUbe viewers that makeup has been my artistic medium since I went blind back in 2008 due to not being able to draw on paper ever since. I do admit I have tons and TONS of makeup and pallets to use and I have been putting dents in a lot, heck my Naked Basics 2 is about to hit pan and did get a new one. So, I will keep strong and hoping that things look up soon even on the job search since I did apply for jobs over in Daytona. I will update here and possibly YouTube since I want to post more there. Stay tuned and wish me luck on that. Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy: This month’s Ipsy, my very last Ipsy, is “”Hot Summer Nights” which makes sense for this theme because it is hot like crazy here in Florida! We even been having the normal storms every night but too hot for sneakers! Anyways, when Vivi saw the bag it felt like it was almost like the umbrella logo for Umbrella Corps. From Resident Evil. Did Wesker make a deal with Ipsy? What’s next? Pyramid Head will be on a bag? Just kidding, gotta love the pop culture references! What did I get in this last bag?

The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matterimony Eye Shadow: Well, I got the Balm Meet Matterimony eye shadow in Matte Kumar. This shadow was given out last month alongside the Urban Decay shadows and that was an either or and I think they had a ton left over and decided to cycle it in with this month’s bag which I am happy to try this out! I did ask Ipsy Care what I was getting at first since I didn’t know if my Glam Room would open due to my cancellation but it did and now they changed the layout where you can get a lot more tips and easier to get to your bag products. Anyways, this shade is a cranberry matte shade and I did see one Ipster’s video talking about how these colors fit more with fall and winter since they are darker but I like to wear these colors anytime of th year because it’s makeup you don’t always have to be with the seasons. Heck, I even seen vampy tutorials done during the summer! Still, good to try this shadow since it came from the newer Matte pallet I heard about called Meet Matte-rimony which is a cute name! I have two pallets by the Balm and they are really good shadows by the way and good to try this.
Delectible by Kate Beauty: Lemon Hand Cream: Next is a hand cream which I really need and it’s by Delectible by Kate Beauty and it’s their lemon one! Since Day One back in Daytona, I have had this weird thing with my hands where they went dry and had to use my body lotions to keep my hands from drying out due to an allergic reaction to the soap in the despensers in the bathrooms at the center and it worked and was happy to getmoney and went to Bath & Body Works for actual hand lotions! I still had a bit of an itch and one open sore which I didn’t have any cream that was antibiotic enriched since I also had to skip WalMart because of cleaning and packing. The hand lotions worked wonders despite being perfumey and my hands don’t itch as badly which is a good thing. So, when I found out about this one I was super happy since I haven’t gotten any lotions in my Ipsy bag for a while and good to have more hand cream! It is a very descent size for this since it looks like one of the small size tubes you can find for a low price at Lush or Bath & Body, so I do have it in my bag and did take a whiff and it smells like lemon bars! If I do re-subscribe to Ipsy, I am hoping to get more this brand because it smells so good so far!
Ofra Lip Liner: Next is an Ofra product! Yay! I have been getting Ofra more in Boxy but getting them here is also an awesome time because not only I started loving them but Ipsy was where I first got my first Ofra eye shadow pallet through their Offers page. I am so excited to have this since I seen the videos that shown some of the items this month and when they talked about this, I was excited and hoping for it and gues what? I did get the lip pencil! They came in two different colors, not sure which one I got but I am so excited to use this and needed another lip pencil anyways!
Trestik Mini Highlighter Crayon in Maldives Luminescent: Next is another Trestick item since I haven’t gotten anything from these guys in a while either! Wow, long time no see and this time I got a mini highlighter stick! First I got the shadow stick and the lip crayon a few months later and now get to try a highlightinig stick! I tend to like the powder highlighters but have been enjoying one highlighting stick from BOxy last year and good to try something new! I hope this will go well underneath blush!
Luxie Beauty Mini Rose Gold Angled Brush: Last item in this final bag is a brush by Luxie Beauty! There were a couple of brushes this month and they were from Versanti, this brand, and Sedona Lace and I was hoping for the Sedona Lace one since I heard good things about that brand but it is a bit pricey on its own but I did get Luxie again! I have been getting their brushes in both subscriptions and glad to get another eye brush and this one seems to be good for doing inner or outer corner detailing and I would probably use that for it if I decided to take it out of my brush container!

BoxyCharm: My final BoxyCharm…the theme is “Modern Mer-Babe” which makes sense with summer as well! This last box was the one that had awesome sneak peeks and sad to let this go too!

PYT Argon Oil: First is a hair product by PYT and it’s their Argon Oil treatment! This is $30 normally but I do have items I already use that is more than half the price and this is perfect right now because Gondras asked me to grow my hair out! Yep, he wants to see it a bit longer and this will help me out with that to prevent split ends. Awesome timing Boxy!
Mali Beauty Eye Brush: I am so excited about this because Mali Beauty appeared in this month’s box! I never tried this brand even though I can find it at Ulta but I do head for the NYX display the most! This month some charmers either got an eyeliner or a brush and I ended up with a brush since I have so many eyeliners as is! This is a very soft brush and perfect to blend the crease and outer corner. Perfect for this box!
Noya Beauty Lip Gloss in Malbek: This is a surprise since I haven’t gotten this brand for a long time and that is Noya Cosmetics. I remembered them being in Ipsy more and did get a mini lipstick from them and that was amazing! This time I have a full-size lip gloss and it is in the color Malbek. I wish they did other colors despite it being a pretty mauve color but any lip product I did get from Boxy was in different shades for the Charmers and this was nice to get and try out.
Ofra Cosmetics Magnetic Pallet Plus Shadows: Yay! Another product by Ofra and it I count it as a double item because we did get four products and people count it as just four but to me it’s five! This really got me excited because Ofra teamed up with Boxy to create a special magnetic pallet and put six eye shadows and they are six mattes and six shimmer shades in pans! The magnetic pallet itself is $59.00 and the shadow pans will run you $10 and that right there gives you a total of $119 total for these two alone! Holy crap! There is enough room to stick more shadows in this since you can put in your MakeUp Geek pans, the MAC shadow pans, and also depot your stuff and there you go, you have a new Z Pallet! I may have to start getting some MakeUp Geek and Mac pans for my other magnet pallet and this one in the near future! I do love the shadow chocies and can’t wait to use them!

Well guys, that is it for these two! I am happy and yet sad that I got these but my very last ones for the moment. I did try going for the PR request with Boxy because I don’t want to let this subscription go and will try again next month especially how they killed the box this month! I mean come on, you get six shadows and a Z Pallet in one? That was one thing that excited me the most about this month’s box! Plus, I was even happy to get a brush from Mali and Luxie, an Argon oil for my hair so I can grow it out, a hand cream to use since my hands have been suffering! And happiest to get one of the Ofra lip pencils and the Meet Matterimony shadows by the Balm! I hope to re-subscribe soon to both or at least Ipsy since I do love that subscription a lot and does let me try newer things and does keep me from going nuts at a drugstore or Ulta and now Sephora. Plus, these subscriptions did get me into some of my favorite brands such as Smashbox and Urban Decay and some other brands a bit more like NYX, City Colour, and Coastal Sense! So, this is hoping for the the future!

Well, that is it for now!

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