My Thoughts on the Jeffree Starr and Kat VOn D Drama

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time to get a little serious and it deals with two big makeup personalities in today’s world and that is Kat Von D and Jeffree Starr. Recently Kat has ended her friendship with Jeffree due to some drama and I have seen videos on both sides of the matter and will be giving you guys my thoughts!

Disclaimer: This post is based on opinion and observation from the writer! Please don’t bash if you don’t like!

What I think at first is that I was surprised when I first heard about it from my best buddy, Stellarnan. I did do my research and basically on some websites it was due to artwork being stolen, racist comments that Jeffree has made in the past, and drug use but I am really focusing on the real issue that was brought in both videos and that is artwork being stolen. I already know about the racist comments and what happens in the past is IN THE PAST! A lot of people have made these kinds of comments before and people do get offended but it is still happening and yes there are ways of stopping it but people do apologize and others do let it go. Next, drug use, Jeffree has stated that it s medical marijuana he uses and that is it and leaving at that.

Real Issue: Artwork Being Stolen. To me the real idea behind this was due to how Jeffree was stealing artwork and I have seen both sides of the story and how it was explained. So, basically, as Jeffree’s makeup brand was being developed he asked Kat for an artist she knows for any artwork they can do for the brand’s products and she introduced him to a close friend of her’s and he drew rough sketches but he turned them down due to how big of a price it was. According to her. He used the artwork without paying but he didn’t and went to someone who he knew a while back with his clothing line that was carried in Hot Topic for that logo design and used their’s instead of tKat’s artist friend. He did say in his video that he did send money to the artist friend and he didn’t know what was going on until now. It does sound complicated but I would say watch both videos to get both sides of the story…which I will say next…
After seeing both videos, I would have to conclude that this should have been done privately rather than in public.

I relate to Jeffree myself since I had it done to myself two years ago due to a Lolita dress maker that I talked about here on Word Press blasting me and her other client on a social media site, I am not sure which one but I saw the post that was sent to me by my best buddy ManChii. People did agree with her but didn’t hear my side of the story which I am having that done in my own book (you will get that full announcement in September) and I felt that not everyone got the full story and seeing these two videos between the two helped me think that two successful people brought something to public eye and to me I feel as though people should see both sides before saying, “I am supporting one over the other and stop ybuying or supporting their brand.”

Will I be supporting either or like most people? No I won’t. I haven’t gotten any of Jeffree’s products yet and only got one of Kat’s lipsticks and so far enjoying it but saying from consumer’s sides, I will still support their brands despite the drama. I mean, I am using as example, Kiley Genner’s line of liquid lipsticks and glosses went through a broken wand phase but have improved over time and still get support from everyone including Jeffree since he got one of those bad wands but gave the brand another chance on his channel. (Saw the video myself!)

Anyeays, I will support both! I am subscribed to both channels and I do enjoy watching new makeup being made, being released, and how people put it to use. Heck, I even make it interesting in my use of what I get. Who knows what will happen to them next since they have their own brands to develop as time goes on. We are humans in this world and people do make mistakes and do assume a lot, that makes a part of our makeup. So, that is it! See both videos and think as you will, but this is what I think.

See ya guys in the next post!
Well, that is my two cents on this issue and seeing both sides of the story does help draw what you may think and conclude.ything but it is important to get both sides of the story before drawing your own conclusions. I know there are a lot of videos made to bash on Jeffree about the racist comments and now knowing the artwork scandal.

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