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Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe and I am back! For I’ve been ill for the past few days and it was not fun especially when you know how your mom and faince feel with a kidney stone. Yes, Mari Blue Cat has gotten what Momma Blue Cat started having when she first had me around my age and coincidence, sort of since I am turning 31 in in the next two weeks. So, setting all that aside! Today I am bringing you my frist book review!

I did mention that I was part of a service called Net Gally and it is where I read books and review them and a part of that I can review them here since I did mark “Revierw” and did mention this blog!

Book: Patient H-Mby Luke Deitrect

One of my favorite subjects back in high school was science and mostly environmental science since I used to want to be a doctor way back when but then watched surgery videos and made me kind of woozy but I am able to handle reading about it in books and this book is called Patient HM.

This book takes a look into the history of brain surgery, seizures, and linking up to the famous patient known as HM which his actual name was Henry. He was seven when he was in a bike accident where he was ran into and hit his head and as time goes on he has seizures due to where he hit his head during the accident and you get to read about his life revolving around how the brain works with memory, how seizures are normally caused and everything.

What I did Like: I did like the history aspects of this book because I didn’t know about how the brain would be so affected by one simple bump to the head. I did remember reading one other book called, Relativity, which you meet a kid that had done something to him all thanks to his dad did when he was a baby. That book shown how one kid can be really smart with physics all thanks to his brain injury while with this book, on the other hand, I got to see how someone can go through everyday life suffering from seizures and living backwards while remembering what you have.

I also did find it interesting back in the early days of medicine that mental helath issues were solved through these procedures more than taking an anti-depressant which is what we have today.

To me, after reading this, I think this shouldbe used for medical science students as a required read for their classes at university or at grad school or even when they get their Ph. D. because of how interesting it is to learn more about this kind of subject, especially if someone has to do brain surgery on someone. Plus, psychologists can read this to since this looks into mental health and how someone goes through different symptoms and how the earlier practices dealt with it so they can have some background of what they are studying.

What Shocked Me the Most: I would say was how HM’s medical documents were destroyed towards the end of the book. Deitrect wanted to interview Henry for a while but kept on being turned down by the woman who was handling the studies for a while until his death and after the death, records were shredded or just tossed away and when Deitrect went to talk to some scientist about it, they said that was a shocker and I would agree that they shouldn’t have been shredded since that could be a very good link to someone who wants to write a thesis on a subject like this.

Final Thoughts: This book was a very entertaining read and a very informative one! I liked how the history behind medicine that we hardly hear about comes up like this and it’s good to know. As said above, this should be put on college reading lists since there are a lot of people studying to become neurosurgeons or even psychologists so it can help them know what happened in the past leading up to now.

When to Expect to Read? It’s funny when I say this but it’s my birthday, August 9th when the book will be published for you guys to to purchase. If you are interested, go for it!

That is it for this post! I will be having another book review soon since I have many books to read! What is next? I was going to do a different post based on a video but it will have to wait. Stay tuned buys!

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