Beauty: Highlighters That Don’t Break the Bank!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe and I’m back from being sick! I’m feeling better from my kidney stone which is a good thing!

Now that’s done, today I will be doing a post based on Tati’s latest WTF video which featured a really expensive highlighter that was close to a hundred bucks. Oh yeah! It is by Clay Du Pois (Sorry if I spell that wrong) And I thought I should do my own post on highlighters that don’t break the bank even though she has done ones for drugstore but mine is very different.

As a cosplayer, we don’t have the cash to spend on the really higherend brands like Marc Jacobs, Louis Voulton, even Hour Glass due to how we do conventions and the costs do pile up which it can include hotel costs, gas money, food, etc. Especially paying to put together your dream cosplay is part of that cost and one of those things is usually getting makeup if you need to make your female characters shine. I do use highlighters for my cosplays whether it’s in a pallet itself that I travel with like my Pacifica Solar pallet or on its own for some of the other stuff I do and here are some brands you should look for in the drugstore or your local Ulta.

Wet N Wild: Starting off the list is my fave drustore friend Wet N Wild! Lately they have been slaying the displays at Target, CVS, and Walgreens, I believe WalMart as well, with their own highlighters. This past year they have started off with highlighter pallets and the one I have is Cat Walk Pink which features bronze and pink highlighter strips. This can be worn one at a time or you can sweep across like a shimmer brick and give yourself a spectrum of highlight. They did release others that are in more golden tones which I yet picked up but there is a new one called Boojie Brunch according to Kathleen Lights which is compared to the Hollywood Boulevard from Furgy’s line. Speaking of which, Hollywood Boulvard is also another good highlight when you place it on your cheeks. This was around $3 from what I remembered and I heard this was limited edition along with the Rose Gold one I picked up to try something new but the girl that I know at my Walgreens said it’s not. I will have to check whenever I go back and see if they still have the last one but if you can’t find the Furgy highlighters you can just get the newest pallet that Wet N Wild put out.

Almost forgot! There are times when limited edition collections do carry highlighters and I have only picked up the spring collection’s highlighter in What Dreams Are Made Of. I tend to use this with my pastel goth look but have been using it lately. I did get this one since Tati did talk about the spring collection highlighters due to how pigmented and I agre with her! I haven’t gotten any of the summer ones since I was away in Daytona for a month. I will look into what the fall collection holds if there is one.

E. L. F.: Next up is our favorite low-priced brand that has been also stepping up with their products, E. L. F.! These guys have a lot of pallet quads to choose from for $6 each and you can pick between a contour one, a bronzer one, and a few others but they have an illuminating one which features four subtle highlights and these are seen as dupes to the Hour Glass ones since those are around $46 for the singles and $65 for the pallet which sounds painful to the bank. I would say go with this one since it is very travel friendly and I have used it with Lucy during Holiday Matsuri to have a subtle glow on my cheeks. Plus, you can remove these pans and switch out with other things from the many other quads if you want to have a blush in it to travel with. Another pallet that I do like from E. L. F. and trying to use more is the Shimmer pallet. Besides the baked highlighters, which are also good but they sell out VERY quickly on their website and overpriced on Amazon and don’t know why, there was another kind of highlighter that was just known as “Shimmer” and this little pallet comes with four liquid, gel-like highlighters that feels comfortable on the skin. They are pretty pigmented but don’t feel weird going on, I would say use the brush that comes with because if you use a bigger brush like I did you may hit pan too soon like I did with one. And finally, I have to point out the Shimmer Whips which are these little tubes they have of a gel consistency highlighter that also smells good. It is pretty sticky which I will warn you about that but blending in with the finger does work with it. There are different shades but the one that got Allure’s pick was the one in Pink Lemonade and I did order it and got it but had a bit of an order mix up which I got two ther ones, which I am not complaining after it happening due to being able to try these out. I would say the Shimmer Whips would be best during the summer conventions because makeup would melt off unless you stay in wherever the convention is held at, whether if it’s a hotel connected to the convention center like what we have with the Rosen Center and Hilton and the Ramada over in Tampa with their center or the hotel it’s at itself like the International Palms or Holiday Inn. These will stay put which I notice and I would say put them on before blush because you can blend them together more easily after putting it down first and then the blush.

NYX: Next up is NYX! This brand has been all over the stores such as Ulta, Target, and CVS! Now Orlando will be having a store in the Milennia Mall at the beginning of August which I am so happy about! Anyways, NYX has a lot of items that they have made such as my all time favorite Dream Catcher pallets to the Butter Glosses and they do have highlighters! I used to have a liquid one which is the High Beam one forgot…hold on…. or Liquid Illuminator and it was in Gleam. Even though it was so liquidy but it was very pigmented but I did have one of the more powdery ones in a mosaic color which I don’t know the exact name but did label it as “Mosaic.” I tend to use this one for my Pokemon Ice Trainer cosplay which you see me wear in a lot of my interviews! I want to get a few more of these but will wait another time. Another highlighting product I do suggest is their roll on Shimmer sticks! These are used for face and body but due to my body being not friendly with glitter, I do use these for the face. They have many colors to choose from like pink, purple, taupe, and so many others and they blend with blush amazingly. I used the one called Almond which is a copper one with my Blair cosplay last Halloween. What is also great about these, they don’t fall out all over the place like most glitters do. I would say get these if you want a nice quick glitter highlight. Don’t worry, I do know about the Strobe of Genious pallet, I will get that when I get my birthday coupon this year!

Colour Pop: Gotta give a shout out to Colour Pop Cosmetics! I wish they were available in stores but you can get them online and they don’t cost an arm and leg for their highlighters. I have one of their Christmas releases from last year called Electric Slide due to how people raved about this being an amazing highlighter! I quite agree because at first when you get the product in the mail it looks like a cream or a yogurt but when you put it on it goes to powder like many of ttheir many shadows. I seen the many other colors and remembered one called Whisk or Wish was a dupe for one of the higherend highlighters which I am thinking of getting at some point. A little warning, don’t go and dig your brush in like I did with an eye shadow, you may hit pan after two uses.

MakeUp Revolution: Next up is a product that came from the UK and it’s by the brand called MakeUp Revolution. I was introduced to this brand through YouTube and found out that certain locations around me were carrying this brand and was really interested in the highlighters because I heard good things about them especially the gold one called Golden Lights. I can see why this is a popular product and it is very cheap, which is $6 and worth it. Some people do have trouble with the peachy one in this line but the gold one is your best bet for more pigmentation. If you can’t find this brand near you or wherever you travel to you can always hit Ulta’s website for a broader product selection and getting this item there if it sells out or can’t be found.

Well, that is it for this post! I know I covered a lot and knowing that we can’t always get higherend makeup but we can settle for drugstore or drustore online brands. Also, a note, the baked highlighters by E. L. F. do come very dry so that is one note you guys should know if you get one and doesn’t give you any pigment but there are the other highlights I mentioned.

What is next? A Convention Spotlight on Tampa Bay MegaCon! They will be hitting Tampa at the end of October this year and I will be talking about it and a major first for Nerdy Shique Universe, an interview with the Show Director! Stay tuned!

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