Books: Destined for a King

Disclaimer: This Review is based on opinion and observation! Also spoilers ahead!

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Title: Destined for a King
Author: Ashlyn Macnamara

Synopsis:This book is a high fantasy story where we meet Kalista, a tomboy that was arranged to marry a king. Her home, Black Briar Keep, gets taken over by Torch who has a secret of being a lost prince that had his father usurped by the king she was engaged to but marries Torch instead. This causes many troubles for them at her home such as the king’s executioner showing up to take over and even ends up a new power inside of her to help Torch free the keep from the king.

Thoughts: This book was very well written with pretty good twists and turns and good characters as well. At least it’s not in Song of Fire and Ice where character after character gets killed. The characters only get hurt, even the interesting thing was how Kalista didn’t know that her arrow was tipped with a deadly poison that her mother had a recipe for from the place she used to live in and Torch was able to live through it in the beginning of the book. Her new power did help her how to create that same poison which does come in handy as a back up plan! I am hoping there will be more to this story because it did sequel bait at the end. I want to see what Torch will do next and how the keep will be out of harm’s way in the next one and how he will take out the king to take the throne with Kalista.

I would say my favorite character is Kalista because she is not the type of girl that would just sit and be the usual princess character in a high fantasy story, especially like Sansa from Ice and Fire. I liked how she and Torch fought with each other but then their feelings started to flow and love each other until the marriage took place. Volfe, another character, is someone later on in the book and she is another fave because she does have a wolf’s personality and very loyal to Torch as a very huge ally. She does leave because she believed she failed Torch after losing in the final fight in the book and if you know wolves, they tend to have a lot of price when it comes to fights. I hope if a sequel does get written she shows up again.

Looking at the women in this book, they are pretty strong for their character. They think for themselves even though Kalista’s mother does teach her in the beginning and does give her advice on many things when it comes to taking care of wounds and marriage of course. I did like how she told the story about her people and how she married Lord Thorn, her father, since she was arranged to be married if I remembered but fell in love with someone else which was her father and it passed onto her.

I did feel as though that having Brother Tankrid as a out of left field for the rest of the book, which at first Kalista went to him for a history lesson about something that Torch had murmured and then later on you see him with Torch and act crazy later on due to something known as the Blood of the Earth. To me, the Blood of the Earth by the way, should’ve been a bit more developed and could’ve waited until a sequel because it felt it was added on and put too much into the story just in one book. Plus, it could’ve worked in another book to discuss the stone that you read Torch wearing in the beginning of the book and I was wondering at first if that was something from Brother Tankrid’s people or the Brotherhood that Torch has brought to the Keep? That always bothered me as I read.

Final Thoughts: This story definitely needs to keep going since I did say that the ending was open for one. I am hoping that one will be written and want to see what happens next. I did say that there should be more development for the Blood of the Earth point and what the stone had to do with it and who gave it to Torch because I was confused by the idea of it. I do like the women characters being able to stand up for themselves and not sit aside and be proper ladies like what we heard in most high fantasy stories. All-in-all, good book, needs more books to follow!

You can download this book for Kindle, so take a read if you’re interested in something like this!

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