Books: The Deadbringer by E. N. Markoff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for the wait but I do have a post for you all and it is another review!Title: The Deadbringer (The Ellderet Series Book 1)

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation. Spoilers may be included!
By: E. N. Markoff

Yes, another book review for you all and this time it’s a fantasy genre book! I just finished this one since it was in my Kindle library for three months now and it is about a man by the name Kira who is a Deadbringer who is a person that turns dead people into dolls. This book deals with how it was believed that the Deadbringers were dead since they were purged but when Kira was found out he was thought to be a danger due to what he can do. He lives with his uncle in a town known as Opalanky but had to leave after being known for what he done during a night attack by people from the Acendency that were sent to find him. As he leaves the home he knows, he meets friends and foes that tells him secrets that changes his life forever!

Thoughts: To be honest, this book was a really good book but there were things that confused me despite it being the first book in a series. How so? At first it started off telling the key players and Kira especially by showing him being attacked and injured, which happened after raising a dead person and then it went to another character and their group which were called a creature the Catarus, which sounds weird. I wondered what was going on throughout the beginning of the book, as in what do the Catarus and another race the Roden have to do with Kira? They do reveal a little bit in the book alongside who Kira really is but then the book ended around Chapter 38 or 39 and an epilogue.

This book should’ve dug deep into the characters a bit more instead of giving you a trail leading to the main climax. Some of the books I read in the Gantasy genre do tend to explain the back story of the character in some books, repeat it in exposition to have the reader remember what they talked about or point to something that might come later rather than just wait til later on. I will see about getting the next book when it does come out to see how much they explain in what comes next due to how some parts were written well.

Fave Part: Apparently at the end of the book the author asked about what was your favorite part or chapter and it’s hard to say what I liked due to some of the confusion but I do have to say was when Kira met Lis and was brought to his home with his companion, Teemo. This was after Kira thought he lost his uncle in a very hard mountain range called the God Spears in his world and found Lis on the ground in a labyrinth in the range. He did help him out and was brought to Lis’ home where the first secret was revealed that Teemo was really a doll but a very good one. Many more events do take place like Kira meeting other like his kind which he doesn’t get accepted as he hoped but Lis does accept him no matter what took place or who he is.

Fave Character: Speaking of Lis, he is my favorite character because he is one of the characters that doesn’t want to kill Kira but understands the pain he goes through due to family ties. Yes, spoiler, but he is Kira’s long lost family member and knows how much the Deathbringers can do and how dangerous they are but he does feel sympathy towards him. I hope he is still alive in the rest of this because I don’t want him to die in this.

Rating: 3.5 Paw Prints out of 5

Why? I did like this book, I thought it was written pretty well but the story needed more added since I have questions about some of the characters. I may need to rad this again when the next book arrives; however this book does have an interesting idea. I wish some of the two main creatures were explained better since you are dealing with two different types of worlds in one and I got confused in what they were or how they become these creatures, still should have better explanations since this is a part of world building. Still, a good read but needs more development!

Well, that is it for this review! Get the book, it’s available on Kindle! What is next? Since I haven’t heard back from Tampa Bay MegaCon, I will be talking about Holiday Matsuri 2016 since we got press for that for a second year in a row! Stay tuned for that If you haven’t, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique, my Instagram at Mari Blue Cat, and finally check YouTube for the latest videos!