Books: My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s been a while since I posted on Word Press! I have been busy doing a work experience in Daytona also done a few more videos on the YouTube channel and so much more. Not sure if you have heard on the news that Hurricane Matthew is hitting FLorida and now back home in Orlando for a few days due to a precautionary evacuation. So, now to something I am bringing to you and that is another book review!

Title: My Fair Princess
Author: Vanessa Kelly

Synopsis: First, Vanessa Kelly brought many readers The Renegade Royals and now is bringing a new series with three women who are put into adventure and romance.

In this first book of three, we meet Gillian Dryden, a daughter of an illegitimate prince, who is a wild child that grew up in Italy but was ordered to England to get married and also be changed to fit for marriage. With the help of Charles Pennly, there is a lot of work that is not only cut out for her but him as well until something precious gets stolen from her and her mother that puts her in even more danger and a truth gets revealed what has been happening under Charles’ nose. With all her learning and the dangers that fallen onto them, Gillian does find Charles to be her true love.

Thoughts: I never read anything by Vanessa Kelly until I saw this book in one of my Net Galley emails and saw that it supposed to be like the musical My Fair Lady. I did remember during my senior year of high school that we did touch on the original story behind it and did read some of the play and took an entire week to watch the movie. I decided why not take a look into the book and see how it goes and man it was a major page turner! Or a major Kindle turner since I did have this on my Kindle reading list.

I found this book like My Fiar Lady with a hint of Princess Diaries since it does deal with bringing a tom boy princess to become more feminite and royal. My Fair Lady shows more since Gillian did have the rather rash tongue and Charles did have to change her cursing into proper English which was entertaining to see how she worked on that. I did like how she did the toe stepping with the dancing since she had to work on that for a ball and thought back to Princess Diaries when Joe had to show her the traditional waltzy tango that people in the country of Genovia did and referred to it as a “Wango” to combine the two. The twists and turns did surprise me since at first when Gillian was introduced it talked about how she used to go after bandits and that got her in trouble by being shot which led to having her come to England and with meeting a group of bandits while leaving London to head for Charles’ estate after many rumors being spread, there was even more trouble to take on since she wanted to go after them due to jewelry that was taken that was left as presents from her stepfather. This point kind of shows how love can come through when danger arises and despite all the costs to get something that precious that the love for someone is way more than just jewels.

Favorite Character: I know this is kind of like when I reviewed The Deadbringer last time but I think I should mention who’d I like and I would say Charles Pennly. Why? Well, I kind of see it with how I am going through my work experience to become a teacher. The thing is throughout the book I am seeing how patient he has to be when it came to being around Gillian and I can see his frustrations build but he kept a very tight compsure and seeing that makes me keep it too because being around students does take a lot of patience, especially when they have different visual impairments and learning levels. Heck, even the teacher in My Fair Lady was also seen in this but less torments towards the student because at least Charles let Gillian have a meal and have more social interactions. I did like how he took a different teaching approach when she and him got to his estate.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Paw Prings!

Why? Because this book does take the My Fair Lady approach in a very nice and different direction by using princesses rather than a woman randomly out of her background in the poor society. I love the interactions between Gillian and Charles which I did love their relationship grow by each page whether it was in a dangerous encounter or social gathering. I am hoping with the next book that I get to see more of these types of interactions since it did give a bit of sequel bate in the Epilogue. I can imagine the next princess being changed from what she was into what she will be!


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That is it for this review! I will be back with another book review along with my faves of September and October and the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri 2016! Stay tuned!

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