Books: The Confectioner’s Tale by Laura Madeleine

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another book review! Let’s get to it!

Title: The Confectioner’s Tale
Author: Laura Madeleine

Synopsis: This story tells the tale of Guillerm, a yong man who came from Bardeaux in Paris and goes to Paris to make his life better. At first he works at the railways and then meets Madamoiselle Jean Clermonte at a patisserie by helping unloading a delivery. Not only seeing this woman leads him into a world of pastries, chocolate, powdered sugar and so much more, his heart starts beating for the lovely mademoiselle and things start to spiral out of control especially when he meets a journalist from London.

Eighty years later, Petra, granddaughter of this journalist, finds photos of her grandfather with the Madamoiselle and Guiellerm and starts to look into the photos and find out that he was involved with a romance scandal between the two. As she keeps on researching to find the truth, her academic life does get jeopardize in the meantime. Plus, she does get into a research rivalry with a biographer who started writing a biography on her grandfather to show what he did was not as bad as the biographer thought.

Thoughts: I found this story a very eautifully woven tale! Not only it tells the story from 1910 but it does switch to 1988 in how Petra goes through to find her research. It does connect the dots as the story goes on. I couldn’t close Kindle as I read like with the last book and same with the one I’m reading now, which you will see that review when I’m done.

I do love how the romance between Gui (since he went by that name during the story) and Jean since it shows how love can come out no matter what class you are even though it wasn’t acceptable back in the day. It also isn’t really a business, love I mean! Also, while I was reading it, I felt a little bit hungry while reading this and I am a major sucker for sweets, especially how they described the eclairs in how they made them! It makes me want to go to Paris and try them there since I tend to get ones from a Cuban bakery in Miami when I go to my eye doctor.I also did like Petra’s side of the story since it did show how she went out of her way in order to get her research to prove that her grandfather was still a good person. Good thing is that the dots do take a weird turn but at the same time she gets led to the final answer and it was something unexpected. If you’re into stories like these, I highly recommend! Speaking of that….

Rating: Five Pawprints Out of Five!

Why? Because I feel as though that this story takes not only very good twists and turns when it comes to love but it does tell it from two sides. As you know, there is always two sides to a story and this takes it to another level because it tells it from two different times, which it tells the tale of how two characters start falling in love in 1910 and then it tells the story in 1988 by a photo saying “Forgive Me” on the back which starts connecting the dots while the other side is filling in the blanks. I know it sounds confusing and thought it was at first but as I read, it pretty much answered, “What happened next in 1910?” I would also say is that this book may make you hungry so be careful of that even when you have a monstrous sweet tooth like I do. Trust me! I even have a big bag of gummy worms and gummy bears.

That is it for this book review! I would recommend it and I would say if you have the Kindle app or the Nook app on your phone or tablet then get this book if you are into Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction as well!

Next time: Look out for my September and October Favorites of 2016!

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