Favorites: September and October 2016!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is that time again and that’s time for my favorites and that is for September and October of this year! Damn! I remembered January started yesterday and now it’s October? What did I like these two months? Let’s see!

Moment: Releasing my Very First Book! Starting it off is that last month I had my first book released! I know I did mention it in my posts the past few times but it is a favorite! What is it called? It’s called The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark. It is pretty much my stories that have been the most remembered from my convention going for the past twelve years. My very first convention was JACON back in 2004 which I was 18 at the time and just graduated from high school. This was when they still held at the university I went to and have seen so many cosplays, bought so much stuff, and so on. I didn’t really start cosplaying until the year after and was with THEE X at the time which yes you get to read one story with him and that is how the FullMetal Autograph first started. Some other stories I included are when Dan Southworth thinking my cane was a golf club, how Gondras and Tobi were getting Steve Blum to talk to me as Orochimaru over the phone, giving an extra Carla plushie to Brittney Karbowski, and many more! I also met so many people we friended with over the years that help shape these stories as time went on and still friends with to this day. You can get this book on Amazon for Kindle and at Barnes & Noble for the Nook and the app as well as Kindle and you can read it on the way to a convention, during a convention which you can share with your hotel roomies, or even when you have down time during class. I bet you’re wondering why I did a book like this first is due to how me and Gondras shared these stories with our friends and decided why not do it in a book? I do have many more stories but have thought about doing a sequel to it later. I am writing another book and it will be my first fiction book to release and will try and get it out next year in the middle of it. So, support my work and try to get me up to a hundred copies so you guys can get a paperback version.

News: Getting Press for Holiday Matsuri! So, I mentioned months ago that right after being turned down for Mega this year that I filled out the press form for Matsuri this year and got it for a second year! The funny thing is that at first I got a turn down email and replied asking about it and got a reply saying that we were on the wrong list and got accepted. It was a tiny mistake but glad to hear that we’re doing it a second year in a row. I love how Orlando has their own Christmas convention and it’s close to Christmas which makes it even more awesome for gift buying. I will be doing a Convention Spotlight soon, which I was planning to do it earlier this month but due to Hurricane Matthew, it may have to wait until next weekend or the beginning of November. Stay tuned for that!

Movie/Special: The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Not sure if anyone has watched anything this past week and caught Thursday’s programming on FOX, they had the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live! I never seen it since I heard the two most famous songs, “Sweet Transvestite” with Tim Curry singing it and “Time Warp,” I finally seen this and…I LOVED IT! I know I have to see the original and will get it on Amazon since I heard it’s also good. I am into musicals, which my most two fave ones are Rent and Repo: The Genetic Opera, this was very entertaining and glad to catch this while being in Daytona and glad to enjoy this!

Song: “Karate” by BabyMetal! Lately, I’ve been listening to a Japanese band that I got into all thanks to some of the guys being at the dorm here and they mentioned BabyMetal. I heard one of their songs blasting and checked them out on YouTube and fell in love with their song, “Karate!” I have listened to their other songs like “Headbanger” and “Gimme Chocolate” but “Karate” is my all time fave one and the one that stood out to me the most. What can I say, they are an amazing band with amazing music!

Books: My Fair Princess, Defy the Dawn, and Tailored for Trouble! I am giving you all a triple hit of books this month and first of all is My Fair Princess which I have reviewed on here for you all! This is based on My Fair Lady which also has hints of Princess Diaries in it where we meet Gillian, a daughter of an illitigimate prince, where she has to be taught to be a proper lady of society to find her a husband. This is supposed to be a trilogy and can’t wait to see the next book since this one is where I didn’t want to close Kindle! Another book was of course the latest by Lara Adrian, Defy the Dawn! This continues the story right after the last novel, Bound to Darkness, which we meet Tavia’s half-sister, Brine, who falls for the Atlantian, Zeal, who knew Jordana’s father for the longest time and helped him leave Atlantis. I kept reading through this entire book since the secret she has would scare Zeal but he accepts her for who she is. I was happy they revealed Selene in this and I can’t wait until she shows up again later in the next novel. I know the next novella, Midnight Untamed, came out and need to get the funds to get that since it deals one of the members of the Lazarro Archer’s group in Italy like the last one. The last book is of course Tailored for Trouble! This was the last review I gave you and it is a romantic comedy story that was really cute and wishing this was a Lifetime movie! If this was one then I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachael Leigh Cook or Courtney Cox to be Taylor in this and not sure to be Bennet. I did send the link to the writer and she thanked me for it. If you are into romantic comedies when the characters have a love/hate relationship that brought them together due to a cookie then this is for you!

Pallets: NYX Highlighter and Nicki Tutorials Collab! Yes, two pallets I loved this month and they are the NYX illuminator pallet and the Power of MakeUp pallet from Too Faced! Let me start with the Too Faced one since that one is the big elephant here! I know there is a scandal behind the Power of MakeUp pallet due to how people noticed that there is hardly any pigmentation unlike her swatches she has done off camera. I did get this pallet since I was so excited and did love the Tart collab with Bunny and the Too Faced pallet with Vegas Nay and those were really pigmented! I do notice that there was a build up on one shade and that was Irresistable which is the gold glitter shade. I don’t blame Nicki for this actually since she did know there were inconsistencies with the pallet and how some people who got ones that weren’t as pigmented. I did do a video where I used Darkest Hour, Wham Bam, and Wanted as a look and didn’t have a problem with those shades. Normally, Too Faced does have really good shadows and this pallet should’ve been kept for a bit longer to test out pigmentation before being released. People found some of the shades weren’t showing up and even the highlighter not being great but I did have luck with it. Nicki did say Champagne Truffle is supposed to be subtle and don’t mind it being subtle at all. Still, Too Faced should’ve tested out the pigmentation more. While the NYX iluujminator one was a major fave! I know it’s been out forever but couldn’t buy it when I found it at Ulta in Port Orange since my credit card was still ou and then the Orlando locations only had it for promotional purposes which I don’t get and decided to wait to get it on the net. I was happy to get it at the NYX store in Milennia! I was really happy that they opened a store here in Florida and best place was Milennia, which they should open other locations in town since they are a really popular drugstore brand! I love this thing and used it for an entire week! I can see why people liked this but haven’t talked about it as much since its release, only for two or three weeks it was talked about from watching reviews. If you can find this or get it online, I give it two thumbs up! I hope NYX makes another one with more colors because they are awesome with what they bring!

Lips: NYX Cosmic Lip Metals Lip Creams! Next is a lip color and that is from NYX and that is their newest item in the brand and that is their Cosmic Metal Lip Creams! This is their boldest line of lip creams and they are metallic since metallic lips are coming back into style. I have two of these in Out of This World, which is a metallic teal color, and Celestial, which is a royal blue! Been stepping out of my comfort zone of the usual pinks and reds to wear these! They are very comfortable san better than the Lquid Suede lipsticks since they don’t feel very tacky and don’t dry to very dry. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s very comfortable that you don’t feel it. I want to get the gunmetal one since that’s available along with the other blue colors.

Hair Mask: Tresseme Coconut Hair Mask! Lately I have been into hair masks to help grow my hair. I tend to have it short for wigs but Gondras asked me to grow it out. I did read hair masks help and I tried out the Honey Essentials or was it Natural Honey or something like that by Garnier and it did help and tried to find them at Target here in Daytona but couldn’t find it. Did ask a worker and he shown me one by Tresseme and I used their Naturals shampoo and conditioner years back and saw that this had coconut oil. I decided to try it and love it so far! My hair feels stronger and moisturized all thanks to this one! It also smells like coconut milk!

Eye Primer: Essence Backstage Primer! Next is a new eye primer I’ve been using and it’s by Essence! I know I said I loved the Master Prime by Maybelline and do love the Smashbox one too and then heard the one from Essence is amazing from EVERYONE who has used it on YouTUbe! It is affordable and have tried two lip glosses, an eye liner, and eye shadows from them and decided to try their primer. How do I like it? It is amazing! It is around $2 or $3 for it at Ulta and it goes on very smoothly! It keeps my eye shadow on like glue and it has more product in the tube. How is that? Well, in some of the vials of the Master Prime I feel like there is not enough primer to use an entire month and I have been using this since the middle of end of last month and I still have product! I may have to pick this up again. Oh by the way, didn’t mention this with the Nicki pallet, the shadows from that stay put on that! Which depending with the primer you wear it does stick on better! I already have the small size of the Shadow Insurance from Too Faced and picked up another tube of the Smashbox primer when the 21 Days of Beauty event this year!

Face Wash: Clean & Clear Morning Burst moisturizing with Cucumber! Last thing is a face wash and that is the Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizing Face Wash in cucumber. I have been using the sensitive skin one and my skin went dry. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful and then my skin dries up all of a sudden so that means it is time for a new face wash. I decided to try the Morning Burst one and it has cucumber in it. It did moisturize my skin and it smells amazing! I still use my other things with it which happened to be the Stridex and the Clean & Clear toner for sensitive skin. Speaking of skin care…

Non-Fave: Dark Angels by Lush! Since I have been trying some expoliants lately, Vivi told me about Dark Angels by Lush which is an expoiliating charcoal scrub and I decided to try it. It felt good and decided to use it each night until I broke out! Oh no! My right side of my face was covered in zits! I tossed it and my skin healed. It did feel great and I can see why the price tag is so high, it’s $50, but at least it was a sample!

Face Mask: Cup ‘O Coffee by Lush! Don’t worry, this is a fave mask! It is the Cup O’ Coffee mask by Lush and man it is amazing! Normally I would use Oat Fix for my skin and when I heard of this one I knew I had to try! It’s made with coffee grounds and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I tend to have sensitive skin and it would hate something like this but it didn’t! It also did clear my sinuses when I was sick during the hurricane. I can’t wait until I get this myself since it was a gift from Vivi.

Well, that is it for this favorites! Damn, this year is going by fast and before I know it will be Holiday Matsuri! Which next is the Convention Spotlight on it! Stay tuned!

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