Cosplay: Tips to Make a Holiday Themed Cosplay!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now that we stuffed ourselves silly with turkey and stuffing and so much more, we now have the Holiday Season to think about as in Christmas! Yes, Christmas does pop up early everywhere nowadays when it comes to decorating, gifts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday (I am so glad I stayed home and shopped online) but there is one thing people don’t include and that is cosplay!

If you guys have been keeping track with this blog you know we have press for a second year at Holiday Matsuri which is Orlando’s Christmas themed anime convention that is held in December. Not only we got to interview Josh Seth and Todd Habercorn last year, we did get to see a lot of holiday themed cosplay and did bring it all into our first Cosplay Gallery which I will link down below in case if you missed it during our coverage postings. I thought it would be fun to give you all tips in case you need something to wear if you were to go to this convention!

Tip 1: Glitter! Glitter! Glitter Everywhere! If you are doing anything holiday related, there is one thing that makes it fun and that is glitter! If you are going as one of the Sugar Rush characters from Wreck It Ralph like Princess Vanellopi or Tafetta then glitter is the thing to go with! You can get a lot of sparkling highlighters especially the holiday themed ones from Colour Pop and Mac for examples to give you a sparkly makeup look. There is also glitter eyeliner, glittery polish to give your characters a sparkly nail, which I am planning to do with my Itachi cosplay, and of course you can use craft glitter to create your own sparkling outfit. Whatever you do, don’t get that stuff all over your eyelids and another warning it will get everywhere! Even on your pets!

Tip 2: Tinsel Is Another Decoration! Another thing to consider to add on the holiday flare is using tinsel! As in, the stuff you tend to wrap around your trees in. Unless they are known as garlands but these tinsel wrap arounds would make it look like you went crazy with wrapping yourself as an anime character. Would be funny if a Tobi cosplayer from Naruto would have it or any other silly character but it is easy to find at any craft store or holiday store since some cities have it.

Tip 3: Wrap Props as Presents! We’ve seen this around before and I almost thought about doing it for my Soul Eater cosplay but due to a car accident the axe has to be rebuilt and there is always next year! Anyways, you can make your props to have Christmas bows or make them look like you are carrying presents, one good example to do is Snake from Metal Gear with a huge present wrapped box to look like you’re hiding as present. We did see it with some guys dressed as Elf on a Shelf last year and carried a present, which not sure if we got that as a pic.

Tip 4: Lights and Light Rigs Are Your Friends! Last year, I was a contestant during the Cosplay Runway contest which people wearing holiday themed costumes get to compete and saw people wearing tree-like costumes with lights and this brings me to the idea of using Christmas lights as decoration. We tend to find creative ways of using LED lights and do wire them to light up and giving your cosplay that light touch would make it even more fun. Heck, even seen a Cat Woman with a line of lights as her whip and a pair doing a Spawn cosplay where they had lights on one of them. Was it lights? Still, you can be creative with LED lights and as Christmas ones!

Tip 5: Adding Santa Hats, Reindeer Antler Headbands, and Anything Else Can Add A Holiday Touch! If you don’t want to go all the way with lights, tinsel, and glitter, there is always finding the simple headband with reindeer antlers or a Santa hat can be all you can work with. Plus, most of us cosplayers are on a budget when it comes to going to conventions and of course you can find a Dollar Tree if you are in the mood of a last minute Santa hat. Plus, you can customize them to your costume to match! Since I mentioned I will be Itachi this year due to how it froze during the convention in Orlando (I am not kidding! My teeth were chattering while I was Lucy on Night One!) I did pin a bell to show the Akatsuki thing since their hats in the anime and manaa have that signature bell. Speaking of Santa…

Tip 6: Make a Customized Santa Outfit! I had to mention this since we seen a few Bayoneta characters taking the suntan suit to their own liking. We tend to see a lot of Santa hats but cosplayers can get a little creative by making Santa outfits for whoever they cosplay as. If I would, I would’ve had Lucy as a Christmas Elf and still carry my keys! Anyways, there are also Lolita dresses that take on the Christmas theme and cosplayers can use that as a nice base to use for whatever they want to cosplay as and add the Santa hat added to their character. Hoping we see some customized Santa costumes to go with whatever character that we may take pictures of for this year’s Cosplay Gallery.

Tip 7: Christmas Jewelry Would Add Some Pop! There is one thing that can be included with a lot of cosplay even if it requires earrings and that is using Christmas themed ones like ornaments, Santa hats, or even snowflakes! Jewelry with these elements would give you that holiday flare if you don’t want to go all out.

Tip 8: Hand Out Candy Canes! I seen this with a few people, even a Spawn cosplayer I met did this and that is giving out candy canes or any other candy that would have a holiday spin! A lot of convention goers do bring their kids and there are panels when things do get given out, the ye old candy cane for the holiday plus would put a lot of people in a really good spirit and it does feel good to give thme out. If you can’t find room to carry them like in a huge santa sack, you can find the mini candy canes to attach to any business cards if you are running a booth or in Artist’s Alley!

Well, that is about it for this post! Hope these tips will help you and I will be linking you guys to our Cosplay Gallery from last year’s Matsuri where we did catch some of these holiday themed costumes in the mix of many more! Also, don’t forget to hit Amazon and Barnes & Noble when Cyber Monday rolls around to get my book! The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories From the Dark is still therefrom the Dark>find! Please pick it up!

What is next? I will be doing a last minute Matsuri info post in case if you guys have any questions unanswered! Of course December coming around would not be complete with my holiday haul, might do a video for that, all the coverage from Holiday Matsuri 2016, my Favorites of November and December, and the Bests and Worsts of 2016! I think people want to read that. So stay tuned for all that in December!

Holiday Matsuri 2015 Cosplay Gallery Post

Convention Spotlight: Holiday Matsuri 2016!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Happy Soon-to-Be-Holidays! Today, I am bringing you the Convention Spotlight you’ve been waiting for!

Convention: Holiday Matsuri
Location: Orlando, FL
Hotel: Marriot World Center!

Yay! We are back to the awesome holiday themed convention in Orlando known as Holiday Matsuri! We enjoyed it last year and now we’re returning for a second year…I know we did one day back in 2013 in order to host The Blind Experience and that slightly counted but we went all three days last year. Anyways, this year will be huge because it is not only going to have a huge voice actor but it will be at the World Center this year!

If you haven’t been to the Marriot World Center in Orlando, it is the biggest hotel in the world! I am not kidding since I’ve been to Omni Expo when it first started two years back. This is the only hotel I seen a multi-leveled style building which not only you have the main part on one part of the hill but you have the convention center just adjacent to it down the hill. It seems like the Conquistador hotel over in Puerto Rico in my opinion. This place has not only a cafeteria but a snack bar too. I hope this can hold up everyone since the Caribe Royale which is down the road was overcrowded by the end of the weekend, especially with…

Guests: Have to mention these guys next since we are excited about them. We do have Indra Rojas coming back this year and if you haven’t met her, you should because she is a very nice person! We also have Café Peko Peko which is a very well-known maid café group that shows up at conventions and they will be doing events, which you can check the Holiday Matsuri website for that. We also have Todd Habercorn coming back to this convention as one of the voice actors. If you missed our interview with him last year, I will link our interview with him in this post so you can see what we done last year!

Next, we have Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Yay! She is coming for an Orlando convention and you can hear her in such anime like Naruto, .hack, Digimon, and more! I will also link our interview with her from MetroCon 2014 in this post for you guys who have missed that when we done our press job for them. I am also wondering how is she feeling about the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie coming out? Would be a nice question for this year’s convention?

Now to the really big name! ::drum roll:: We are happy to announce that Steven J. Blum will be a guest at Holiday Matsuri 2016! If you don’t know this name then look it up! He is the biggest name in voice acting, he has been in many anime and video games like Naruto, Gurren Lagan, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and so much more! He even did commercials for Taco Bell and 7 Eleven and does the voice of the robot Tom on Toonami for many years!

If you guys want a full list of guests and more information about events, you can go to

Game Room: We can’t have a convention without the game room where a lot of people love to hang out in! Last year, the game room was huge and can imagine it having it even bigger! This year Nexus Gaming and Final Boss Gaming will be hosting and they will be featuring retro gaming systems and the usual gaming systems like the Wii-U and PS4, arcade machines, tournaments, DDR, and even more! Hoping there is the Rock Band stage again this year!

Well, that is it for this post! You can visit that link for more information hotel, the guests, events, and so much more! Stay tuned for my last minute convention info post on Holiday Matsuri next month! Oh forgot, the dates for this year are December 16th-18th! You can still get your tickets through Event Bright on the Registration page and book your room!

Also, don’t forget to click on our itnerviews with Todd Habercorn from last year’s Holiday Matsuri and our interview with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn from MetroCon 2014!

What is next? Maybe I should get back to cosplay and do a special for Holiday Matsuri by giving pointers on making a holiday themed version of a cosplay since we’re heading into the holiday season!

Also, don’t forget about my book: The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark which you can read a story that has Steven Blum and of course, there is one with Holiday Matsuri itself. Check it out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Books: Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another book review! Wait a sec, I bet you’re wondering what about Tampa Baby MegaCon? Well, due to scheduling conflicts on our end we couldn’t make it. There is always Orlando next year and besides we have Holiday Matsuri to talk about but in the next post! Let’s see what new book I read!

Book: Bury the Living
Author: Jodie McIsaac

What is it about? We meet Nora O’Riley, a woman who has been surrounded by rebellion all her life. She joins the R. I. A. after her brother died and all thanks to vivid dreams about a man that she has never met haunts her, she was given a relic from the patron saint of Ireland, Bridget of Killder, she gets transported to the 1920s at the height of Ireland’s Civil War in order to find this man and hoping to change Ireland’s history to make it better in the future.

Thoughts: This book was very well written and it seems like it’s the first of many in a series as well from what I can tell on Net Galley itself. I do like how the present leads Nora to what she has to find in order to know what she needs to do and that was to go to the prison that women were sent to in the past as a tourist herself to understand what is going on. She does see the ghosts of the past not only in her dreams but in front of her as well. I did like how the history of Ireland was painted in this book since I only had brief glimpses of its history when I was in middle school and high school which we never thought of happening until read literature. This is pretty much a historical women’s fiction since McIsaac did look at autograph books to help shape the story from what she researched while writing. This book did end on a cliff hanger and hoping I get to read the next one and see what is next for Nora on her historical travels to help change her fate or her brother’s in the future. I hope the next one does end up on Net Galley because I want to see how the next book takes shape with more of Ireland’s background in storytelling.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Paw Prints!

Why? Because this kind of reminds me of Doctor Who in a sense since it deals with time traveling but with a relic rather than that old blue police box we always love! Plus, we get a woman doing the time traveling and going through the events of a civil war that took place in the 1920s. This also brings some of the fairy legends into it too since I have read the Goblin Wars Trilogy and that told Irish folklore in that too. This one, the folklore was saved for last and it is always to save the best for last and once that was told, I am hoping the next one keeps on shaping the folklore and history more as the series continues!

That is it! Make sure you check out Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac which you can get on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Stay tuned for my post on Holiday Matsuri 2016!