Books: Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another book review! Wait a sec, I bet you’re wondering what about Tampa Baby MegaCon? Well, due to scheduling conflicts on our end we couldn’t make it. There is always Orlando next year and besides we have Holiday Matsuri to talk about but in the next post! Let’s see what new book I read!

Book: Bury the Living
Author: Jodie McIsaac

What is it about? We meet Nora O’Riley, a woman who has been surrounded by rebellion all her life. She joins the R. I. A. after her brother died and all thanks to vivid dreams about a man that she has never met haunts her, she was given a relic from the patron saint of Ireland, Bridget of Killder, she gets transported to the 1920s at the height of Ireland’s Civil War in order to find this man and hoping to change Ireland’s history to make it better in the future.

Thoughts: This book was very well written and it seems like it’s the first of many in a series as well from what I can tell on Net Galley itself. I do like how the present leads Nora to what she has to find in order to know what she needs to do and that was to go to the prison that women were sent to in the past as a tourist herself to understand what is going on. She does see the ghosts of the past not only in her dreams but in front of her as well. I did like how the history of Ireland was painted in this book since I only had brief glimpses of its history when I was in middle school and high school which we never thought of happening until read literature. This is pretty much a historical women’s fiction since McIsaac did look at autograph books to help shape the story from what she researched while writing. This book did end on a cliff hanger and hoping I get to read the next one and see what is next for Nora on her historical travels to help change her fate or her brother’s in the future. I hope the next one does end up on Net Galley because I want to see how the next book takes shape with more of Ireland’s background in storytelling.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Paw Prints!

Why? Because this kind of reminds me of Doctor Who in a sense since it deals with time traveling but with a relic rather than that old blue police box we always love! Plus, we get a woman doing the time traveling and going through the events of a civil war that took place in the 1920s. This also brings some of the fairy legends into it too since I have read the Goblin Wars Trilogy and that told Irish folklore in that too. This one, the folklore was saved for last and it is always to save the best for last and once that was told, I am hoping the next one keeps on shaping the folklore and history more as the series continues!

That is it! Make sure you check out Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac which you can get on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Stay tuned for my post on Holiday Matsuri 2016!

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