Conventions: Last Minute Holiday Matsuri 2016 Info!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe Sorry for taking a bit but I am back from Daytona and man I had to unpack and now re-pack for Holiday Matsuri! At least I only have to worry about cosplay. Anyways, I do have some last minute information for you on the convention itself!

Tickets: If you haven’t gotten them, you can still pre-order your tickets until Wednesday the 14th! If you want a three day it will be the At-the-Door pricing which is $55 and you pay $2 for processing. You order through Event Bright’s website which is a very good ticket site. I would say get your tickets now since the last day to pre-order is coming up fast and lines will be long even on Saturday.

Hotel: Knowing we will have snow birds around this time, the convention will be at the World Center Marriot this year! If you were at it last year, it was at the Caribe Royale Resort down the road and now it is at the World Center. If you have been following Holiday Matsuri on their Twitter page (@holmat) they have posted pics of what it looks like during Christmas. This hotel is minutes away from Disney, which if you want to head for Disney Springs for a few hours then enjoy! The hotel rate is $149 and you can see if there are rooms available. There will be discounted parking at this thing as well.

Guests: The main guests this year include Steve Blum (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop,) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Major Matoko Kitsuragi from Ghost in the Shell,) and Todd Habercorn (Natsu from Fairy Tail.) this year! There will also be other guests like Indra Rojas and Leon Chiro and many others! Check out the website for more information such as autograph schedule and panels. We will try and interview a guest or two so stay tuned to our Twitter @nerdyshique to see announcements of where we will be! One of the events we are covering for guests is the Voice Actor Super Show that takes place Sunday and we will have video from that and posted after the con along with everything else!

I believe the schedule app that Holiday Matsuri uses is still going to be used, I would suggest cheking on that and anyone who is going will also receive emails with a schedule I believe like last year which I remembered getting each day during the con.

So, that is it for the main things to cover! If you need more information such as detailed ticket info or hotel info, you can go here:

We will be all over the convention all three days doing press and yes we will be building another Cosplay Gallery for you all to enjoy since that was a success during Omni and Hol Mat last year.

Speaking of Omni, waiting on press updates for that for next year and will be doing a Convention Spotlight in the new year! Stay tuned! Also stay tuned for all of our coverage for Holiday Matsuri 2016!

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