Favorites: January and February 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back o Nerdy Shique Universe!I am playing catch up with some of the posts I haven’t done since my computer went down at the end of February, so will be doing my January and February Favorites for this year! Let’s see what I have in store!


Hair Faves:


Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner: First up is shampoo and conditioner and it is by Suave! I remembered using Suave for many years and have gone back to it for the past few months and the one I have been using is the moisturizing one in almond and shea butter! I was trying to find the Biotine one but couldn’t find it which sucks since I loved that one for hair growth and when I found this one pair in the almond and shea butter, I love the scent and it does moisturizer my hair. It also helps with getting anything that built up during the week out and refreshes the hair from any of the hair products I tend to use as well. That is really awesome that this exists! I hope to find this again or anything since I feel Suave is getting more into the more natural ingredients for their hair care line.


Garnier Fructis Dry Shammpoo: I am mentioning a dry shampoo since I had to get a new one because Walgreens stopped carrying the Got 2 B one I loved to use and that was a bummer because I loved that one a lot. I did get turned onto the Garrnier one since I have been loving the Sleek and Shine line for the longest time and did use the color control shampoo and conditioner wheghlights for a little while and never thought I would use the dry shampoo which it smells like mangoes! I know it is supposed to mean fruit. But this has the mango smell and I feel like I am back in Puerto Rico having mangoes time to time. Plus, this stuff doesn’t make my hair feel weird after using it and no white cast if you went “I love this stuff!” On your hair with it either. I will definitely buy again and hoping WalMart carries it since it is weird that they used to have their hair masks and not anymore.


Garnier Heat Protectant: I switched my heat protectant as well during January because the Tressemee one I have been using, which I found out that it was the one I had, made my hair feel wet before straightening and it wasn’t drying when I use my flat iron. The Garnier one, on the other hand, does dry when I go through with the flat iron because it is not a heavier spray due to the nozzle being more of a standard bottle sprayer than the spray gun style you tend to see on other products. What is also great is that it makes my hair really soft since the flat iron I have is supposed to keep my hair from fizzing up and damaged and this one spray keeps it extra protected and soft. Plus, it does have that signature mango scent! Definitely a re-purchase when it comes to it!


Marc Anthony Grow Spray: Next is a new item by Marc Anthony and is that their Hair Growth Spray with Caffeine and Ginseng! I never thought I would find this one and this was bought in hopes of helping my hair growth which is slightly helping since my hair is so uneven and tried to get the uneven ends but some of the hairs in the back are growing all thanks to this spray. I even notice some of the hairs in the side are growing back too and this spray is something I use everyday when I brush my hair. The smell is pretty fruity too since you don’t smell the caffeine part, so yeah your hair won’t smell like Starbucks when you spray this. I hope to find this again at Ulta since I can’t find the oil treatments much , well in the bottle for leaving in your hair. Also, I do find it weird how the girl thought Marc Anthony was pro-hair care when it is drugstore. I know it should sound fancy but it is also is carrried at Walgreens.

Makeup Favorites:


Wet N Wild Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick: Next up is a new item by Wet N Wild and that is their Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick. I got two colors in Goth Topic and Gimme Mocha. These don’t budge when they dry down, even after doing swatches for my Walmart and Walgreens haul I had the Goth Topic swatch still on my hand even using Dawn on it shows how stubborn it is in being on the hand. What I didn’t like is how it did move around on my lips, Goth Topic I mean, when I finished applying it. I need to get back into the habit of lip liner which I have been lately for those that love to move around. Gimme Mocha was a major complimented one since I wore it on Galentine’s Day where my gal pals said it fit me in color which is interesting since pinks do get matched more with me. I guess brown nude lipsticks look good on me.


Wet N Wild Lengthening Mascara: I have to mention this one which is very awesome so far. It is the lengthen mascara from Wet N Wild since I never tried mascara by them until now. People did say they make okay mascaras but it is how it works on people and it made my lashes long. I can see why it lengthens.


Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara:  This is something that I tend to reach for whenever I reached for my tubes of mascara and that is the Retro Glam mascara that Rimmel makes. I suggest trying their mascaras because they are pretty good for their brand. I neeed to replace my tube of this at some point despite how it doesn’t irritate my eyes after so long of having it but it still holds a curl. I can’t stop reaching for it.


Well, that is about it for these faves! I tend to have more but January and February was mostly more hair stuff and less makeup since I couldn’t find any of the new NYX stuff in my part of town. I did have to order the Duo Chrome highlighters since I could only find them on Ulta’s website and the location I got the Hair Growth Spray only had testers. Really? Should have them in already but some places here do get the items a month later than their release here in my part of town.


That is it. Next I will have my Top 10 Songs for Feb next!


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