Books: Forsaken Skies by D. Noeland Clark

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I haven’t posted the press coverage here yet because I am still on my IPad wth a keyboard but the good news is that I will be back on my computer by next week! So hang in tight! I do have something for you and that is a review and it is on a book I just finished.


Title: Forsaken Skies

Author: D. Noeland Clark


Disclaiimer: This review is based on opinion and observation by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings.


Synopsis: Since I don’t have the NetGalley page in front of me for the synopsis so I will describe best as I can! Forsaken Skies takes place in a universe where people colonized into space and on planets that can support human life after a war that almost depleted resources. Between Mars, Galamine, and Earth which caused Mars and Galamine to surrender. When we thought we were at peace, Miria, a planet that relies on farming, religion, and engineering technology for searching the stars, gets attacked by an unknown species and former military officer Lano along with pilots and a rich kid must defeat it or Miria is lost.


Thoughts: Whoa! Where should I start? This book was amazing! It is one of those that you have the right twists and turns that you expect in a story like this. It brought me back to Titan A. E., Independence Day, and so much more. It brought a nice break to the romance novels I’ve been reading due to how action-packed this book was and it is a nice start to Clark’s series which the second one should be out soon or already. I did recommend this to someone who did get me into Hunger Games since this is also available as a recorded book on Bard which I did add to my Wish List to listen to later on. I do like the futuristic setting of the Hexsus which is your normal city-like colony and then you have Miria, which is almost like a wasteland of craters but it does support human-life in them. It gives a nice switch of what happens when a peaceful planet is in danger for its resources of mines by aliens since they did disrupted it. It was a really well-thought and well-written book even with great characters which…


Characters: The characters in this book , except for one, had a major connection that brought them together and that is due to the war. That led them to where they are. For instance, Lano dead to retire early due to actions that cost him his rank and there is also Mags who has debts in his background that he feels like he must pay back and he scams two people that show up at the Hexsus from Miria for help that catches Lano’s attention. Not only that, he does hear his dad time to time in his head giving him strategies in how to act and what he thought of everyone, especially his mother later on. We also meet Jang which is an interesting character who ended up losing a half of her body in an accident that she got to switch bodies with a girl who was blind with cybernetic eyes, which in this world you can switch your consciousness with someone else and be in their body or put your own mind in another body when you’re dead. Gotta love technology! Then you have Caroline Ita who ends up with a condition that causes her to no longer fly and finally Vorc, my fave character of them all, who was placed into a heavy space suit after getting four degree burns all over his body in one accident. I know it sounds brutal but it is interesting when they reveal what really happened to him. And finally, we have Tom! Tom is a runaway due to how he killed his dad, who is a big politician, after finding out that he was created to take on his dad’s consciousness after he dies due to an illness. He does grow into a speaker himself and then a fighter which I am hoping that we get to see more of him in the next book. I did like one other character’s growth and that was Roan. She left home due to abuse and became an Aspirit of the religious sect with Elder Mackree. She felt like a misfit as in she joined the sect in order to become an elder herself but when she met Tom things changed. As in not only falling in love but thinking that her home is important to her and the only way of saving it is to disobey the rules which causes her to grow into someone else in the end. Hoping that Roan also gets seen in the next one but going through as a different person. Depending on what the author has planned to do with the next few stories. Would be interesting that she joins the military or engineers despite her lack of creativity.


Rating: Five Star Pawprints Out of Five! Because this book was amazing! I loved the characters, the story, the setting and how the tech gets used and even get to see how someone finds different solutions to take on an alien fleet. I do like the idea of switching your consciousness since that shows how much technology can advance but who knows when it will be in reality. Hey, they started doing Jordy’s visor from Star Treak a little while ago.


That is it for this review! Next book is a slice-of-life book! Until then, I will be doing my Convention Spotlight on MegaCon 2017! Also the Top Ten Songs of March. Sorry if I didn’t do February’s so I will loop into this month’s list! Stay tuned!

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