Anime: Series That Should Be Re-Dubbed!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I have an fun post for you today! If you guys remembered when I had my Katie Griffin interview on here I asked her about her thoughts on Viz re-dubbing the original Silor Moon series and if you haven’t read that post, you can still read it! I thought, “What are other series that should be re-dubbed that I remembered watching back in the day?” Here is my list, before I start…

Disclaimer: This list is based on opinion of the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions in the list ahead!

1. Thunder Cats The Original: First is Thunder Cats! I know there was a newer series that rebooted the classic tale of Liono and his buddies but in the original they crashed onto a planet and they have to fight Mummra in order to keep him from taking over the universe! It would be interesting to see the new cast that they used for the newer series to dub the older version as in Will Firedel as Liono, Matt Mercer as Tigra, and so on. Yes, that would mean Snarf has to talk in this as usual and if I were to choose who would be perfect for him I would say John Swasey! He would fit the the part and able to change his voice to make it higher like how he made Lord Death sound and imagine him going, “Snarf!” in his lines.
2. Mew Mew Power aka Tokyo Mew Mew: Another series should be re-dubbed in my opinion is of course Mew Mew Power or Tokyo Mew Mew in Japan. I loved the manga a lot and the original Japanese version did take the manga and extended it into a 52 episode series but when it came over to America, 4Kids only dubbed the first 26 episodes. I did see the final episode in Japanese and other episodes in a pack when I used to watch torrents of stuff and I did like how some of the story was told in the anime. Thi9s would be a series that Viz or Sentai Filmworks should re-dub because we didn’t get to see the entire series and I can imagine some of their actresses would be great to play some of the girls. Heck, I am thinking of Chris Patton as Ryo, the blonde one which I forgot his American name at the moment, and Luci Christian as Ichigo aka Zoey. I know it would be hard doing the lost in translation episode where 4Kids had the woman speak Spanish in that one, that would be an interesting feat. Plus, it would give us a way of seeing the rest of the series that didn’t get dubbed.
3. Carcaptor Sakura aka Cardcaptors: I had to mention this one because it is one of those series that introduced us the world of CLAMP! This is also the series where Sakura and Syaoran came from originally when it comes to Tsubasa Chronicle. Like Sailor Moon, there were a lot of episodes that weren’t shown on TV and it would be great if Funimation also re-dubbed this since they had good voice actors for Sakura, Monica Rial, and Syaoran, Jason Leighbrecht. I can imagine Monica doing the Clow Card chants in this one and it would be great who else Funimation would choose for Tomoyo since there were two different voice actresses they used for Tsubasa and one of the OVAs and of course Mei Lynn who was one of the major characters in this one. It would also be interesting to watch again with blindness too since I did watch it as a sighted teen.
4. Magic Knight Rayearth: I had to mention this one even if it wasn’t anywhere on TV! I tried watching the dub of this one but I couldn’t stand it past the first two episodes! I know the story is pretty good from what I heard but the dub was not well executed in my book. It would be awesome to see it re-dubbed and cleaned up with the lines because some of the lines kind of sounded a bit too forced or mechanic. I think Funimation or Sentai Filmworks would do a good job on a re-dub of this.
5. KIBA Season 2: This series was featured on Toonami Jetstream which is the internet version of Toonami for a little bit before it went off the air. Reason why I say season two is because when ADV was closing its doors and about to change their name, the script didn’t go through a really good post production. I mean the grammar was terrible! The lines were delivered not as great towards the end in the dub. I think Sentai should go back and re-do some of the script and re-dub it so it would sound smoother than the original had as in what ADV did. I would also admit one character should be changed and I forgot who it was but he was a bit of a villain and I noticed his voice in the dub was a little bit bored sounding. That’s all I have to say on that.
6. Gravitation: I have to mention this one which I know it is a yaoi series but at the same time…I didn’t like the dub as much as the Japanese version. I think this should be re-dubbed since it would sound better if Viz or Funimation re-did it due to the cast they tend to have is really good and to me the chracters would sound better but keep Noriko’s voice.
7. Pilot Candidate: I am meaning with the girls that are done by the same person. I noticed on Anime News Network and in the series how one person was used for a lot of the girls such as Clay’s partner, Rioroute’s partner, the nurse’s assistant, and so on. I sometimes get confused and don’t know if it is Teela, the pilot, speaking for the most part since she is also narrating the series. I know it wouldn’t be the same as the original if it gets re-dubbed but if they did give new voice actresses it would help in distinguishing characters. I still have my copy signed by Josh Seth!
That is about it for this list! I know it was a bit short but it is the only thing I can think of. If you guys have any other series that should be re-dubbed anything that hasn’t been dubbed yet, just comment or do you want to see a list of series I think that should be dubbed since there are some that were sent here without a dub. Just comment! Or even comment on our Facebook and Twitter if you can!
Xt time, I have another surprise for you all! Stay tuned!

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