Books: Mr. Rook’s Island Volume 1 by. Mimi Jean Pamiloff (Coming out This Month!)

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now to take a break from convention stuff to have a new book review that is coming out on June 13!

Title: Mr. Rook
Author: Mimi Jean Pamiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation of the lead writer and producer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions since she did read the book!

Synopsis: Welcome to Mr. Rook’s Island where you can have an exciting journey or just finding the long awaited fantasy you ever dreamed of such as sailing with a pirate or even looking for a treasure in the caves like Indiana Jones! You can have it all on an island near the Bermuda Triangle where you can get lost in a fantasy you desire! Unless you are Stephanie Fitzgerald, on the other hand, who is trying to find her sister after finding out that she has vanished and the last place she was in is at Mr. Rook’s Island but finds out that she is getting into secrets that the island has that not everyone knows about and something about Mr. Rook that she wants to know until she falls for the mysterious man with the mysterious island.

Thoughts: Damn! This book was steamy like crazy! Even the air conditioner and fan in my room wasn’t working while I was reading this book!

All I have to say is that Mimi has done it again with her writing! I have read Tailored for Trouble, Accidentally In Love With a [God?] from BookShare, and Ten Club and now this new one! This is supposed to be the first of a new series which she had a hard time to know what to write and I can relate myself since I am about to write my third book and it is kind of hard knowing where to start the story or how to start the words. Anyways, she wanted to do three separate ones from what I read in the end and then she combined it into this new one which she also hinted to the next book which I can’t wait!

I thought it was clever that she would set the island near the Bermuda Triangle since we all know that the Triangle itself is a mysterious place where people in planes or ships would disappear and having an island right on the edge kind of makes sense since you don’t know where you are going exactly, where you send some of your fortune to, and you hardly get any signal out there which makes sense! Plus, this book makes it seem like a steamy version of Gilligan’s Island but you have women meeting men for many fantasy excursions to fill their own dreams as a way to get away from cheating husbands or just want to enjoy the end of your life for once. Doesn’t that sound like a nice cruise for a week? I wouldn’t mind staying in a bungalow with a hot man rubbing my feet after a long convention weekend.

Now onto the characters! Like always, Mimi seems to bring on a sultry and sexy man and a very spunky woman and I saw it in Stephanie and Rook! Stephanie kind of not only has the spunk but she does have a guarded side which you see a lot in this first book which she hates how anyone touches her due to the pain of losing her sister but she starts letting it down when she meets Rook for the first time which she starts feeling the attraction towards to him. I kind of feel like I was reading Accidentally In Love Book 1 again since this couple reminds me of Guy and Emma from that but Stephanie shows more of the mistrusting side and doesn’t have Rook whisper inside her head all the time. I hope her character does get developed more as the story goes on since I want to read more of this series and see how she and Rook get along after how it ended.

What about the love making? Oh man! I would say it’s even more steamier than the romance scenes in Midnight Breed Series! I felt like I need a glass of wine despite that I don’t drink due to being lightweight or unless I would have some Lindor Truffles while reading it but my face….my face! It was turning strawberry red from all the blushing! Heck, I was hearing “Careless Whisper” in my head, even Hyde’s (dude from L’Arc`en`Ciel) singing it while reading it. Girls! If you are 31 like me, pick up this book if you are into steamy romances!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints out of 5! Damn! Yet another fiver here! I am hoping the next one is as good as this and also fill in blanks as well since the ending was pretty good and the dots were about to start connecting and knowing the next one will do the same! I highly, highly recommend if you are late twenties early thirties and need a very good romance story to relax yourself from a long day of work or just sit down and enjoy something with your gal pals!

Look out for Mr. Rook out June 13th!

That is it for this review! I am reading one of Mimi’s other books to catch up in the Happy Pants series so you will see my review next on that!

Update on MegaCon videos: Nerdy Shirts is getting the videos up, it’s taking a while since the upload speed at his place is slow but he is getting videos up as he can. So, I am keeping an eye out and then will post the Brina Palencia panel along with others here! Stay tuned!

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