Beauty: Project Pan 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I decided to bring you a new post since I haven’t posted anything beauty related on here since I have started doing more reviews on other genres and my convention stuff. Today, I am bringing you a Project Pan!

What is Project Pan? I know some of you who might be new to the beauty world and the beauty stuff here, it is where some people take some of the makeup items in their collection and try to hit pan. It depends if they want to do it montly or yearly depending on what they want to do that project if they have it for so long.

My Project Pan: I was inspired by Beauty News who are two girls from Australia on YouTube and they are amazing in their news updates and they give it to you real and uncut. As in, they are very honest on what they want to buy and say it doesn’t look good, etc. I have been really watching the more honest people on YouTube. I notice how my stuff is not getting much love and I will be giving some love to my older stuff and try ot hit pan. I will try to incorporate into looks along the way while I use a lip product if it is in there for days on end! Let’s see what I have!

Mac Star Trek Warp Speed Ahead Lip Glass: The Lip Glass collectyion from Mac is easy to finish off since they sometimes don’t carry enough product in the tubes. I also do love re-applying once it wears down. The one I am trying to finish up is the Star Trek collection glass in Warp Speed Ahead. When I put it on the other day or so, noticed how it doesn’t have much and decided to finish it up. I have been wearing it and it is a nice limited edition color which is a deep purple color with shimmer. The Star Trek collection is a celestial type glimmer and this one, WWarp Speed Ahead, was the last one they had at the counter while going to it in Daytona and I did get one from the website since they put them on sale but still have tons of it. I am trying to finish up Warp since it feels like it will be done and hoping to get it done by my birthday so I can trade my stuff in to Mac since I have five items so far.

Almay Natural Smokes Trio in Hazel Eyes: I had this one in my collection forever and hardly touched it all! I have many other trios and well Almay got me into the shadow trio bits but I tend to get the bigger pallets if I can. The hazel trio is true to me since my eyes are considered as hazel despite how they look. Let me describe it! In the center near the pupil is like a golden color then it goes into a light green fading to a mid moss green and then to blue on the edges. There are times when my eyes do shift from gold to green then to blue or even a cerulean blue! People think GOndras and I look like siblings except our eye color is different since he has hazel eyes but they are more golden and mine are more blue-green. I do have the bold nudes trio for green eyes for my volunteer/work/interview friendly makeup looks but this one is normal looks. I will have to hit pan since it is in the old packaging and they did change the packaging to make it bigger and look like an eye to show how much should go where. I may get the smoke trio in green again. I will see later.

E. L. F. Disney Villains pallets in Malifisent, Evil Queen, and Cruella DeVille: I had these three eye shadow pallets from the Disney Villains collection that E. L. F. for the longest time and when I saw that I was hitting pan in one shadow in my Malifisent I knew it was time to hit the pan. These three are in my Project Pan to finally finish them up even though Evil and Mal (I know I am going with the Descendants names almost) were the hardest to find since people were buying them as presents for Christmas at the time. I hardly get any E. L. F. stuff as much as I used to since some stuff doesn’t make me want to run out and get it right away. I tend to get what I need like the double ended brow and lash gel for my professional kit since I love that thing to death! I also sometimes grab one or two items like a lip item or even the newly formulated mascara recently when I got the Shadow Lock primer which I threw out due to how dry it is…I am not kidding! (Don’t worry, I am using Painterly now!) I do like E. L. F. still and I love the brushes a lot! I do have a blush and few other items too in my makeup travel case for my daily makeup!

Revlon Eye Shadow +Primer Pallets in Advant Gard, Metropolitan, and Bohemian: These pallets are not as popular ever since they came out but I did like them despite the lack of popularity and they are the RRevlon pallets that have a shadow that acts like a primer and you do the usual dfiner, crease, and brow and top it off with the glitter top coat and I have these in Advant Gard, Metropolitan, and Bohemian, which this one is no longer available and it was my first one ever! People had problems with pigmentation but I did use primer with these still despite it not being necessary. The thing is with an actual primer is that it is MORE pigmented on it. I have used it with my Maybelline one, E. L. F., and even with my NYX one when I used to use it in the past. I am about to hit pan in the primer shades in Advant and Bohemian. I may buy these again if I can still find them and if not then oh well! Amazing while it lasted!

Milani Romantic Rose Blush: The last item for this one even though I may add more to it. Nd it is the Milani Rose blush in Romantic Rose! I noticed while using this for a while it was starting to go down in use. I do love this one but it is really hard to finish a blush even with how pigmented Milani makes their stuff! I still have the Baked Blush in Berry Amore and I do want to get more of their items but there are times when I don’t always go to the store and I don’t feel like getting any new items besides what I need. I am human people so there are times when I feel like that. I love these blushes and rosy colors do fit me most according to people and I thought I should try and finish this one up. Let’s see how it goes!

Well, that is it! I will try and finish these items as time goes on and will mix them time to time with other items to make it more easier on myself since I don’t wear the same thing everyday. I will update on Twitter if I have finished anything and will do one big update during the Bests and Worsts at the end of this year! So, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique if you can! Also tell your friends! So, will be finishing up a book soon, so stay tuned for that review!

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