Books: Hell No Books 1 & 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and it is on another Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book or two!

Titles: SmartAss and Oh Henry from the Oh Hell No Series
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This Review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on the books!

Description: The Oh Hello No series is a romantic comedy series that Mimi had started this year which takes a look at nerds hooking up with either jocks or the millionaires that they thought they won’t be able to fit with them.

Smart Ass: Book one of this series is known as Smart Ass which we meet our first couple in the series. We meet Tassie, a very smart college freshman, who has been picked on by the hot, football quarterback, Hunter, all her life and they have been neighbors at home two hours away from their campus. Tassie wants to get into the sorority that her mother was in and the only way of getting in is getting Hunter to go out with her but in the end it is not as cracked up to be and finds out the real reason behind the hook up. Will she and Hunter stay together is it just a scam?

Oh Henry: This book is the second one which I just finished an advanced copy for and it takes a look at Henry, Hunter’s mbst friend that is a millionaire all thanks to his father’s company, and Tassie’s roommate, El, a super smartie that has been going through a lot in her life including her mother being sick with a brain tumor. She thinks she and Henry doesn’t fit due to him being a football player and her being a super computer but in the end love does find a way even if it means sacrificing something you love!

Thoughts: Oh man! These two books were fun to read! I felt like I was reading an adult version of the old Love Stories series. If you guys don’t remember that series, it is basically a teen romance sbok series that shows couples getting together one way or another such as one I remembered that kind of fits with the first one called The Boy Next Door where a girl goes back to her grandpa’s home after getting in trouble at home in New York and her family decided to move out of there due to how bad the city for them and sees a guy she has remembered when they were kids. It ia almost like that but the girl, as in Tassie, is a smart nerd and is into science fiction stuff and even Titanic. I know, I am sounding like a major nerd remembering this old young adult book series but being a teen back then I always believed in falling in love but none of the guys liked me back then in high school. Well, except the tallest guy who played basketball but I did turn him down. Anyways, back to the books!

So, I kind of felt like I was taken back to Love Stories but this was a bit more mature since the characters were in college and going through classes, sports, and of course frat and sorority houses in the first book. I did like in the first book how Tassie didn’t like the Tri Kappas and how they were treating her and how she was standing up to them at sertain parts which she realized that it is not for her and that she and El shouldn’t bother when there are other things better to do and of course she was being used. It does show how nerds can stand up for themselves when there are snobs in the group, trust me I remembered one back in my universtty days and wishing I stood up to her with how she treated some of us.

Oh Henry, it is hard to know what Love Stories book would fit but if I did choose one then I would probably compare it to one that tells the story of this one chubby girl who had a crush on the popular guy but his family and friends want him to be with the most popular girl except in Oh Henry, Henry has a status to uphold in his family to take on the father’s company instead of going pro after graduating from college and marrying a friend’s daughter, etc. He rather wants to be with El instead because of how happy he is even if it meant giving up football for her. I found this story entertaining in how it switched the point of views between both characters and how they were seeing each other’s personalities and how they acted around each other and how they were seeing why are they compatible and how they weren’t, why their attitudes have changed, etc. It is like they were in mirrors almost. It didn’t help that they mentioned that El had a cat! Well, Henry gives her a cat but it is a cat and I had to keep my kitty spazz to a minimum so I could review this book. What else I did like was this book did give a shout out to one of Mimi’s newer works, Mr. Rook’s Island and if you remembered me reviewing book one, I was remembering the book as El was reading it and I had to hold in my laughter since I was reading around midnight. (As a writer like me, you do tend to sleep later due to how much writing takes place, lol!) And yes, I can’t wait for the next Mr. Rook’s Island book.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Pawprints! Mimi has been on a roll with her writing and this series has kicked off pretty well. I do like the interactions between the characters in both books and can’t wait to see what else this series will bring. If I were to pick one over the other I think I like Oh Henry because I liked El and how she was eeveloped from the first book and her unicorn tees reminded me of Samille’s shirts with unicorns from Accidentally [Yours] and I do love unicorns, especially Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. Not only that, I can see why Henry and her cringed with Henry’s dad doing yoga…if you are my age, around the thirties, read and you will see why! If I were to relate most I would say I think I would be a mix between El and Tassie because I was picked on by the popular guys for being the nerd in high school and being talented for being an artist while El, I do love my cute things and very into technology and becoming an Assistive Tech Specialist so I do become really nerdy around that. Plus, I have been becoming more inquisitive and assertive over time like the both of them even though I have to keep my smart remakks on the inside.

I would say is that Mimi, keep up with the good work! I do have other books by her that I have picked up from IBooks and already completed Accidentally [Yors], which if you are into paranormal romances then this one is for you because it has vampires, gods, and one incubus. I can’t wait to see more books to come by her!

Well, that is enough of this review! If you hadn’t yet, make sure you check out my newest book Love Found In Cinders: A Backwards Fairy Tale! Until next time everyone!

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