Books: Fata Morgana by. Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitcroney

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another book review and I think you guys may like a historical fiction with a sci-fi twist!

Title: Fata Morgana
Author: Steven R. Boyette and Ken itchroney

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings and there might be spoilers ahead.

Description: This book takes place at the height of the air war in Europe during World War II where Joe Farley and his baseball loving crew are on a mission in their air fortress the Fata Morgana when they go through a vortex that sends them to a different world from their own. After crash landing due to a beast-like fighter that has been a weapon used by one civilization that probably meant to bring them there and sees treachery and other things that takes place in this world. Besides the tech and learning more about it, he meets the girl of his imagination that was painted on his bomber that sparks a romance that he will never forget once he gets his airship back and his crew back home to where the war is waiting for them still!

Thoughts: This book took on a new meaning of not only sci-fi but also on Historical Fiction as a whole! I wasn’t expecting that a future world would exist and would call out to our characters until I kept on reading. I did like how the book did start off with telling the backgrounds of some of the characters that would be important as the story goes on, especially with the character Shorty who painted the woman that they meet in the future world and Martin who is the newest crew member who had survived from a bomber crashing before he joined Farley and his crew. You get to find out more about the crew but as the war was ending and knowing how their lives are going on after the war.

I do like how it goes from World War II to more of the future where the land is more desolate and that people are in domes where the climate is not normal and they have to rely on technology to grow food, having light and time, etc. I do love how both Farley and his men don’t know much of the stuff because they came from 1943 and whenever they talk about their time, Wenda and her men don’t know what are they talking about, especially baseball! They teach them how to play the sport because it got lost over time when things changed. That would be an interesting point to think about if what Farley had seen might be what his later generations or his men’s later generations might experience if this version does exist and how time would lead up to it. That kind of gives the reader a possibility of what we might end up in Wenda’s future. I would say read the book if you are into things like this since when I read the description I wanted to read it for myself since I do love WWII history and the historical fictions do a pretty good job and this one does make it a lot different which brings me up to…

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints out of 5! This book was a change from the sadness of WWII and brings it more of a different light. It gives you a new world within in a time where bombers fight and people distrust each other and takes you into a future where even more people can either unite with each other deceive into mistrust. I like how Farley and Wenda and the other characters interact with each other and how they don’t know the different parts of each world, especially with the tech but when the crew of Farley’s bomber knew what problems might be going on in Wenda’s home then they kind of relate it to what they have experienced in their time. For instance, there was a part where they were trying to figure out why aren’t there any crops growing and their crewmember who lived on a fram finds out there is a unique species of bug that does the same thing of eating and destroying crops like in the 1940s and gave tips on what to do in order to make the soy beans more flourishing and any new crops to grow. I did like the idea of bringing back baseball to the future because it shown the unity of people from two different times coming together into one world but it does lead to deception which I want you guys to read the book to see the point after the big baseball game because I don’t want to bring too much.

I do like the interactions between Wenda and Farley the most because not only they find out that her picture is on the Fata Morgana but Farley wasn’t expecting that he would meet her until they get to her world. It was sad that he had to leave her so he could live his own life and what made it more touching in the end is when he was in the restored Fata Morgana when he was 93 and he had Wenda just appear next to him and he could feel her while in the pilot seat. That does show that he didn’t imagine her and that he really loved her and knew what he and his crew went through wasn’t imagined.

This wouyld be a nice anime movie that Funimation should dub because I can imagine Caitlin Glass do her Evergreen voice but with a slight accent for Wenda and probably Kent Williams as Farley because his voice would fit him the most especially with how he can make his characters be caring and strong at the same time. I mean look at Akisame from Kenichi for example. I would probably see Josh Grelle as Shorty since he is supposed to be one of the younger guys in the seat.

Well, that is it for this review! I have many more books to read and more reviews to come! Until next time!

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