Beauty: Project Pan Update September!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back from the hurricane and have been at Gondras’ due to no power at home for an entire week. I am glad to be back with a new post and this one is an update on my Project Pan!

What Was Finished:

Versacci Woman Perfume: So, starting with a fragrance I have finished and that is by Versacci and it is the Woman scent. I got this at Nordstrom Rack one summer and it was on sale for the small bottle for $30 and I have two things to say. I love the scent but it was a bit overpowering! It was a natural smell but it was so strong that I even used it as an air refreshner to help with my room both here and in Daytona and it took me three years to finish because I have so many other perfumes and I was happy to finish this one and it was also my most worn perfume of all!
Nicole by Nicole Richey Travel Size Vial: Another perfume I have finished and that is a travel size of the Nicole scent from Nicole Richey! I have been using the travel size more than the full bottle because the full bottle has a strange design and it is hard to spray out of! I wish they put an old style nozzle with the puff from like around the 1930s or was it 1940s, you guys know what I am talking about with the old school spray poofs even at the end of a hose! That would’ve been a better design for the big bottle. I was able to use up the travel size version and it was very easy to use up. I love the scent since I can wear it year round and it has a very sweet pechulli scent which I love pechulli a lot! Even my fave perfume from Lush, Karma, had that in their scent and they discontinued it! This reminds me of that but sweeter and less the citrus. I did get one of those atomizer bottles to use on the big bottle because it is hard to spray out and the atomizers make it easier to use the perfume.
Lip product samples: I was glad to finish up some of the lip product samples I got from Ulta and Sephora because I felt like there was not much product to them and my Artemis makeup bag can’t hold way too much at one time so I have to use them up. I am so glad to use them up since I had the two Ulta butter lip glosses from when I started shopping from Ulta and tried their makeup and they were a part of set at the time and it was time to use those. I did use the Tarte sampler liquid lipstick from the birthday gift at Sephora and that was pretty fast. While my sample of the Bite lipstick I got from Sephora broke on me so it was gone. Hey, I am making progress after all.
Bath & Body Works Body Butter in Madgascar Vanilla: I got this two years ago and I had it for so long I needed to finish it up. My skin has been dry and drier still on my hands due to washing them, cleaning my brushes, etc. I was glad to finish this thing due to how many years I had it and there was a good bit left and I went through it pretty fast. I am using a Tree Hut lotion for my hands and seeing how good their products are since I have heard good things about them.

What Is Being Worked On:

Burberry Brit: I am adding another fragrance to finish and that is my bottle of Burberry Brit! I love love love this scent and it is the scent everyone asked me about in Daytona since it has such a unique vanilla spice scent! I had this one bottle for a long time, I do have a back up which was an accidental purchase from my dad but hey at least I have another bottle.
Double Ended Ulta Pencils: I decided to add these to the mix since I had them for a while and they also came in sets I purchased and even in free makeup bags. I am using a black and brown duo at the moment and might another to my liner mix. I have been doing this thing where I where one color on my topline and then the second on the bottom line to give an ombreyish effect.

Updates On The Items In my Pan Bag:

In case if you are wondering what is going on with the items in my Project Pan bag, well I haven’t touched them as much due to other items I have been using. I do use them sometimes, heck I even used my Romantic Rose blush from Milani one day and did the same with one of the L’Oreal pallets. I am going slowly but working on it!

Anything Else to Add?

Electric Slide by Colour Pop: Well, adding a Colour Pop product to the mix and that is Electric Slide from their Christmas 2015 collection or was it 2016, I forget! This one was the one that got me into the brand it and I need to try to finish it up since I had it for a while. I do love how golden it is and I don’t give it enough love and time to use it up!
LA Colour Warm Berry Blush: I have to include this blush on here since I had it for a long time too. I am not sure if the brand is LA Color or LA Girl? I know it is one of the two but it is the Warm Berry blush. I love this blush but need to be careful because it can be a bit much due to how pigmented it is!

I think that is about it for this Project Pan update! I know there is a lot to get through but hey I am making progress and will get there! Until next time everyone! I will update if I finished anything over on our Twitter which is @ Nerdy Shique!

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