Cosmetic Controversy: What Is Up With Morphe!?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the Convention Spotlight but then thought about something. Don’t worry, I will get it up as soon as I can since I have been really busy and noticed this has been popping up and that is all about Morphe.

I know you guys know that I am not interested in the eye shadows from Morphe but I am willing to give their brushes a chance and when I found out that they are coming to Ulta and already have a page waiting for products, I hear more controversies about the brand and decided to look at some stuff on my own and thought about doing a Cosmetic Controversy post on it!

Controversies: There are a lot of controversies behind the brand such as brushes shedding, eye shadows staining people’s eyes, bad customer service, and even how people push their codes and here are my thoughts…

Disclaimer: This area is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts since she is entitled to the opinion she presents!

Thoughts: I know things are hectic with this brand since this brand did get its start from social media and its popularity all thanks to working with YouTubers, well the bigger YouTube personalities such as Jacklyn Hill, Kathleen Lights, Laura Leigh, and even Manny MUA. Apparently, they were supposed to have a brush set made with Jeffree Starr since they do carry some of his makeup products but drama is involved with that between him and Jacklyn from what I have been hearing in the Grapevine. I would say is that usually brands do get noticed by the audience all thanks to people on social media talking about them. Remembered when I was with Ipsy and BoxyCharm? I always talked about them here when I got a bag and box from each and then review them honestly and even linked my social media so people might be interested in the brand that appeared in each of them. I still laugh a little when years ago when I first heard about the Lipnotic lipsticks by Maybelline all thanks to commercials that played on YouTube about them and through some of the reviews and get asked, “How do I know about these things?” by an employee and mentioned YouTube and this is at WalMart by the way. All thanks to seeing it on YouTube the consumer wants to pick up that item. Unfortunately, nowadays with the push of the Morphe discount codes does get a bit annoying and that kind of causes the person to get annoyed, ahem Laura Leigh did snap on Snap Chat about how people got mad about her and Manny getting things for free at the Morphe store and waving their codes around. I like the idea of using a coupon code like with Ulta but I don’t have to use it, it is a choice and the question is now if Morphe is going to be in Ulta will those codes still be valid? As in, will Morphe still do codes since the new CEO wants to expand the Morphe brand into stores and create new locations in the United States? That is pretty good questions don’t you think? I even wondered myself after hearing the news from Sanders Kennedy about Ulta and Morphe partnering up since now Ulta is carrying a lot of bigger brands and a few independent ones such as Fiona Styles for example. Time will tell and seeing how far the codes will go and who knows how many YouTubers will be involved and be affiliated with Morphe since staff has changed. I bet you’re wondering, will I be an affiliate with Morphe? Maybe not since I am not as popular and haven’t tried them yet which brings my next point!

The Products and Quality! Well, lately there have been stories about the products that Morphe makes aren’t as great as they are promoted which has me wondering what I should get when Ulta starts to carry them when it comes to brushes. I wonder should I do the set or should I do individual brushes? Now the story is that there was one girl who got a set, Korina Kaboom credited here, that she ended up having a scratched eye due to how the brushes fell apart and scratched her eye and it is from the Copper Dreams set. I know that the set being carried by Ulta is going to be the Vegan 9-piece set according to Pop Sugar. I did ask my friend Vivi about her set since she got a set of Morphe brushes to try out and used them when we were doing a girls’ makeup day and she told me they only shedded a little bit but they are still good brushes and that I should try them out. After hearing the story about the girl I decided to do some research about the Morphe experiences and someone did have a bad reaction to a brush ingredient that wasn’t listed and then one story came up and that is about Jacklyn’s brush set.

As we all know that the set sold out and re-stocked twice and some orders were cancelled for no reason, which I will talk about in customer service, fans were mad about the set for shedding all over them even when applying their makeup. People have posted on the Instagram and Twitter complaining about it and according to John Cookian, these brushes are private labeled where Morphe can just stamp their name all over any brush set from the lab/warehouse and sell it without testing it first. Now my question is that will the brushes that Ulta will be getting, since they are supposed to be the more popular among the singles in this round of release and one set, will they be crappy and shed or will they be more of the better quality? I am definitely going to take the jump and try the brushes and see how they compare and well they work. If they shed then it will happen. Heck, I even remember Korina mentioned in video today that we have to research in the products and the brand itself before buying since that is a good point. Heck, when I first tried Physician’s FOrmula I did research into it and tried it and didn’t like it which made me take it back. Which what I like about Morphe being at Ulta, you can take your receipt and your purchases back to any store to get your money back. If you are wondering shadows…I did mention this in my anti-haul…I did hear how some of the shadow pallets do come broken which I am thinking will they come in tact to Ulta which the good thing is they use really good bubble wrap and place some items into plastic bags for comfy shipping. That will be a great plus buying them from Ulta. Anyways, what is another frightening thing is that the shadows do stain the eyes which I heard a story on Korina’s channel where a girl was using a pink shadow from a Morphe pallet that stained her eyes for days until she had to use coconut oil to remove it. Yes, some shadows stain but they do get removed pretty easily if you have the right kind of remover, heck even Ponds tends to remove a lot of makeup in one go. With the new CEO, will the quality concerns be looked at and have a formula watch? A lot of companies are doing that nowadays if there are inconsistencies and improve the formula. Heck, even testing on people to see if they do stain would help. Another thing, a warning label would help since Urban Decay did that with their Electric pallet when it was till around by warning people that some pigments aren’t eye safe in the pallet. It wouldn’t be so hard Morphe.

And finally, customer service being bad! When researching for this post, I did have a Better Business Bureau page pop up for Morphe and man everyone talked about the customer service being horrible especially at the stores! Okay, this does happen depending on who gets hired and there are times when people do have bad days. Heck, I remembered how a salon worker at Ulta sounded annoyed when I said Marc Anthony was a drugstore product and she said, “I didn’t know, I work with pro hair care.” Heck, even watching stories about bad Sephora and MAC experiences with some of the workers were even entertaining. Back to the point, some of the stories I noticed included how a concealer that was never used was opened and it couldn’t be returned to only getting 10% of your refund for a ruined pallet, to many others and all I have to say is that Morphe may have been a new brand but I do agree with a lot from what I have read and that they should be training their workers a lot better, especially with shipping products which I read one story that someone got two other products that weren’t her brush set and had a better experience but the girl helping her over the phone agreed that the brush set should have been sent the first time. Heck, I even had the same kind of customer service with E. L. F. when I got the wrong orders except I didn’t have to pay for extra and they did apologize for their mistakes but did have a hard time when I got a bundle a few months later to get someone from customer service when I haven’t gotten it yet which reminds me! Latest problem was when the Jacklyn Hill pallet got re-stocked for a third time and people had to wait two weeks for their pallet to ship and Morphe kind of dropped a ball, a huge yarn ball, since they didn’t have the pallets to send out. I can imagine a lot of people crowding the Twitter with pitchforks and torches figuratively speaking but they should’ve addressed it with, “Sorry for the delay! We will get your pallets out as soon as we can!” Instead of having complete silence and same with Jacklyn since this is her product and she should’ve keep in contact with Morphe to make sure the pallets shipped out.

Will we experience the same thing? Well, so far there is no product on the Ulta website so far when the page already went up this past Sunday. Milani is now carried at Ulta and they have products up on their page with Ulta and even had a coupon in my email this morning. Apparently, Morphe hasn’t put an exact date from what I heard with when they will be there but hoping it will be soon.

Also, since I mentioned customer service, Ulta’s customer service is amazing! I had to get my Marc Anthony Growth Spray and Shea Moisture Coconut Oil replaced all thanks to their outstanding customer service. Heck, there was a time when I got charged for the original price of the Smoked pallet from Urban Decay and they credited me for that and that was three years ago! Still amazing as always. If a Morphe item does get damaged or poops out shadow from a pan, Ulta will gladly send a new one and they do have a pretty fair return policy in store if you do it within a month of purchasing the product. Also, if you do have the card you purchased with, you do get a full refund and if not then you get a in-store credit for that in the full amount. Sounds better than just getting 10% of your refund even with pics.

Verdict: Yes, hearing about these stories make me a little skeptical in buying anything from Morphe but I think with the items they will get into Ulta it may not be as bad as what people have experienced. They have changed management and maybe things will be better in production quality since brands do that a lot, which look at E. L. F. and Wet ‘N Wild, they have changed their formula in a lot of products and have gotten better and now beating a lot of brands out of the water, especially with their new products! Even E. L. F. has skin care at affordable pricing and good quality from what I am hearing. I am still on the fence if I want to try the set of brushes or get some of the individuals to try out a little bit before committing to the set, whatever I do decide I will see if the brushes are worth the hype since I do have a lot of brush sets I have picked up from Ipsy and Amazon over time. Heck, I still have a set from E. L. F. and a few brushes from Wet ‘N Wild including the two limited edition ones from this year. So, this will be a good try out and thinking of making a video on them. Gotta remember, this will be honest and I do love being that with my products I purchase!

That is about it for this post! I am glad to get this off my chest since it would nag at me as time goes on. Also, if you guys have noticed a new page saying “Affiliate Links” then you aren’t wrong in seeing that. Well, here at Nerdy Shique Universe, I have mentioned that I loved Coastal Scents and do have the first four Revealed pallets along with some brushes and now we are an affiliate with them! You can click on that link and do get 7% commission with each purchase! It is not easy being broke and I am still trying to get my career started and of course still working on my third book at the moment! So, support and use the link if you want.

Now, next will be the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri! Must do it before Halloween! Until next time!

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