Books: Pawn n-Mr. Rook’s Island Book 2 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for a new book review!

Title: Pawn-Dr. Rook’s Island Book 2
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts and feelings on the book. Spoilers might happen.

Synopsis: This book continues the Mr. Rook’s Island series where Stephanie starts her new life on the island of fantasies as Mr. Rook’s new assistant. She is still determined to find out what happened to her sister while she works for Rook and find any new evidence linked to the death. As she snoops around, she finds out more about Mr. Rook and his history with the island and not only that she also has Warner Price breathing down her back waiting for anything she may have on Mr. Rook. Will she get home to give out the island or will her love for the mysterious Rook take over?

Thoughts: This book was a very good read! I felt the continuation was pretty good and did start from where it left off as in hurricane comes through and Stephanie stays on the island, etc. I did enjoy the comedic parts and how awkward Stephanie had felt since she is dealing with a crew that brings anyone’s fantasies come true and after reading from the last book where she stumbled on the herum in a tent, it does show what else the island is capable of such as pirates, a Scottish castle and more. I do like how the mystery solving was blended in this time with how Stephanie was looking through everything. Not only that, Pamfiloff also shown the sleep walking thing a bit better as in the body sleeps while Stephanie’s inner self goes out to find clues. I think I have seen this somewhere in some other books, especially one called the Goblin Wars Trilogy where the main character did the same thing in the end of the second book and most of the third one where her inner self walks while her body sleeps.

In case if you were wondering, yes there was romance in this book and this time Stephanie was being tested in order to earn Rook. I did like that in the beginning of the book since she did have to room with Lucas the yacht driver from the first book where Rook and her did scuba dive together. I did see at first how they would get together but then as the book goes on it did reveal she still preferred Rook and I was kind of hoping that she would forget Rook after how she was treated and knew Lucas would be the better one but of course this is Pamfiloff’s story so main character gets the love interest that she wants. It did get pretty touching in the story with how Rook and her got together even after giving up his vows as a monk, since the actual story of the island dealt with monks owning it and why he kept it a secret, which I won’t go into too much detail. Besides their love, there are more secrets to come even with the last book which I can’t wait to see where the story starts when Pawn had ended. Heck, this book even gives you a mini story like the first one that dealt with one of the women who were on the islad that were a part of the VIP club.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Pawprints! This story did give a great continuation and how Stephanie was solving the mystery behind her sister’s death. Not only we get the clues behind Rook but even more about the island’s history. I can’t wait how the next book, which is the last, will wrap this story up even with what took place in the mini story at the end. If you want to check this book out and the first, I would suggest it since it does unfold pretty good stuff and the romance was a bit more touching in this one than the first.

That is about it! I am trying to finish reading another book at the moment so stay tuned for that review! Until next time!

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