Cosmetic Controversy: The Safety of Using Cosmetic Testers in Stores!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I am bringing you a new Cosmetic Controversy and it deals with what we never thought of and that is…Cosmetic Controversy: Using the MakeUp Testers In Store

Recently, there was a story where a woman got Herpes from using a makeup tester on her lips and the interesting thing is that it does take time to get the virus unless you had it already but it can also bespread, sorry to be gross but this disease is usually spread through kissing, sex, and skin to skin and I bet you are wondering how can a lip product can spread it? Well, spit from someone who has the HSV1 can end up in items that are used in everyday life such as cups, towels after wiping your face, and you guessed it, lipsticks, lip glosses, and even lipliners. Even though 67% of people are infected with this virus, it is invisible and can be spread in many ways and people don’t really show signs immediately, which it may take some time to show up. The question is did the person who contracted it try the lipstick a few days to a week before and it started showing days later? Or did it take a month? Well, according to one article, the woman went into a Sephora in Hollywood and tested the lipstick two years ago, 2015, and contracted the virus after using the tester. Yes, this virus can be common but when you look at it, anyone can touch the testers and use it on themselves and that can spread germs in those testers we see at Ulta, Target in their NYX section, and even at Sephora.

Yes, we do love to test a certain product such as a foundation, concealer, and even a lip product but applying directly on that spot can be a major health risk which you may not know what the person before you may have. Take my experience for example.

Here in Orlando we have a ton of makeup stores in the Millenia Mall which include Ulta in the plaza next door, MAC, Sephora, and NYX. So, since I was at the Apple Store for workshops in April, this was around the time I got my anniversary gift from MAC and have gone through many swatches on my hands and picked up a lipstick from the metallic line they released at the time and then went to NYX during the weekend and decided to look at the Matte Lipstick line since I haven’t gotten any in a very long time. I decided to try out Alabama and the girl asked, “Do you want to swatch it on your lips or hands?” I just froze knowing that the lips was a very bad idea and did the hand thing. I did have another recent experience since I started loving the Lip Lingeries and the girl asked if I wanted to try it on as well and said, “No thanks!”

I bet you are wondering, why didn’t I swatch on my lips? Well, I was smart enough not to. Like I said above we don’t know who swatched before us and plus with all the makeup testers on display they do build up a lot of germs and bacteria due to the periods of time being out. Good Morning America even tested the samples by taking swatches to a lab and they found that the samples they took found that nine out of the 25 samples that were tested at a lab had bacteria growing and three out of these were even growing yeast which is not a good thing. Even though these testers would have bacteria that might be normal but some people can be compromised with what might be found.

What can I get? I bet you are wondering besides the Herpes that was mentioned above, there are many things that you can get from some testers, you can also get things like rashes and pink eye since people not only touch their face but also rub their eyes. Trust me, I had an eye infection myself and it’s not fun. Some other things include strep, E-Coli, and Staff infections. Even though the person working there does use hygenic practices, the person walking in and trying the product out at the counter probably isn’t, just imagine going to the bathroom and see someone walk out without washing their hands and they go in and try that awesome Lush lotion by dipping their dirty finger that may have contained salsa from Chipotle! Or go into Sephora and take the Kat Von D liquid lipstick and put it on their lips and walk away! Trust me, my brother’s ex-wife always swatched the lip glosses from the pallets on her lips when I was with her back in the early 2000s. I know, yuck!

What should I do? Do your best in not using the testers! If you want to try out a tester like a lip product or a face product, go to an associate where they give you an applicator. Lush gives you a popsicle stick to try out their lip scrubs as an example. Or why not get a sample of that particular item since some stores do that especially Sephora and Lush, there are times when Ulta gives you the little sample packets if you’re lucky enough.

Another thing is that I saw this in one video where people go around to stores to use the applicators to put the makeup on themselves and they have sanitization stations next to their products which means sanitize before you try or ask if the person to sanitize it.

And my own tip is to buy a particular product that you really want! For instance, remember my NYX story earlier? I knew the shades I wanted in the lipsticks and did asked for a particular Prismatic shadow in Frostbite and went to the counter to check out without swatching because I went in and knew the product I was aiming for and got it. If you don’t like it, take it back for a refund because there are stores that are good with return policies.

One thing from the experts I didn’t mention, with eye products don’t test them on your eyes especially mascaras! Mascara is known for building bacteria over time and our eyes are the most sensitive and the lashes not only are supposed to protect your eyes from dust but can get infected from the tester mascara. Even with eye shadows would go the same way, so test the shadows on your hands to see if the shade will look great or ask the associate what shade would look best since our eye colors can match with certain shades and others not so much. And with mascaras, I would do the same thing like with the last tip and that is aim for that product, if you need to read or watch reviews on that product before buying. It is best to see the reviews rather than putting yourself at risk. Oh right…goes the same with eyeliner!

And one more thing, if you need to then carry your own applicators! I know the associates tend to have them out or in their aprons but you can get small applicators for cheap and carry them in your bag or makeup bag and toss them out as you go or use a snack Ziploc bag to toss out in case of no trash cans in the store. There is also taking mini Q-tips as well in case that doesn’t work, still B. Y. O. A. as in Bring Your Own Applicators!

And for the workers, please for the love of peace and doughnuts! Be as hygenic as possible especially new employees! We don’t know who walks into your stores even during fluseason where people sneeze without the elbow for protection. (Trust me, I had a kid cough on me once at the mall and got worse with the cold I already had! So glad for the flu shot!) This means keep your brushes clean, sanitize makeup and toss the items when they reach expiration date and hand out more applicators or use popsicle sticks. The cleaner the better.

Well, that is it! I know that was a bit gross but this has been a bit of a problem and did experience it myself. Yes, it is nice to try things but can’t do it on the eyes nor lips since we don’t know who touched it before. Plus, to the one who got Herpes hoping they do get some treatment because yeah she risked it but should’ve swatched on the hand instead.

Not sure what will happen next on Nerdy Shique Universe! I have some books to read and knowing that it will take me through to Holiday Matsuri which I am planning on doing the Last Minute HM Info like always! Until next time!

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