Beauty: Brands Not Getting Mentioned As Much On YouTube!

Hello SHiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know it’s been a while since I posted and want to say is sorry about that. Life has coming and getting me and keeping me busy. I do have a post for you guys and that is something I was inspired by Jessica Braun on YouTube and that is makeup brands hardly mentioned on YouTube as much anymore. As in, I rarely her them as much as I used to when I started watching YouTube around 2009 or 2010 when I started wearing makeup. Here are the brands that I have noticed that rarely get mentioned as much.

Revlon: First is a drugstore brand that was well known but not as much anymore and that is Revlon. I remembered getting tons of stuff from this brand all thanks to videos and even commercials on tv and YouTub. I wonder what happened to Revlon!? I hardly have seen them on YouTube and the last thing I got from them was the So Lengthy mascara and loving it! I think someone did a haul video and forgot who did it and they said the newer items aren’t as great as they used to and I can see why. I remembered how people didn’t like the Primer +Shadew pallets that came around 2011 to 2012 and some people had pigmentation issues while me I was able to work with them but they are so powdery and you can hit pan easily. I do have one left in my Project Pan bag since there aren’t as many as they had when they first launched, I remembered Ulta’s site only had four of them and I guess those are the only popular ones? Still, this brand is hardly mentioned as much even in my subscription feed. I do still have my lip butters, one of the liquid lipsticks, and two of the Super Lustrous lipsticks which I want to get more of but keep forgetting to hit the section since my essentials are from other brands and the Revlon section is also not as big as I remembered in the Target near me. I may have to go in there again.
Sigma: Another brand I remembered being mentioned ALL OVER is Sigma! I don’t always have the cash to buy from Sigma but always heard great things about their brushes the most and well the problem is that Morphe pretty much stole that spotlight! I do have a Morphe set and I think…it’s…okay…not the best brushes but just okay. I think the last time I heard Sigma nowadays are some brushes in tutorials and in Beauty News since they do still make their makeup pallets.
E. L. F.: I know it is a bit of a surprise but around two people on subscriptions mention E. L. F. and I do admit it is a hit or miss with some of their items. I do use some of their products time to time even the Bronzer Pallet nowadays since I have started contouring myself. I know GASP! I also do love my brushes which are soft and amazing even when you travel. I need to get more E. L. F. products at some point since some of my essential items are from there.
Smashbox: I have been noticing that Smashbox is not getting much love except in news videos. I have the Full Exposure pallet which I do love and need to give more of it, the Full Exposure mascara, and one of the trios which got discontinued due to poor sales. I did hear they did make new ones and being released soon. Anyways, this is one brand that doesn’t get much love from what I have seen and hoping it does since they are coming out with new shadow trios at the moment. I did hear the liquid lipsticks are nice and they have a sapphire blue one. I may have to get my paws on it. Still, not mentioned as much as I have seen.
MakeUp Geek: Another brand I noticed that is not being mentioned as it had been when they were featured in BoxyCharm and so many people fell in love with is MakeUp Geek. It used to be YouTube famous but Oorphe did come around and a lot of people dropped them. I think Jen Luv’s Revies does reviews on their products nowadays but I have noticed they aren’t mentioned as much as last year.
Ulta’s Own Brand: I noticed this is another brand that doesn’t get mentioned as much and that is Ulta’s own brand. I do admit when they first had their shadow sets that they were very powdery especially a set that I got that was like a binder and I did de-clutter them. I saw Jessica oo a video recently and agree there are some hits and some misses and that goes very every brand too even high end. I have gotten three nof heir newest sets for this holiday season and man they have changed! Yes, there are times when someone’s stuff is bad at the start but do get better over time and these sets do it, heck I gave so and have been giving so much love to my Be Goregeous set which now the teal has a lot of dents to it.
J. Cat Beauty: Not sure if this brand still gets reviewed but J. Cat Beauty is another brand that is not getting a lot of love and they are pretty affordable for what you get. I do notice the ratings aren’t as great on Ulta since you can only find them now since they haven’t sold much in the stores themselves. I did get some of the lip products from Ipsy since I did try some of the items from my bag, I think I only got one product a long time ago but I know I got on the Ipsy deals. I know they are known for bold colors but I hardly hear about them on YouTube.
City Color Cosmetics: Final brand I have noticed that is not as mentioned as it had on YouTube is City Color Cosmetics. I have been introduced to these guys via Ipsy since I did get some items from them in my bags when I was subscribed to them in the past. I even have the huge pallet set that has around 50+ shadows and four blushes and do have some of the lip items and like them. I even still have the Magical Leaves trio I got from Ipsy and still like the brand even though I have many other pallets in my collection. I need to give their set a little more love.
Coastal Scents: Now final brand, I have noticed that Coastal Scents hasn’t been mentioned as much as it has especially when they have been coming out with new items even the newest Revealed pallet which I still need to get due to having the other four Revealed pallets all thanks to BoxyCharm but since I am no longer getting Boxy I will get this pallet at some point. Anyways, Coastal Scents is not getting mentioned as much but my best buddy Vivi did mention their Ultra pallet on her top five fave pallets which was awesome! Hoping that this brand does get brought up a little more since their brushes are even awesome as much as their makeup. I am not just saying it due to an affiliate link I have with them but their products are just awesome and willg et the Revealed Matte pallet in some point in time.

Well, that is about it for this post! So, Holiday Matsuri is almost here and same with the rest of the year about to end so I will be doing the press coverage from Holiday Matsuri 2017, my November and December Faves, and the Bests & Worsts of 2017 since that is always a tradition here! So, make sure you not only stay tuned here but also follow me on Instagram for snippets from the con and packing for it. Also follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique where I will keep that up to date! Until next time! In case if anyone is wondering about book reviews, I am reading the series to lead up to the next book review because I couldn’t understand what was going on so best to read the previous books first. So, stay tuned for that too. Catch you on the universe side!

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